Part-Time job for English Native Speaker who live in Vietnam !!

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James Do (not verified)
Part-Time job for English Native Speaker who live in Vietnam !!

Hi Guys,

I m currently looking for an English Native Speaker to do English Narration job (Part-Time and work at home). If you speak English with American/Brittish accent (probably you are American / English / Canadian / Australian) and got your private room (to avoid noise interference) to do Audio Recording at home and upload the files via Internet, please contact me via testsoundvn at yahoo dot com . The job is fun!

Email to testsoundvn at yahoo dot com with Email subject as [English Narrator] - Your Name

Answer the following questions:

1) Are you Native English Speaker and currently living in Vietnam? How long you will stay in Vietnam?
2) Do you have private room without noise interference to do voice recording?
3) What is your available time to do narration job? (such as 8PM - 10PM every day, depend on your time)
4) Your current living City (Hochiminh/Hanoi...)
5) Your Prefer Payment methods?( PayPal/ bank Transfer/Cash....)
6) What is your current job/what do you do in Vietnam?
7) Your contact: Mobile Phone / Skype

Thank you and kindly forward this message to your friends who are English Native Speaker and currently living in Vietnam


James Do


I'm interested. I've done some voice acting in the past. I've taught quite a few drama courses. I've also been here for a very long time, in Asia, and have learned to speak in a very clear and distinct way.
I'm from the USA, the part where call centers are based, because our accent is so clear and easy to understand globally. It's actually called general American Accent.
I've got a pretty nice computer, quiet, usually here, and I usually use Adobe Soundbooth for my recording.
What is your email, sent me a tapescript, some directions how you want it to sound, and I'll record for you.
Paypal or transfer to Technom is fine with me.

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