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Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 12:54am
7/31 12:12 When I search for "serial rapists" on Facebook, a long list of "People you may know" comes up... and you're on it. Very helpful, Zuckerburg. #
7/31 10:31 @ourman But rat shit is more likely to spread disease and be inside your house. But we have someone sweep our alley every morning. #
7/31 10:28 @dnghia @nguyenhimself @caligarn I thought he left a pretty easy and clear lead up to a possible next film in the same franchise, no? #
7/31 8:50 Uruguay to legalize marijuana production, Vietnam to legalize same-sex marriage? Big middle fingers towards the US #
7/31 7:01 @walterm Tibet appears to ban only a handful of countries. We can guess why VN and PH. The UK, Norway, and South Korea are also banned. #
7/31 7:00 All the world's showers should come equipped with surfaces that can be written on with your finger. (And synced to The Cloud!) #
7/30 8:50 @nbnq Tibet is owned by China, while Vietnam and the Philippines are battling politically with China over the South China Sea #
7/30 7:18 People from Vietnam and the Philippines are no longer allowed to travel to Tibet. Gee, I wonder why? #
7/30 2:01 Anyone got any neat tips/tricks for their phone's user-defined dictionary? Want to share? #
7/29 8:30 @kingceejay A friend who lives in Vung Tau tells me there is a movie theater but has never been, location unknown. Sorry. #
7/29 3:05 There's a pretty sweet movie directed by Christopher Nolan in the theaters now. It's called Inception Reunion. #
7/28 6:58 @cnualart @caligarn What's the status of Creative Mornings now? I heard only 5 people showed up? #
7/28 5:29 @jon7b It won't just be sites themselves begging. Your friends will push you to reshare or like content they get rewards for. #
7/28 3:32 “Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, SEO will be dead in 2 years.” Google's goal and wish, but is it possible? #
7/27 9:44 @tylerwatts @nguyenhimself My guess is you eat a piece of log which then allows the log to communicate w/ you telepathically #
7/27 8:25 @caligarn Reason for hope, still no cure. "The world should make sure it goes on retreating" http://goo.gl/UGZSx #
7/27 7:23 1000s of Cambodians ask 'magic log' w/ healing powers for lottery numbers (not so different from other religions really)... #
7/27 7:17 @dynamicscholar Haha you were never blamed, and I'm not blaming anyone now. Just noting it's been awhile, but Vy/Tien might be on it #
7/27 7:09 @hendrikbeck Hacker News user walterheck. They're currently thinking somewhere in Southeast Asia #
7/27 7:01 @dynamicscholar Yup, the event was in limbo for awhile (ahem, THATCamp? :). Hope RMIT is back on for the future after this. #
7/27 7:00 @chrisfharvey As mentioned, private deal so they can't say. Surely the niceties will be that Eat.vn is very happy, etc. Will leak eventually #
7/27 6:45 2 months of pure hackathon on a tropical island: http://comehackwithus.com/ - imagine how nicely this could be done on Phu Quoc #
7/27 3:35 On eating Vegetarian in Vietnam: http://www.saigonist.com/b/vegetarian-week-vietnam #
7/27 2:05 BarCamp Saigon is planned for September 9 at FPT F-Town in District 9 - 9/9 in 9! #
7/26 18:52 @barryokane Please find my contact info at http://www.saigonist.com and contact me if you haven't already #
7/26 7:47 Congratulations @peoplewithideas for VCCorp's acquisition of Eat.vn! Lots of big players in Vietnams' food delivery space now #
7/26 7:42 There should be a browser extension to replace dysfunctional Bing map/search/poop with Google poop inside Facebook #
7/26 7:38 Olympic athletes (and their insular cortices) under pressure may benefit from mindfulness meditation: http://goo.gl/uLJTQ #
7/26 4:53 "This raw representation of bodily signals (in the insula) has been hypothesized for more than a century to be the origin of emotions." #
7/25 8:27 LoL today I have a Klout score of 67? Where are my perks! #
7/25 8:14 @dynamicscholar Not to worry. This holiday destination includes: land above sea level, potable water delivered monthly, P.O. for postcards #
7/25 8:12 Vietnamese media, w/ a completely straight face, publishes article titled "Paradise for endangered primates": http://goo.gl/pCESB #
7/25 7:04 Sansha City: China opens new island-city w/ supermarket and hot tourist destination on Vietnamese island chain: http://goo.gl/A8jsV #
7/25 6:27 Beijing: Officially 37, reports of up to 4000 dead in floods as sewer system succumbs to heavy rain, blogs censored: http://goo.gl/Dxve6 #
7/24 10:08 @jon7b I don't think importing BMX is forbidden but may need to declare like other bikes. Surely you could bring one when you fly back. #
7/24 9:56 @jon7b I mean alleys full of miniramps and ledges, just that surface is too poor for small skateboard wheels but no problem for bikes #
7/24 7:00 The "Future of Networking" #
7/24 3:04 @TylerWatts @saigonsean Which decade were these stats taken from? 1970s? #
7/24 2:54 Thanks, global recession! RT @linhpnguyen: Second month has negative CPI, minus 0.29% m-o-m in July, plus 5.35% y-o-y #Vietnam #
7/24 2:52 @vietnam720 Yeah. It will be great when Google+ opens their API, then Hootsuite will integrate properly and all will be right in the world #
7/24 0:50 Every few months I check just to be sure: Google+ still doesn't have an API for 3d parties to post to one's stream. #
7/23 23:36 Could we crowdsource a Batman-esque (or Ironman-like) superhero? #
7/23 16:27 @sonnylebythebay I literally just scratched my head at that. Have to agree that people don't have a right to wield semi-automatic guns. #
7/23 14:36 @chrisgnguyen That really sucks. Are these special tourist police or just regular cops looking for some easy money? Did you get carded? #
7/23 11:55 @jon7b @CotterVN Phu My Hung. You're still in .eu right? Plan to bring a bike back? Isn't Saigon's terrain perfect for BMX? #
7/23 8:20 @cottervn @dynamicscholar CM7 for me was unstable and drained battery. Zeus is stable and is great for battery life. YMMV! #
7/23 8:19 @cottervn Private experimental live/work space for now, with plans for a restaurant or something public in the near future #
7/23 7:23 "We built an animal. We took a rat apart and rebuilt it as a jellyfish." This is too cool: http://goo.gl/23Qcy #
7/23 7:14 Half pipe at #Saigon Outcast #sk8ordie http://instagr.am/p/NaoYAfMXpi/ #
7/23 6:49 @dynamicscholar No, I think I used GingerBreak, even though on Froyo. Rooting is pretty straightforward, it works or it doesn't. #
7/23 6:44 Having stray kittens living in your alley is like renting a cat "in the cloud" #
7/23 6:01 @dynamicscholar Honestly, depends on the device. Here's a list of ICS roms for yours: http://goo.gl/XHUKP check that forum for suggestions #
7/23 5:49 @geetree You are right. I was hesitating, considering whether a harsher word was more appropriate. :-) #
7/23 5:44 @jon7b @dynamicscholar Cyanogenmod CM7 for my Optimus was unstable, drained battery. Now running Zeus Gingerbread ROM and so far so good! #
7/23 5:24 @chrisfharvey Haha are they seriously in vans? Now having 2nd thoughts buying 2nd hand as multiple friends had laptops stolen over the w/e #
7/23 5:23 @caligarn Isn't the point that you can be pinged at any time of day and you must report your state of mind at that point? If email, how? #
7/23 5:22 My phone spent much of the weekend getting crashed, thrashed, and re-ROM'd. Seems to be stable and fast now but sorry if I lost your texts! #
7/23 1:05 Is there anyplace in Saigon that sells used computers, especially laptops? Or any better options for a low power server? #
7/22 10:48 #Saigon Outcast http://instagr.am/p/NYc0S5MXmc/ #
7/22 7:48 Bling and conspicuous consumption by locals is amusing. By Viet Kieu: embarrassing. By expats: just fail? #
7/22 7:10 @Vietnam720 @caligarn IFTTT is a promising widget for power users who are not programmers - shinier than Yahoo Pipes @IFTTT #
7/22 7:01 @ChrisGNguyen She's a VK so she does speak it tho quite hard for me to understand haha.. just concerned about getting caught w/o permission #
7/22 5:44 @caligarn Heard of it but iPhone only. I wonder if it also affected behavior as a side effect, increasing mindfulness? #
7/22 5:24 @laidbackfreak Thanks Sean. I've been all over my model's subforum there. Looked at http://goo.gl/y2bca but don't have 90 GB free on my Mac #
7/22 1:30 Anyone gone down the road of building their own Android ROMs? Where do you start? What do you need? #
7/21 9:41 @caligarn That's media. CYOA was a hack when books couldn't be interactive. But that's no longer the case. So why? #
7/21 9:01 @caligarn Published at home or Vietnam? Vietnam doesn't sell well in America. But why not make it a web/mobile app? Lots more possibilities. #
7/21 7:35 Vietnam's economy could expand via foreign companies like Honda here growing to export more regionally, not just producing domestically. #
7/21 7:35 @caligarn Nintendo? #
7/21 7:24 Open Game Development Conference 2012 at VNG #saigon #ogdc http://instagr.am/p/NVglb8MXho/ #
7/21 7:19 @chrisgnguyen I have an expat friend who wants to be a tour guide here.. Any advice? :) Have legal issues? Should work for a local agency? #
7/21 7:02 Cross platform (Android, iOS) dev environments are good for games & simple apps, not for business apps - Takaaki of DeNA #ogdc #
7/21 5:49 Japanese (sometimes romantically) compare Vietnam to Japan in the past. Mori says 60s. Others say earlier. Youth, energy, labor, industry. #
7/21 5:27 V.professional game conference by VNG, considering for BarCamp but too corporate? Great for keynote tech conferences. #ogdc #
7/19 9:12 @sonnylebythebay China, with its gender ratio problem, should encourage more men to become gay #
7/19 7:12 @dynamicscholar For Chrome? On a Unix-like OS you could just do "cat /dev/random > /dev/audio" or something similar #
7/19 7:00 @laidbackfreak Like "I left my phone in the taxi"? ;-) #
7/19 6:59 @thenewmilieu I think for these situations cell tower triangulation or wifi is sufficient. If I'm 10 ft away from my friend, I'll just yell #
7/19 3:39 @tamkaizen @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @geetree @mr_kimpossible @HerDailyDigest Wait, why would there be a Tweetup on a Saturday night? #
7/19 2:50 Would you use a smartphone app that let friends track your location when you were planning to meet them? If only a local app knew my plans.. #
7/19 1:40 110 years ago, A/C was invented in America. Many VN families will get their first this year. The future takes awhile to be distributed. #
7/18 18:24 @NBNQ I saw a few empty coffee cops in front of you but didn't really think one person could've drank them! I'm sure it was fun for awhile. #
7/18 16:41 @careyz I'm not sure how Summer is defined in Saigon, but enjoy your break, Carey! #
7/18 6:45 @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @geetree @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible I actually prefer a little rain to keep us cool :-) #
7/18 4:33 2 x fans - 1 x broken motor - 1 x broken blade = 1 x Frankenstein fan http://instagr.am/p/NNegsWsXjU/ #
7/17 17:39 Microsoft adds backdoors to Skype. Hackers leak its source code to the public, with patches: https://t.co/TaCRDATG #
7/17 12:52 Vietnam is the fastest growing country on Facebook, percentage-wise according to Socialbakers figures #
7/17 12:45 5,482,960: The number of Facebook users in Vietnam as of June 30 according to Facebook #
7/17 12:39 @tylerwatts Haha! Back then, SGI boxes to us were like sports cars to most guys. Super graphics power. The movie was probably made with them #
7/17 9:27 @TylerWatts @nguyenhimself @caligarn Sorry, might have been SGI workstations/IRIX #
7/17 9:19 @TylerWatts @nguyenhimself @caligarn I remember that scene. She was using Sun on a Sparcstation if my memory is correct #
7/17 9:11 @caligarn So... your dad is cool. Full stop. ;-) #
7/17 8:44 @caligarn I first logged into a Unix system some 20 years ago and have used it since. I was both a BSD and HP-UX systems developer. #
7/17 8:35 @caligarn I'm not, though I have it installed on a netbook. I first installed Linux about 16 years ago, long before Ubuntu. #
7/17 8:19 @nguyenhimself Weird. Another demo, w/ Ubuntu. http://youtu.be/9w4LfjFxU7g It's a tiny USB-stick-like PC built for Android. TV is one app. #
7/17 7:15 @coachleaders Nobody else has shown interest :| You can order 1pc for a few more bucks... Nice toy but I'm actually looking for more power #
7/17 7:11 @prior_anthony I've heard some landlords are finally dropping rents, and we know real estate investors are crunched. How big is your house? #
7/17 6:44 Must be more to this: Cambodian fathers build sex huts for their nine to 13-year-old daughters to explore promiscuity: http://goo.gl/hksbY #
7/17 6:41 RT @grapealope: The tough part about the car industry: while other startups need to get 5 things right, you need to get 17. @johnbrogers #
7/17 3:41 Finding affordable housing in Vietnam - How much should it cost? http://goo.gl/fCeDh #
7/17 0:50 Amazing how McDonald's, a cow-burger joint, localizes to the Indian market w/o selling beef at all: http://goo.gl/7dcJl #
7/16 18:51 @grapealope @jeremyphoward So how can we? And what's the developing world's place at #singularityu? #
7/16 15:07 @CoachLeaders Nope, just making people aware in case they wanted to go in together on a batch... :-) #
7/16 14:51 @jon7b @cnualart True, many countries have a crossable "too offensive" line, but qualitatively different by an order of magnitude here #
7/16 13:25 @patrizio_bui Psst. Want lots of Facebook likes? I can sell you fans, only 5000 VND per Vietnamese account... #
7/16 13:22 @cnualart It makes sense to me, as an artist unwittingly and unintentionally does something that offends the government censors #
7/16 11:50 Rikomagic MK802 Android 4.0 PC-on-a-stick running Xubuntu: http://youtu.be/Yh8yG-Ln0HI $72/ea shipped to VN for 5pc http://goo.gl/5rD1J #
7/16 9:34 @caligarn @Vietnam720 As of last night, Mike still self-funds Keewi #
7/16 9:33 Use a smartphone to diagnose ear infections (with a small magnifying attachment) http://goo.gl/2hjyA - Next up: mobile x-ray apps #
7/16 9:11 @caligarn @Vietnam720 Keewi have organized several tech/startup events here already. For themselves & their product. Still little on 'tech'. #
7/16 7:38 @laidbackfreak They don't tell. In 10 days I either pick up my license, or re-enroll for the next test! I guess there's a 3rd option #bribes #
7/16 7:00 If you invented cat food that kept kittens from becoming cats, you could sell it for more than cocaine - Steve Jobs #
7/16 6:40 @neurozen Yes, but iOS only. Endorsed by Shinzen Young. -5 points for quoting Steve Jobs. #
7/16 6:37 @saigonnezumi @Yives I was in Tan Phu most of the day too. Dripping aircon, or people spitting while driving their motorbikes... #
7/16 6:33 @lyraliza Which part was that? Doesn't look like rain today either. :-( #
7/16 6:22 Sunday spent at driving test center, Saigon boonies. Most test applicants should not be licensed to drive, but proctors rarely looked up. #
7/15 13:18 Today it did not rain in Saigon #weatherunderground #
7/15 10:45 @cnualart Yes. And my father followed the saying word for word. #
7/14 6:54 @LTO_cambodia In Saigon, low land is getting lower due to building, paved roads stop absorbing rainwater, sewage system is overloaded #
7/14 5:20 @TylerWatts @ericburdette LOL, scary either way. Man who can create man in his own image would be an amazing discovery, VN media'd frenzy #
7/14 4:56 Arrived at my destination but couldn't turn my bike's motor off because the key unknowingly fell out yet the engine kept running? #
7/13 7:42 @webtomme Hey Tom, congrats on your new venture and hope the Danang Drupal meetup goes well! Any further plans in Danang? #
7/13 7:41 @tbendu2 In my neighborhood, flooding has gotten higher and more frequent every year. It's also a man-made problem, w/ poor solutions #
7/13 7:06 @saigonnezumi Sadly true. I mean, can you think of any positive Vietnamese role models? #
7/13 7:02 @Vietnam720 Pinspire is Rocket Internet's Asian Pinterest clone, but the Rocket guys in Vietnam don't run the .vn or anything related #
7/13 6:16 LOL #TiengViet RT @tylerwatts: @Vietnam720 @tomosaigon Alexandre #DuMa ? #
7/13 6:02 @Vietnam720 What do you think? Can we make #DuMa trend regionally on Twitter? #
7/13 5:52 @chrisfharvey Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way #
7/13 5:44 @tropixblue Which word? OMGWTF? DuMa? Do those count as words? :-) #
7/13 5:05 Invest in Vietnam? The End of the Vietnamese Miracle - w/ inflation, businesses can no longer ignore bad policy: http://goo.gl/yODvs #
7/13 4:34 A bike helmet that can read your mind: http://goo.gl/a24zk - Just imagine the implications for Vietnam road traffic #
7/13 2:45 Apologists defend police corruption due to low pay. I'd counter the #1 reason for 99% of cops joining being the HIGH pay. Stop the inpunity. #
7/13 1:25 Challenge: decode an 31337 '92 William Gibson poem published as a self-encrypting Mac program on diskette: http://www.crackingagrippa.net/ #
7/12 7:58 @caligarn I don't think that's so common but you wouldn't know as well as me due to lack of experience, son #
7/12 6:51 @vietnam720 They don't care to tell people they're the same company! BTW, now raining in Saigon's northwest center #
7/12 6:15 Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer found the Vietnamese police force considered most corrupt public institution in VN #
7/12 6:13 "We cannot say that the public image of a Vietnamese traffic police officer is that he is immoral or unethical" #lolwut? #corruption #
7/12 4:24 @vietnam720 Rocket in Vietnam have opened Lazada (electronics), Zalora (fashion), and HungryPanda.vn-aka-FoodPanda food delivery #
7/12 3:49 Rocket Internet opens up what looks to be a stripped down Lazada in Cambodia, rebranded as http://shop.com.kh #
7/12 3:29 @vietnam720 @nguyenhimself There are various forums like http://vn-zoom.com. For tech scene/startup news, Ngan Sau's action.vn. #
7/11 15:11 RT @barijoe: very cool house in HCMC http://www.dezeen.com/2012/07/09/stacking-green-by-vo-trong-nghia/ #
7/11 12:19 Class for driving test ends => Entire class walks to parking lot to get their bikes and drive home #
7/11 7:34 @jon7b @nguyenhimself Not lack of RAM. Ran memory tests, crashed. Took laptop apart, tested each stick individually, now magically fixed. #
7/11 7:24 @chrisfharvey Hahaha. OMG. In that case, I do NOT need to know him better than I thought - some avenues of thought are not worth pursuing #
7/11 6:23 @caligarn Including many endangered/soon-to-be-extinct languages in Vietnam. Once I have resources, I wish to work to preserve them. #
7/11 5:43 My friend's Facebook account has been hacked and how "she" keeps messaging me about how horny "she" is (it's a guy friend) #
7/11 4:47 @barijoe Haha, because of sprawl? Pollution can't be worse, maybe traffic congestion is though. Jakarta has a busway though :-) #
7/11 4:45 @ChrisInCambo Probably published by a real estate/tourism authority from Hong Kong! No 2 lists the same. But yeah, pollution, Hong Kong? #
7/11 2:10 Phnom Penh as 4th worst place to live, re: green space, pollution, connectivity... Wonder where Vietnam's cities rank? http://goo.gl/ZFy4O #
7/10 4:09 Chinese pay more attn to a diploma than a real education. A diploma is worth actual money whereas an education is not. http://goo.gl/EDdzK #
7/9 10:49 @nguyenhimself I'm checking if my ram is bad. It's all browsers and other memory intense apps. I'll be sad to go back to 4gb if it's that #
7/9 10:48 @layered I also tried disabling most browser extensions but Safari which has no extensions was also crashing. Now I see it's not browsers. #
7/9 7:58 @nguyenhimself Nope, Macbook Pro. Also, Firefox immediately crashes the OS. Not sure why, maybe both are memory intensive apps #
7/9 7:36 @caligarn How hot? Room temperature, laptop was asleep for a while. Hasn't heated up yet. Cpu load is low. #
7/9 7:31 @saigonnezumi FPT, but probably not a quality of service issue specific to them. Not even sure who owns the lines at where it's broken #
7/9 7:30 @nguyenhimself Net broke for my area, fixed 2 days later. Then they took it down to "refix better" and now it's down again. Refix not so gud #
7/9 7:19 Now OSX is crashing every time I start browsing. Can't even Google for a solution! Can the solution be crowd sourced? #
7/9 5:10 Despite temporary attempts to fix it, going on 5th day of no home Internet in the past week. Low tech infrastructure here, it mostly works #
7/6 8:21 @lupohiep Who accepts responsibility here? Water price increases, saying one told another to fix it asap doesn't help. Like rogue taxis. #
7/6 7:27 @ChrisInCambo What you can't see are the ropes tying it to the banister on the other side of the bike. Not sure if even that's sufficient! #
7/6 5:46 Motorcycle parked on a staircase to nowhere #saigon #vietnam http://instagr.am/p/MutRzFsXvR/ #
7/5 6:04 @jon7b Thanks! @Catch looks promising with optional cloud backup. Android and Chrome app installed. Have you used it long? #
7/5 5:53 Censorship #Vietnam http://instagr.am/p/MsJip2sXv1/ #
7/5 5:48 @dnghia What do you use on your phone? Does it sync? Too many overweight, cloud-dependent note-taking apps which should be much simpler IMO. #
7/5 5:41 @ericburdette Yes, I can still login via web. I just won't have an unused app wasting space on my phone anymore until there are users #
7/4 8:09 @caligarn @dynamicscholar How do you search or re-sort/organize your notebook? Do you have it when you don't have your phone or vice versa? #
7/4 7:32 @dynamicscholar For me web is as important as phone and on phone must work offline. Glassboard cool for sharing/collab, but not quick jots #
7/4 7:28 HCMC loses up to $300k = 38% of clean water daily. Vietnam is a country successfully built on waste and inefficiency: http://goo.gl/zUYQg #
7/4 6:41 @dynamicscholar Looks pretty sweet but iPad-only? :( Need Android and web. #
7/4 6:26 Is there any note-taking web/mobile app that works offline and has folders/hierarchy? @springpadapp is just too slow #
7/3 7:29 RT @vivoandando: Lifestyle changes have proven more effective than most medicine Bradly Jacobs @singularityu #gsp12 #
7/3 6:48 @Vietnam720 I think it's okay to walk inside the building, but a friend (female, lived in the area) said to not walk around the hood at nite #
7/3 6:39 @Vietnam720 I'd consider it. Straight shot to downtown. But far from office @ Q10, anywhere else. I heard: don't walk around there at night! #
7/3 6:29 @dynamicscholar Pivots, closed-betas, rushing towards release, confusion - all normal for product startups, but not necessarily good things #
7/3 6:28 The girls in the office are listening to some kind of pop-dubstep. Dubstep is right up there with Kpop. #vietnam #
7/3 6:05 @dynamicscholar It was available to install off their own site (as in not app store) many months ago, but no service to use #
7/3 6:02 Uninstalling Klamr app to free up space since so many friends have left the startup before the product's even launched #
7/3 5:58 @Vietnam720 I was just in Carina Plaza on Sunday night! My friend The Hong also just moved in there. Nice kitchen! #
7/3 5:08 @caligarn I am willing to back this 20k VND venture of yours but only if you have a spamming / Facebook fan buying expert on board #
7/3 4:21 @caligarn How much money do you think you would need and how would you spend it? + Reddit ain't exactly new or innovative #
7/3 4:11 No internet at home for over 24 hours and told it could be 48! At first, a moment of panic, followed by equanimous acceptance of a day... #
7/2 8:13 @areyouahuman I'd love to use your Drupal 6 module to cut registration spam but it's important to get it approved on http://drupal.org! #
7/2 8:05 @RobertTamNguyen I can slowly read Vietnamese (w/ help from Google :) but you think this page has good SEO? Using images for text is bad... #
7/2 7:44 @tropixblue I was never very good at reading sheet music. Blame it on the Suzuki Method. + my kinda music can't be written in std notation! #
7/2 7:32 A layman staring into sheet music sees just lines and dots. A musician looks into the same thing and sees beautiful music. #
7/1 2:18 @chrisfharvey Thanks for the tip! Are you following the industry now, or just researching? Any piece of it you want to attack? #
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