Are you looking for a good taste western food with reasonable price in Saigon?

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Thuy Nguyen (not verified)
Are you looking for a good taste western food with reasonable price in Saigon?

Add: Joie de vivre – 292/10 CMT8, P. 10, Q. 3 (from downtown, take Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, straigth ahead and cross over the roundabout of 3 thang 2 street & CMT8 street, just a few minitues, Joie de vivre is in a big alley on the right side of yours)
Tel: 08 6260 0066 - Price ranges around 35,000 vnd – 250,000 vnd
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Hidden away from the crowd and dense street of CMT8, just right besides the downtown, Joie de vivre locates in a big enough alley where the peace is purely found. Entering Joie de vivre space, diversity of feelings is rightly converged here. The variety of fine dining style available on the table decoration and menu takes you to discover the fantasy of Western style food and the fantasy service that not much found here in Ho Chi Minh.
This is a restaurant where you visit with an empty stomach as we wish to save enough room for all the dishes and also for dessert, then go back with the memory of a fully appetite. Joie de vivre serves all Western food at lunch, dinner or a snack, these offer cuisines from hamburgers, spaghetti, lasagna, beefsteak with different well-tasted sauces, lamp pop chock and others as salad and snack. All are cooked in the most cared way with good flavor and the best ingredients resources to ensure delivering the most hi-quality and sophisticated cuisines.

The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it great for laid-back suppers with a group of friends, or couples. If you happen to drop by at noon, we serve a tasty selection of set lunches as well.
A “wow! It’s a cozy place” will explain the feeling when entering the space. A nice decorative with warmth and relaxation combining the romance to keep you come back time to time and not forget to introduce more friends to visit. Here, right at Joie de vivre, part nights casually with cocktail & live music with jazz, acoustic or sometimes more rocky with dance leads the appetites to an endless joy during your stay time in Joie de vivre. Come and stay as you are in your country is the core value we’d to offer to you.

We have many promotions active from week to week, month to month, now the available one is “free 01 dessert & 01 glass of drought beer” will make your meal more enjoyable. Check it out at Joie de vivre.

Joie de vivre

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