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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 12:56am
6/30 8:49 2 Brits reenact Fast Five ATM heists by pulling out of walks w/cars, arrested in Chon Buri #Thailand http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/300274/two-britons-nabbed-for-atm-thefts via @ChrisGNguyen #
6/30 6:59 @cnualart Are Muslims in Malaysia allowed to adopt children born Christians and convert them? When do the kids have any say? #
6/30 5:17 RT @willsoncuaca: New Indonesian Website Names and Shames Corrupt Officials http://zite.to/N0adCz #
6/29 7:46 Times comes out of no-time. Time itself is made up of non-time elements. What do the components of time look like? #
6/29 6:38 @Tanya_Johnston Would you say the organizers were mainly trying to make a profit (off some desperate girls)? #
6/29 6:35 @thirstythong Was an ambulance even available? Recently spent a night at the ER. Didn't see one person arrive by ambulance. Mostly by bike. #
6/29 6:13 @nguyenhimself Surprised how many sites have their own key shortcuts inc. Twitter. But I've already closed tabs by accident w/ Vimium. #
6/29 5:13 @caligarn @dynamicscholar I've been to many electronic music shows where nothing is quantized, everything is unique. deadmau5 is a wanker. #
6/28 14:09 @nguyenhimself I quit using keyboard-browsing browser plugins. What do you mainly use it for? I try to type less, mouse more. #RSI #
6/28 13:00 Finally installed the Vim EasyMotion plugin http://goo.gl/LZsX2 but wish it supported number modifiers, searches. Must learn vimscript. #
6/28 9:45 @walterm I always go home and Wikipedia the pills I or my friends get, then take them selectively. Still overspend, but don't overdose #
6/28 9:29 WTF @Seesmic I didn't want to use your poorly named "ping". Thanks for the bait & switch. Guess it's back to Hootsuite for both mobile + web #
6/28 6:39 @jon7b @caligarn Haha, what's the point? We are all carrying boxes capable of doing that nowadays. Are our phones Buddhist w/ a chant mp3? #
6/28 6:26 @hackernodeapp For hackers reading Hacker News yet no Android support, only iOS? I'll stick to following the Twitter feeds #
6/28 3:49 @caligarn @shambhalasun While I am always in support of robotification, a robot that constantly chants Namo Amitabha 24/7 would be useless! #
6/27 16:40 @Vietnam720 Now I want to know what it is! If it's worth censoring, it's worth sharing to everyone I know in Vietnam :) #
6/27 16:38 @RobertTamNguyen Hey Robert, do you do SEO or social media campaigns for others, as a freelancer? Or know anyone that does? #
6/27 15:14 @careyz Hey, didn't see you there! What did you think? #
6/27 15:05 @FisheyPie Hello! What did you think of #tedxmekong? Wish there was wifi to encourage sharing because my 3G stopped working #
6/27 11:24 Loek talking about copy culture in Vietnam, China. Both scholastic and in business. Is it all we have here? #tedxmekong #
6/26 7:43 On the misallocation of brains: Finance literally bids rocket scientists away from the satellite industry: http://goo.gl/BvjxQ #
6/26 4:10 Today I saw an expiration date on a power strip and it expired two years ago. #
6/25 17:06 The most modern thing at the hospital appears to be the ATM machines. At least they have their priorities straight. #Vietnam #
6/25 9:01 @dynamicscholar Why turn them away when you could just jack up the price for Vietnamese locals? :) #
6/25 8:59 @LeHaTu @jon7b @nguyenhimself The vast majority of computers that are hacked are not targeted but rather conveniently in the hacker's path #
6/25 7:47 2 headlines, published minutes apart: (1) "Hanoi Attracts More Foreign Investment" (2) "Hanoi Sees FDI Drop By Half In First 6 Months" #
6/24 15:03 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Honestly, I hate when Richie uses that thing and floods the timeline with a tracklisting. Maybe I'm just sad. #
6/24 11:49 @natalie470 Where did you go? It sounds fantastic. I stayed in Saigon and saw friends, ate food, watched Adventure Time, and programmed. #
6/24 8:22 Artists were invited to create animated .gifs to be displayed in a gallery installation. Results: http://joyofgif.tumblr.com/ #
6/22 7:30 VIM Clutch: Use a cheap h/w foot pedal to switch to insert mode in vi. Pricier foot pedals can do macros (emacs). http://goo.gl/uCTpM #
6/22 6:56 They say only 50% of drugs are used correctly. Imagine the figure is much lower in Southeast Asia w/ such common drug cocktailing by pharmas #
6/21 8:34 @barcampSaigon Unfortunately, 14 people have already retweeted that false news! Hope they are willing to retweet retractions.. #
6/21 8:21 @caligarn Some devices are constrained to be wireless. I'd be ok with wires if it meant being able to use one, or it being cheaper #
6/21 8:18 http://BarCampSaigon.com website updated. Next event is NOT July 1st, hopefully end of summer instead. Please spread the world. @barcampSaigon #
6/21 8:13 @barcampSaigon Was hoping to address website at hackathon this weekend... but hold on a second and it will be fixed #
6/21 8:01 @natalie470 Hi Anh. Bored? #
6/21 5:55 @caligarn How do we get one & SDK? Better: How can we build one using Arduino and other parts? Hardware needn't be portable for us. #
6/21 5:53 @chrisfharvey I think I catch myself using it for the same reason now. Might be disingenuous but can hardly think of anything better to say #
6/21 4:38 @barcampSaigon Err, that's a mistake! BarCampSaigon in July will be postponed #
6/21 4:37 Nuance (Dragon Naturally Speaking) supercharges Swype with Dragon-powered voice #recognition input http://goo.gl/uCTpM #
6/20 7:36 RT @walterm: Why I've decided to be helpful rather than good http://goo.gl/DGYg4 #
6/20 6:11 What does the deceptively simple "sounds good" really mean really? #
6/18 4:59 Recharging cells with Vietnamese coffee in order to do stupid things faster with more energy!! #
6/16 10:01 @PedroInSaigon Or you just want to buy a disposable phone? You can buy some Nokias for like 300k when they are on deal #
6/16 9:58 @PedroInSaigon No single place will have the best price on every phone. Search on store aggregators, TGDD, Hnam, etc #
6/16 4:05 The best of #FailedTechBands: RT @thomas_quinlan: R'Sync #FailedTechBands #
6/15 7:17 @madlyduck Apologies if you get 2nd reply, Twitter problems. I'm in Saigon, no sudden rain here yesterday! #
6/15 7:16 @laidbackfreak Sorry, I should probably update the Barcamp website immediately but was waiting for new venue. Definitely NOT July 1 at RMIT. #
6/14 11:04 @redbrandbuilder For as many times as I had to click to redirect to a new link, in the end the link still fails. Won't get much help there. #
6/14 11:00 @madlyduck It wasn't even raining! What do you mean? Heavy rain can cause hearts to explode? #
6/14 10:33 Next door neighbor just passed away. No surprise there but cops came, autopsy says her heart exploded. #
6/14 6:51 @jonhoff The price per liter of pool water is pretty good speaking relatively. Free urine too. #
6/14 6:48 @nguyenhimself It's a play on the slightly more pro Saigon Heat basketball team. We're not bringing much heat, we're rather lukewarm. ;-) #
6/14 6:23 RT @ericburdette: Beautiful. RT: @Vietnam720: #NASA took this shot of #Vietnam from space http://flic.kr/p/bUieRM #
6/14 3:44 "Work alone… Not on a committee. Not on a team." - Woz on creativity. Keep it in mind when managing creatives: protect them from distraction #
6/13 8:09 @ericburdette Yeah, why not? Want to call them up? Wonder what would get them interested more? #
6/13 5:40 @MienHPham Viettel in Saigon has been wide open for the past few months. What problems are you seeing? Just Facebook? #
6/13 5:37 @sonnylebythebay Yup, kids are already fattening up to the delight of proud Vietnamese parents. Diabetes, previously unheard of - now common #
6/13 5:33 @sonnylebythebay While governments should tax cigarettes, they shouldn't themselves get addicted to profits from those products! #
6/13 5:08 @sonnylebythebay Other fast food chains in VN: Burger King, Subway, Dominos Pizza, Lotteria, Baskin-Robbins (and small Singaporean ones) #
6/12 7:49 VNPT is blocking BlogSpot, WordPress, as well as Facebook (and others?) #censorship #
6/11 10:19 @laidbackfreak Yup. Cops shut it down early, although possibly allowed them to play music again later in the night after people left #
6/10 10:20 @lenabucatariu Japanese cuisine is more than sushi! Japanese and Singapore-inspired street snacks and soybeans in a contemporary setting :) #
6/9 16:37 At the Dose warehouse party but cops aren't letting any more taxis enter the area and music has stopped #
6/9 10:00 @caligarn @nguyenhimself Insomnia is a disease! Not fixed so easy. But laying in bed w/mind racing is no way to sleep fast, just waste time #
6/9 9:57 @Vietnam720 Cam on Ben oi! #
6/9 9:56 @caligarn The other night I couldn't sleep cuz it was earlier than I sleep, too hot w/ net & w/o fan, and you two were snoring right away! #
6/9 9:52 @1000vietmiles We took QL 1A and some local roads including dirt roads. We had no time for massages :( #
6/9 8:42 #oddballrequests Where can one have custom cardboard paper boxes made in Saigon? #
6/9 5:13 Skyline #saigon #vietnam http://instagr.am/p/LpIMXAsXuw/ #
6/8 12:48 @1000vietmiles I recently joined my friend on his 12-day cycling trip from Hanoi to Saigon. Two days and I was dead sore, but he made it! #
6/8 8:22 @tamkaizen @Vietnam720 Haha. Don't worry, I won't be the guy to tell everyone that you're married... wait... Whoops, sorry! #
6/8 7:35 Don't cheat w/ model sitting on plane next to you when she has 13k followers and is live-tweeting it: http://goo.gl/r9FvM via @shilkytouch #
6/8 5:39 @garydale Motorbike accident. About the same rate of motorcycle deaths per hour in Vietnam as in Thailand, 1-2 deaths every hour #
6/6 7:32 @jon7b It's either a brilliant piece of self-referential irony ... or it's just Vietnam being Vietnam #
6/6 7:10 @TwitVietnam Haha thanks for the RT Ben #
6/6 6:59 F You Karaoke. 'F the noise' #saigon #vietnam http://instagr.am/p/Lhl6rLMXhA/ #
6/6 6:46 @torlangballe I haven't yet. Do you want to be the tester? If so, let's meet up for coffee too haha #
6/6 5:57 @nguyenhimself Or discourage citizens from being organ donors lest they're one day setup/convicted of a crime with potential death sentence #
6/6 5:20 @oc_f1fan @sonnylebythebay @bootsnall @ottsworld Haha. I grew up eating both at home, homemade. Soba itself is bland, can be made many ways. #
6/6 5:16 @PedroInSaigon It depends. There are a few kinds of tourist visas. One 3-month visa can be renewed more than 3 times, not sure of limit. #
6/5 7:28 @walterm In that case, maybe Saigon must go upmarket to keep Vietnamese (and expats) from traveling #
6/5 7:00 Have some cheese. Cheeses made in Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City) with local Holstein cow. http://www.saigoncheeses.com/ #
6/5 6:15 Keep getting dumped into the sad world of Perl. This time decrypting the payload on a hacked server scanning for jboss vulnerabilities now. #
6/5 6:08 @garydale Things are significantly better than a week ago as I can type without incurring pain. How is Thailand? #
6/5 5:07 @walterm I think Saigon should really try harder to woo Khmer medical tourists. Closer at least. FV tries. #
6/4 8:29 @omgsupergirl Oh, sorry to hear you were sick :/ Better now I hope? #
6/4 8:09 @sonnylebythebay @SaigonSean Saigon has enough people depending on others for transport, the old/young/sick/drunk. But who cares about them! #
6/4 7:57 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Ho ho! But only as a link from metro to bus station, depending on both, worthless alone. #
6/4 7:54 @dynamicscholar @sonnylebythebay I'd guess Singaporeans were no more 'enlightened' than Saigonians 2-3 decades ago; what changed? Leadership #
6/4 7:53 @omgsupergirl Oh, good news. Did you check out ADS? How was it? #
6/4 5:33 @sonnylebythebay @dynamicscholar IMO, HCMC should but does not see Singapore as a model. But we must copy at all levels, up to the top #
6/4 4:50 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Seriously? Or are you making a Simpsons joke? :-) #
6/4 4:49 @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar I like trams. But a city-wide network of trams? Must be grade-separated. How would we justify the cost? #
6/4 4:23 @dynamicscholar The Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro will be underground in D1. I think it's a very expensive, difficult option. #
6/4 4:18 @shilkytouch I think it's still far too early for people to be talking about that happening at Cam Ranh, no reference as in Japan #
6/4 4:05 @dynamicscholar I think we need dedicated bus lanes/busways. There are also underground bus "subways" too, see Seattle. But digging = $$$ #
6/4 3:46 @NBNQ Another bike tried to "kiss" mine and we both fell over. Nothing broken but a lot of blood (and destroyed pants). Not recommended! #
6/4 3:45 @dynamicscholar I've ridden a golf cart in D2 :) Busses can also go overground, cheaper than trains. But last-mile connections will be bikes #
6/4 3:42 @NBNQ @ericburdette When you think about it, most Americans would think us insane for riding motorbikes the way we do here. #
6/4 3:41 @ericburdette Was it an imported bike? I've seen cheapo Chinese-made mountain bikes priced reasonably. I also have a folding bike. #
6/4 3:35 @dynamicscholar What do you think of BKK's network of boats/tuktuks/trains? I'd be happy if SGN had just a BTS. Or a better bus network. #
6/4 3:26 @ericburdette I also think many people can ride bicycles but don't ride motorbikes for various reasons. Among expats too. #
6/4 3:20 @omgsupergirl Girl on bike ran into me and my bike fell and skidded to a stop. Mangled fingers and gash and road rash along my arm and leg #
6/4 3:18 @ericburdette @NBNQ Totally confused here. My sense of balance is intact here, my right arm was injured after getting hit by a bike. #
6/4 3:15 @omgsupergirl I know how to ride a bike, I just can't close my fist or bend my elbow w/o pain right now, making it harder to operate :) #
6/4 3:13 @shilkytouch Guess you mean the visit to Cam Ranh. I think both sides say US will not have a base, and I think US is moving to "renting". #
6/4 3:12 @ericburdette @NBNQ This city is designed exclusively around motorbikes. You mean how does someone deal with not riding a motorbike? #
6/4 3:10 @NBNQ I occasionally meet (Vietnamese) people who don't/can't ride a motorbike... for me it's temporary b/c of a bike accident and hurt arms #
6/4 1:20 For the first time in Vietnam I wish I had a car so I could get around (since I can't ride a bike). Or better yet, wish the city had trains. #
6/3 11:33 TIL Octopuses have 8 semi-autonomous mini-brains in their tentacles which would be useful in robots: http://goo.gl/YzXWF #
6/3 6:25 Facebook friends! Why do you "like" so many of the Facebook pages that you clicked "Like" on? #
6/2 9:46 @ourman There was a bug in Twitter where it would secretly unfollow people. Or at least that's what I tell people I unfollowed #
6/2 7:53 @nhhaidang Please tell me more about these Vietnamese academics! #
6/1 11:47 @areyouahuman Have you tried using Opera's mobile browser? No game appears on demo , using Android phone #
6/1 8:29 Xenophobe China, scary. RT @nicola_davison: Last night dozens of police stormed the bars/restaurants on Yongfu Lu demanding foreigners' IDs. #
6/1 5:51 Anyone recommend any company in Saigon for printing cardboard shipping boxes? #
6/1 5:10 @smpasiaorg Facebook is not blocked on my FPT connection @fisheggtree #
6/1 5:09 Some dangers of investing capital in Vietnam: http://goo.gl/ZW3ds #
6/1 3:52 For the past 1-2hrs most major SSL sites (inc. Gmail) were failing due to SSL warnings - on multiple PCs. Now all ok. Attempted MITM attack? #
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