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6/30 10:08 while Facebook.sucks: Google++, Facebook-- #
6/29 12:11 @scarlettran Cool :) It's been like watching video footage of fans at a football match and not being able to see the game! #
6/29 12:09 @LandonCarnie @scarlettran Need not be an expert to present, share experiences, even lead a roundtable/discussion at #barcampsaigon, #
6/29 11:20 @scarlettran Funny, I was just reading the #rmitvietnam chatter! A lot of activity, but w/o more prez notes tweeted I feel I'm missing out #
6/29 6:58 I have been listening to Google Music for awhile now. It is called YouTube and everyone else takes care of the uploading! #
6/29 6:38 One less criminal off the streets. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Traffic cop stabbed to death at HCMC café http://bit.ly/m2ubyF #
6/28 21:24 @vietdlam Immigration problems at Vietnam's ports are bribes, bureaucracy, lack of queueing. What frame of reference makes that better? #
6/28 21:16 @vietdlam Check again, Vietnam isn't on that list of countries. US promotes tourism from Europe, rich Asian countries. #
6/28 20:26 @vietdlam Also, the US isn't paying millions of $$ to get visitors from VN to come, only to make it difficult once they do #
6/28 20:23 @vietdlam Perhaps it's unfair that VNese can't easily visit developed countries, but at least when they do they don't need to bribe the US #
6/28 15:44 @betoneko What happened? I left and you were still surrounded by friends... #
6/27 3:46 Vietnam First and Last Impressions: Scams and Corruption: http://goo.gl/OKknY #
6/26 7:39 @michaelcoyote Having only been to London in the 21st century, I'll have to take your word for it old man ;) #
6/26 5:30 I know everyone treats the canals like a toilet. Nevertheless, I was - shocked! - someone had tossed an actual toilet in there #
6/24 9:41 @dynamicscholar Respect. I have some early DrumCode records sitting in a crate from some 10+ years ago. #I<3Techno #
6/24 8:21 @dynamicscholar DrumCode as in Adam Beyer and all those Swedish techno guys? #
6/24 4:17 More ways to get around the Facebook block in Vietnam: http://goo.gl/wkl6g #
6/23 14:59 Trivium: There is a village named Ben Tre in Cuba, 30km from Havana #
6/23 7:11 RT @careyz: Who is provoking whom? Global Times: China must react to Vietnam's provocation http://bit.ly/lMmWx7 #
6/22 17:19 @afieldofgrass You understood very clearly. :) @jobnomade probably has more experience than those working at companies #
6/22 13:58 @afieldofgrass @caligarn @realchristran @jobnomade Can't step outside w/o running into online marketing / SEO experts (w/o a year of exp.) #
6/22 7:24 @philip_arthur I had a guy the other day look at my plates, identify my district and make a good guess at the ward even. #
6/22 7:12 @ChrisInCambo I would look at 2600's worldwide phone booth archives #
6/21 16:56 Drinking sua dau phong - peanut milk. Liquid nuts style. #
6/21 4:53 @jodiehuynh Try Nguyen Thi Minh Khai around Nguyen Binh Khiem for VCR shops #
6/21 3:18 @manandultraman Not so. Per capita is a bad target of measurement when Vietnam has 14x the pop. of Laos. Cheaper to make Laotian babies. #
6/20 8:17 @manandultraman "Per capita." Cambodia and Laos have tiny populations compared to Vietnam. #
6/20 8:15 @caligarn So I guess the Hong Kong movie industry doesn't count? #
6/19 3:27 @caligarn Strange coincidence, I've been reading through that library the past few weeks #
6/16 6:17 Vietnam is the kind of place you'd expect to spawn a Bitcoin hacking/thiefing ring #
6/15 14:50 Would you pay 50k to have someone come to you to fix your flat tire late at night or during a storm? Would you pay in advance (insurance)? #
6/14 8:30 Groupon salesmen, the car salesmen of the online marketing age #
6/14 6:55 When someone throws a sack of trash in the river, I believe the law says you should throw them in the river #
6/13 5:20 A good use for Facebook face recognition: recognize when a-holes tag people in ads or promotions #
6/12 12:43 @Anita_tran There are countries where we must make our own ice, cut our own nails, wash our own hair, pour our own drinks. Glad VN isn't 1! #
6/12 5:10 @rockportrait I support truth in advertising #
6/9 9:08 @nguyenhimself Btw, if you ever want to work more with Drupal let me know! #
6/9 9:06 @nguyenhimself @thomaswanhoff For bloggers, stick w/ WordPress. If comfortable w/ code, Drupal offers more nerd power, even a CLI #
6/9 9:01 http://barcamp.crowdeo.com RT @barcampSaigon: Announcing the BarcampSaigon Design Contest. http://cot.ag/jupj31 #
6/9 8:58 @caligarn D'oh! Clearly, we need another wiki to organize where all our wikis are. #
6/7 8:41 @kennynguyenus But blogging against bribery, and pinpointing specific people, one is liable to be arrested or blocked. #
6/7 8:38 @dshupp In this case I was asked "đắng hay ngọt" and đắng meant an extra shot :) #
6/6 16:25 @nguyenhimself TL;DR: American tornadoes seem to destroy an awful lot of churches #
6/6 15:43 @nguyenhimself @caligarn @jon7b @jessdiep Dude, have you ever considered interpreting Nostradamus? #
6/6 15:21 @tamkaizen I posed that same question a few months back, garnered no interest. http://bit.ly/iFO34l @ipaidabribe #
6/6 14:04 What's more effective: Blogging against bribery -or- Technology for transparency #
6/6 10:12 @PedroInSaigon @Jessdiep As Peter said, it's the bank machine where you enter your PIN number and money comes out #
6/6 9:30 @Jessdiep Are you confusing Twitter with an ATM machine? #
6/6 8:41 Streetside cafe sua da w/ extra shot of cafe. It's like flipping an internal ON switch. #
6/4 6:09 With the cyberwarcry of "Hacker VietNam is No.1" #
6/3 9:09 Will trade web skills for tacos. (Only half kidding) #
6/3 6:48 @caligarn The Drug War-Prison-Industrial Complex creates jobs and decreases unemployment (prisoners don't count) #
6/3 6:37 "Made-in-Vietnam garbage classifying machine comes out" made me think "machine labels anything from VN as garbage" #
6/3 6:23 @jon7b I always :( a little when VNers use English names. Wish they'd choose cool names like Ice Thi or names from Decepticons #
6/2 9:44 Hanoi wants $120 BILLION to improve its appearance. How about $1B on reducing corruption and maybe we won't need another $119B #
6/2 7:16 There's even a secondary market in Vietnam to unload your unwanted Groupon clone vouchers which were hastily bought #
6/2 7:13 @tamkaizen There are at least 20 Groupon clones in Vietnam now and the biggest resort to rather shady business practices #
6/2 7:04 Sadly, @rackspace aren't opening a DC around VN any closer than HK which also won't have cloud services for awhile #
6/2 6:44 RT @madlyduck: just keyed a #RollsRoyce while riding at 80km/h. That nouveau rich Vnese guy dared to cut me. #ComeAtMeBro #
6/1 13:23 RT @shilkytouch: Kuni no tame ni RT @umairh: RT @lightwerk: Selfless Senior Citizens Lining Up to Tackle Fukushima http://bit.ly/jaFW6t #
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