5 wonderful things to do in district 7

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5 wonderful things to do in district 7

Unlike other districts which offers the buzzling lights and sounds, District 7 is more tranquil and peaceful. A prefect getaway to recharge, breathe and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

1. Stroll by the Crescent Lake
Located at the heart of Phu My Hung, the Crescent Lake is one of the area’s attraction. Walking in an open airy space, which is not typical in HCMC, is extremely relaxing.
At night, the place becomes even more charming as the Star Bridge turns into a light spectacle making you feel like walking amongst the stars. On the other side of the bridge is a large and tranquil park where you enjoy peace and quiet.

2. World class shopping
Right by the lake, Crescent Mall is one of the first shopping centers in Vietnam offering international shopping standards.
This mall offers vast array of choices in fashion and food. Some of its main attractions is the tourist friendly grocery located at the basement floor, cinema, foodcourt, international and big local brands and entertaining events specially on weekends.

3. Late-night dining
District 7 is quite popular for the variety and quality of food offerings. From seafood to traditional Vietnamese dishes to Indian to Japanese cuisine, you can find them all here at a reasonable price.
If you are a traveller and don’t want to just spend the night on your bed, there are restaurants open till late night with a lot of delicious dishes for you to enjoy. Interesting, right?

4. Karaoke with friends
One of the most exciting ways to have fun when visiting district 7 is karaoke nights. A popular entertainment for a group. Explore the many karaoke areas and receive an applause from your fans.

5. Discovering new coffee shops
What could be more enjoyable having a good cup of coffee and listening to relaxing music in a beautiful place? The coffee shops in district 7 surely won’t disappoint you.
If you are looking for a wonderful coffee place, there are some cafés around the Crescent Lake where you can enjoy the wonderful view and atmosphere. In addition, are some coffee shops on Nguyen Thi Thap street are also worth exploring.

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