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9/30 16:11 A1 Bassline - True Romance Refix that @mrgoldie raged on Twitter about and got deleted. Get it while it lasts: http://youtu.be/AYtxtKUWB4k #
9/30 13:56 This is my 1000th tweet. Thanks to my 583 followers for not unfollowing me (yet)! #
9/30 12:41 @shilkytouch What-up-doe is the Detroit colloquial greeting @BobbyJComedy #
9/30 6:25 @jon7b Investors (individuals, private companies) rather than dwellers. Speculators sitting on 'acquired' land rights not making use of land #
9/30 6:09 Total investment for Metro Line 2 Ben Thanh-Tham Luong is ~US$1.3b: ADB $540m, German Bank for Reconstruction $313m, EIB $195m, HCMC $326.5m #
9/30 5:50 "In #Vietnam’s urban areas there are many large, empty luxury homes, while low-income earners are in need of accommodation." #
9/29 6:37 @dshupp True, companies aren't pegging to it, but inflation leads to min wage hikes, strikes, workers needing increased compensation to live #
9/29 4:55 @babyexpat One time I had to 'hack' Jetstar's website to finish a booking, it wasn't going through any other way #
9/28 10:11 Wages increase in Vietnam b/c of uncontrolled inflation, not higher quality and more productive labor. Makes Vietnam less attractive for FDI #
9/27 15:46 Addtotrip.co geo-social travel hackathon until October 31. Who wants to work on a travel app? http://goo.gl/W0Qru #
9/27 7:22 @betoneko @nostarwhere For safety, it's China Airlines that's especially dangerous: http://goo.gl/h5Cmk #
9/27 6:52 @betoneko I think China Air has, by far, the worst air safety record of any airline. #
9/27 6:51 LOL @betoneko: Searched pictures for China Airline and I got photos of plane wrecks and explosions. What does it mean?! #
9/26 13:49 I have 200 tabs open in Chrome and it's still running smooth, thanks to a much needed ram upgrade #
9/26 13:44 @jon7b @NBNQ By your descriptive tags alone, I was going to guess you were talking about Evangelion, also one of my all time favorites #
9/26 8:57 @dylanduong This old man is also itching to buy a skateboard and fall down a few times, scratch up my elbows, test out Vietnamese helmets #
9/26 6:03 Awesome! Skateistan is looking for a volunteer skateboarder in Cambodia: http://goo.gl/iaOkO #
9/24 17:51 RT @luuhiep: Solar-Powered Water ATMs Provide Clean Drinking Water To The Thirsty http://bit.ly/qcmYNe #
9/24 15:07 I just heard a clip of Strings of Life on Vietnamese tv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiCEGXGm-z0 #
9/24 8:55 Hah! Some random words I said were quoted in an article on youth violence from Tuoi Tre: http://goo.gl/kKJ5p #
9/24 5:21 Some rare Detroit love, if a bit confused RT @TechCrunch: Motor City Mojo: The Startup Renaissance In Detroit http://tcrn.ch/pFcZbE #
9/24 2:17 Groupon: COO & #2 executive leaves, revenues cut in half: http://goo.gl/OyToj #
9/23 7:28 @barijoe Simple Way to Download YouTube HTML5 Videos: http://www.saigonist.com/content/simple-download-youtube-html5 #
9/23 7:20 NASA funding? We need to be exploring frontiers of the genes, the atoms, the seas, and the mind. GASM. #
9/23 6:14 Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment: http://goo.gl/TTB6H #
9/23 5:47 "We think the banks are mortally afraid to call in bad debt b/c they have to report it & they don't have the $ to increase their .. ratios" #
9/23 5:31 Hard lessons for Vietnam as property slumps: Greed turns to losses, bad debt. Crisis likely far worse as banks hide losses. goo.gl/gPVbf #
9/23 2:51 RT @Ann_Ha: 2.180mil is the updated no of facebook users in vietnam. No keeps climbing slowly #
9/22 11:59 This is great. Check out the last 8 tweets from @markdavidson before they probably get deleted #
9/22 9:25 Wikipedia: "there are no cases of elevators simply free-falling and killing the passengers inside" - Vietnam will show them! #
9/22 6:52 Losing to Vietnam? RT @TheEconomist: America has lost many industries, and China will be losing them soon enough http://econ.st/oxLI8K #
9/22 6:39 @ChrisInCambo The question is: after a slight moment of confusion, did you try :wq! next? #
9/22 5:45 Fight Cancer! Crowdsourcing ideas for curing breast cancer, anyone can submit an idea: http://goo.gl/nCiuI #
9/21 13:52 @benhomie I think Google+ could do be a pretty good Twitter replacement itself, which is also why Facebook is getting into 'following' #
9/21 13:27 Counterfeit million dollar bills found in Hanoi: http://goo.gl/4YuYS & Police Are Investigating remix: "Police keep investigating the case" #
9/21 13:21 Reports of Google+'s death may be greatly exaggerated, considering it just opened to the public today, Facebook vomiting all over browsers #
9/21 2:24 @caligarn An innate fear of change. And the speed of technological change accelerating. At some point, people can't keep up. #singularity #
9/21 2:12 @kingceejay I don't iPad because I need to be productive, but I am a fan of the keyboard and pad built in on my MacBook Pro #
9/20 17:12 On FPT, I can only access Twitter via a tunnel/vpn right now. Wonder if Twitter is being blocked in #Vietnam #
9/20 17:00 Twitter's Who To Follow sucks, there is no good site for fine-grained filtering of interesting people w/o wading through useless profiles #
9/20 9:40 I just saw a cyclo driver ride by wearing a Detroit Tigers hat #
9/20 8:29 @jon7b @jobnomade Probably not due to wifi sniffing but rather Twitter phishing or clickjacking #
9/20 4:44 Google's "Ten things we know to be true": http://goo.gl/Clc13 #
9/19 13:39 @PedroInSaigon True. A mob would get attention, London riots. But I have ideas on vigilantism crossed with civil protest + theater #
9/19 13:30 @jon7b LOL the idea of wanting to impress backpackers. I'm sure he was quite pleased with his Vietnamese skills until you pooped on him #
9/19 9:30 @MienHPham Best all around tailor in Hoi An is A Dong. We use them for our business, after surveying others. #
9/19 3:44 @PedroInSaigon I support vigilantism in Vietnam. Shame the authorities into doing their job. But it can easily get out of control. #
9/19 2:07 @HerDailyDigest Yup! So I saw you with @kingceejay (and @PedroInSaigon) at the flea market. Have a good time? #
9/18 2:37 Just had a great conversation wit J R R Tolkien about the construction of the Elvish languages: http://goo.gl/lD59C Sadly, just a dream. #
9/17 9:11 WSJ: Running a Groupon lowers your ratings on review sites. Groupon will just blame the stupid merchants. http://goo.gl/N3AuR #
9/16 11:38 @shakkabrutha I got a green parrotlet-like thing that sits obediently on my shoulder, and a runaway parakeet missing a toe - true pirate. #
9/16 10:35 Dumb parrot injured its neck trying to go out a small hole. He can eat food still, but any bird doctors in Saigon who could do a bird x-ray? #
9/16 1:25 Testing out Cafe Me on Luong Huu Khanh while they prepare to open in another week. Like being in someone's living room. #
9/16 1:23 @m_beaumont @michaelcoyote Guess you mean 1, 2 & 6. A small % of neighborhoods in the US have no grass, most still use cars in cities #
9/16 1:15 @BeeberryPeung I guess in Thailand #8 Rules is more like Vietnam than in the US? #
9/15 22:04 US dollar creeping above 21000 VND on the black market. End-of-year run up of the dollar may be starting now. #
9/15 13:20 Right now on Discovery Channel: community activists finding ways to improve traffic in Hanoi on their own. #jambusters #
9/15 11:22 Qatar is opening up .qa domains for all via 10 approved registrars. Quality Assurance professionals wanting vanity domains rejoice! #
9/15 3:56 10 Reasons I Left the United States (without realizing it): http://goo.gl/Ic9Rl #
9/14 16:34 RT @DIT313: Octave One vs Obama - Black Victory (Blackwater remix - Dj Aroy Yes We Can Bootleg): http://goo.gl/zQkua #
9/14 6:31 @dynamicscholar Does it? I thought Google Flight Search also leaves out Southwest #
9/14 4:45 Is there any browser extension that integrates unsearchable budget airlines (Southwest) into other sites' search results? Hmm.. #
9/14 4:40 Lenovo Code-A-Thon hackathon for their IdeaPad Android device in Singapore this Friday/Saturday: http://goo.gl/lI3fh #
9/14 1:56 @ericburdette It's definitely already lost among Vietnamese-American communities who grew up around American-sized portions #
9/14 1:09 Airline scorecard: 3 of 3 UnitedAirlines flights delayed 1+ hrs, no in-flight entertainment, horrible food. JapanAirlines was awesome. #
9/13 23:13 #DailySteals: Would have liked to have stayed in SF an extra few days for #TCDisrupt event #
9/12 16:28 6 days later, back at SFO #
9/12 9:21 Small bonfire with 2 cousins on an empty beach in Santa Cruz, drinking Coors Light mixed with V8. Only in America. #
9/10 0:29 @DublinFlaneur Sorry if I got your hopes up. It's in San Jose, California (hence the surrealness at not being in Vietnam) #
9/9 23:41 Just had a surreal moment at Fry's Electronics surrounded by Vietnamese staff speaking Vietnamese to customers. #
9/9 15:45 I'm looking for an illustrator in Vietnam. Can you draw things? Please get in touch. #
9/8 14:44 The sound of lawns being mowed. Not in Vietnam anymore. #
9/8 13:52 Upcoming Google DevFests in SE Asia: http://goo.gl/KVdZV #
9/5 18:26 Watching documentary about the Concorde crash that stopped service forever. Good way to prepare for boarding a trans-Pacific flight #
9/5 17:52 @tdichristopher It was a Wikileaks cable from the US embassy in Vietnam, from finding and interviewing AmeriAsian adults in Vietnam #
9/5 16:30 @dylanduong No problem, on one condition: Whatever shirt I buy, you must wear in public! #sinisterlaugh #
9/5 15:42 Few more hours and I'll be on an airplane to America for the first time in 2.5 years. Wonder if it's changed as much as Vietnam. #
9/5 14:43 @tdichristopher Recent Wikileaks re: Vietnam, US had surveyed AmerAsians, found they had all integrated, discrimination stopped for years #
9/5 12:16 Tuoi Tre News has republished my blog post w/ permission (but no mention of original). Police Are Investigating: http://goo.gl/CW0RW #
9/5 7:48 To understand what my last tweet says, use the Twitter Decoder Ring: http://www.saigonist.com/b/twitter-decoder-ring #
9/5 7:46 顜善嬔巖嗴允曏不t唈吷曃噑庠嗱鲷凸亥丂仨丶乇儓乓(劗揦允圫s囸严懦倡侭鹔丘柺槐嫢忒爠t唈堺倱t唈婐丕珹埼円七哢蠧呕囫自t唈吷讴鏞渊帺呙冑咭巖嗴佽哻巖0簝噯呝丕1哼测樖匡螎諑歘丂2哼檂鎗俫抆哻与亩歘挍叜 #
9/4 5:18 1000s more in HCMC plz RT @tuoitrenewsvn: 2,000 cars fined in Hanoi in a fortnight http://bit.ly/r4acS4 #
9/4 5:16 Increase "Gamification" w/ "an open src platform, customizable gamification elements designed to increase user interaction on websites" #
9/3 20:15 @kennynguyenus Serial decision-making is making lots of decisions in a short period of time. Think customizing a suit, car, or vacation #
9/3 9:53 I wonder if Bud's Ice Cream in San Francisco is full of confused Vietnamese tourists #
9/2 11:22 I'm slurping up my Ramen badge on PhoSquare! #justkidding #
9/2 10:04 @barijoe If you haven't noticed a slowdown in Internet speed then you are either blessed or have magic Internet. Who's your isp? #
9/2 10:01 Decision fatigue. Ego depletion. Gain more self-control, make wiser decisions with a quick shot of sugar. Break up serial decision-making. #
9/1 15:31 The Truth Behind Online Influence (Klout): http://goo.gl/ol8Cq #
9/1 4:22 The damn Vung Tau undersea cable to the overseas Internet broke again #
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