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5/31 5:04 @Anita_Tran And I love traffic police. But does anybody use the side mirrors? Not the girl who ran into me the other day.. #
5/31 4:59 @HerDailyDigest Haha, I can't take credit for this innovation. Just saw it parked outside. #onlyinvietnam #
5/31 3:59 Who needs a side mirror when you have a scratched up used CD http://instagr.am/p/LR0jB5MXg5/ #
5/30 5:56 @HerDailyDigest: Fill in the blank: I like to __ride the local trains for a cheap city tour__ when traveling. #
5/30 4:25 RT @calvinhyj: Looking for a Vietnamese bride? You can get one for cheap with a "Groupon" in #China http://wp.me/p1Zc6w-Ax #Vietnam #fem2 #
5/29 5:07 @ericburdette Is it an RSI like tennis elbow for badminton? Swollen? Affected by typing? See any western doctors? #
5/28 5:42 RT @wmyeoh: Sickening: UN peacekeepers fathered est. 24,500 babies in #Cambodia; 6,600 #Liberia http://bit.ly/JnwYzv #
5/28 5:16 RT @KenRoth: 2 Tibetan self-immolations in capital Lhasa. First ever there, & first protest there in 4 years. http://www.rfa.org/english/news/tibet/burn-05272012123432.html #China #
5/25 1:39 Listening to Matz the father of Ruby in Vietnam for the first time from Japan . Introducing the philosophy of Ruby. #
5/25 1:33 @lenabucatariu Whoa! Every time I've gone the bus each direction was < 10% foreigners, most of them not expats. Which bus did you take? #
5/24 14:37 @lenabucatariu @HerDailyDigest @walterm Why do you think that? Lots of Vietnamese travel to Cambodia and vice versa. #
5/23 8:10 Anyone in Saigon who would be a reseller for the Raspberry PI or this $49 VIA Android PC? http://goo.gl/w455M #
5/23 2:34 How to fail with paid tweets (or make easy money from fools): http://goo.gl/be0zL #
5/23 2:10 China’s home prices fell in a record 46 of 70 cities tracked by the government. .. #
5/21 7:21 @caligarn Maybe that's good? What do you do to make your mind sore and how do you make it not sore again? #
5/21 7:17 @TravelinNatural I think the closest thing to a public bath would be at some spas. There might be a large tub. Not really the same tho. #
5/21 4:15 @bhereabu Can you get in touch again? I tried to email you but http://redeapps.com mail is bouncing #
5/21 4:07 Things that are still sore: tay and ban tay, mong (nhieu cho), chan, eyeballs, vai, groin, v.v. | Things that are not sore: [khong co] #
5/21 1:21 Been off the computer (and on a bike) since Thursday. Internet withdrawal is no match for physical pain! Lot of mail, Skype, FB to catch up! #
5/17 4:51 @ourman You mean hack as in to do something the way MacGuyver would? To take shortcuts? Much Vietnamese workmanship is a hack ;) #
5/17 4:49 @TravelinNatural Bicycle. Last time was a motorbike trip from Saigon to Hoi An - 1000+ km through mountains! #
5/17 4:01 @ourman Both meanings go way back but in general population it's unauthorized access to computer systems a la Wargames/Sneakers/Hackers. #
5/17 3:40 @TravelinNatural Looks like more than 400 km from Nha Trang to Saigon. Don't worry, there are busses and trains too, don't hafta go by bike #
5/17 3:36 @laidbackfreak Yep, cycling all the way - 3 days. Up to 170km per day. Friend started from Hanoi, so another friend wanted to join from NT #
5/17 3:15 Last minute plan to depart for Nha Trang by bus tonight, then immediately hop on a bicycle and start pedaling back to Saigon #
5/17 1:58 China: Foreigners caught just applying for a job w/o a work permit to be fined. Passports will be checked on streets http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2012-05/16/content_15301898.htm #
5/17 1:01 @ourman Two connotations that go way back. 1) Rapidly write code (or a blog post) that may be ugly but works. 2) Like in the movie 'Hackers' #
5/16 8:18 RT @nguyenhimself: @Vietnam720 @tomosaigon I'm truly sorry for all the horrible, terrible things this guy has seen http://www.thetips.org/wp-content/plugins/pe/pics/93490_0-incognito-intro.jpg #
5/15 9:12 @Vietnam720 Haha! :-D Good to know that Firefox will also keep me "safe". P.S. Opera has great popup blocking, configurable per site. #
5/15 8:53 @Vietnam720 @nguyenhimself I have absolutely no imagination and therefore I am unable to pretend. P.S. Chrome Icognito is a great feature. #
5/15 8:43 @Vietnam720 @nguyenhimself Wait. Ben. Are you telling me it's possible to view pornographic imagery in my browser? Why did no one tell me! #
5/15 8:36 @nguyenhimself I have a browsing problem. Basically, lots of web/research projects continuously ongoing simultaneously. How many do u keep? #
5/15 8:34 @TravelinNatural RMIT is a pricey but high quality English-language (Australian) university with a nice campus, but w/o the prestige. #
5/15 6:24 Waiting for Chrome to 'reboot' after a crash takes the better part of an hour (with 200+ tabs). Computer nearly useless until 'OS' boots. #
5/13 14:10 @caligarn @dynamicscholar High Tech Soul is great! Another I remember from back then is Pioneers of Electronic Music: http://goo.gl/7Bfg6 #
5/13 14:08 Idea tourist: Someone who thinks having a 'brilliant' business idea is enough to get free concessions #
5/13 7:51 @barijoe Clearly, we NEED an underground app store dealing in historic versions of auto-updating apps! #
5/12 3:32 @Vietnam720 @caligarn He is aware of the situation. :) He's missing out! #
5/11 23:19 Looking forward to a weekend of meditation in Saigon #
5/11 7:53 @springpad Can you please fix login via Google? I've been unable to access my account for days now. #
5/11 7:32 Good find, maybe an older draft rather than award winner? RT @jon7b: @tomosaigon is this the dissertation (PDF) ? http://www.viet-studies.info/kinhte/SexWorks_HCMC.pdf #
5/11 6:51 @TravelinNatural Thanks! Are you coming through Vietnam/Saigon? #
5/11 6:49 @NBNQ Right, I was worried it would be behind a paywall. :-( Most likely, American taxpayers backed her research yet can't read the results #
5/11 6:45 @NBNQ Oh yeah? Do you have a link handy if it's available online? #
5/11 6:34 Anyone seen her around Saigon? Berkeley Ph.D. wins prize - dissertation on sex work in Vietnam, working in bars in HCMC http://goo.gl/g4NIW #
5/10 7:24 @PedroInSaigon It is what @tuoitrenewsvn says, unclear who: "striking difference between" attacking a journalist vs a protestor or citizen #
5/10 6:37 Tuoi Tre says it's ok for police to beat people up if they're not reporters: http://goo.gl/X94tF #
5/9 6:34 @barijoe I fixed the links like 5 minutes after posting, didn't think anyone noticed :) Try refreshing #
5/9 6:22 AP:Police beat reporters during Vietnam land eviction vs TuoiTre:Men in uniform beat reporters covering land protest: http://goo.gl/S6qx5 #
5/9 6:13 Fashion that repels mosquitos: http://goo.gl/JSrdm #
5/8 17:52 Work music RT @DIT313: Puresque purecast o13 // puresque 0512 gtc http://snd.sc/IINf6E - next "puresque im keller" @ tresor: 12.05.12 #
5/8 7:30 @shilkytouch Cool, looks like manufacturing experience/background is ideal but I'll forward to a few friends anyways. #
5/8 7:06 @shilkytouch Only know a handful of Vietnamese currently in Japan. Reloc. to Saitama is required? Is this your friend's company? #
5/8 6:59 @SaigonSean They're missing the whole picture for sure, and downplaying loads of recent bad macroeconomic news. ETF itself may perform tho. #
5/7 12:44 Solid or not? RT @Benzinga: 4 Reasons Vietnam ETF Has More Gas in its Tank: http://www.benzinga.com/markets/bonds/12/05/2561169/4-reasons-vietnam-etf-has-more-gas-in-its-tank #
5/7 4:52 The murder that shocked even Cambodia: http://goo.gl/RdU0r #environment #activist #
5/6 12:45 Sinister idea of the day: Have the FBI promote #Drupal by building a backdoor module that makes sites wiretap friendly #
5/4 6:18 Feel like 0xDEADBEEF. Time for 0xC0FFEE. #
5/4 5:03 RT @MensHumor: How to pick up chicks... http://instagr.am/p/KMBajGxHRM/ #
5/3 4:49 Indie rockstar Thao Nguyen interviews her ba ngoai about her ong ngoai over the strumming of guitar: http://goo.gl/7vrJs #
5/2 8:58 Need less cars not more roads. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: It’s too costly to build expressways in Vietnam http://bit.ly/JLDemv #
5/2 8:49 @MienHPham @chipro @barcampSaigon @caligarn @jodiehuynh BarCampSaigon will tentatively be on July 1. Still awaiting confirmation. #
5/2 8:48 @laidbackfreak True dat. Question: How do other countries solve it? #
5/2 8:46 @michaelcoyote Indeed that's been the case, uphill battle for Facebook. Other countries didn't have a dominant social network. #
5/2 8:45 @CoachLeaders Not much of a week left. :-) How's about Friday afternoon? #
5/2 4:07 [email protected]: Japanese are starting to get tired of Facebook b/c of their weaknesses: Peer pressure&separation of private and professional #
5/2 3:36 "Smoke and dust created by trucks are the main factors leading to the decline in air quality in Vietnam, especially HCMC" #
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