Working/Living as a single mother

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Working/Living as a single mother

Hi Tomo,

I am a single mother of a 12 month old girl. I was considering moving and working in Vietnam next year, once I obtain my TEFL certificate.
I also hold a university degree in Business, I currently am a citizen of Torono, Ontario, Canada.

What options do I have as a single mother in regards to housing, childcare, schooling etc. By the time I have everything organized on my end, she will be about 2 years old.

Any and all suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated, in regards to helping me plan for this move.

Thank you in advance!

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Anonymous - how did you do? Have you moved?

I am a single mother to an eight-year-old boy and am thinking about moving to Ho Chi Minh City. I am eager to hear from other single parents living there and how they are doing!


Hi all. I am the account executive of The Rosehill Estate right outside of NYC.

I joined this forum to learn and get exposure for my vacation rental.

Thanks you! I look forward to contributing.


Hi friend,
Firstable, you should find a place to live, you can rent a hous, an apartment or a room. The price is vary, but if you neet a room for rent, consider my mini hotel at center of Saigon:

Secondly, you must find a job, you can apply in Foreign language school, or teach in student's house, or student came to your house ... If you have university degree in Business, it's alright to apply to any company which is suit for you. But as my opinion, you should discover Vietnamese culture, people, food and law.

About the childcare, it's hard to find the nice, careful childcare in VN now. And the price for housekeeping/childcare is rather high (than the past): from 2-3 million vnd (100-150usd/month) with the Vietnamese customer, but for foreigner I think it's a litter bit higher

Hope this can help you, please feel free to contact me or post your question in this forum

Quan Phi,
Skype: quan1812
Yahoo: dongquan1812
Mobile: +84 126 468 7799.
Email: [email protected]


Hi there. I love Toronto and have visited many times. You're smart to prepare ahead and get your TEFL certificate before coming. With a degree in business, it's possible you'll be able to teach certain business classes, or at least business English classes. These jobs could pay more, although the hours may be limited.

You'll be in a similar boat with all the expats in Saigon or Hanoi with small children. Fortunately, with labor as cheap as it is, finding someone to look after your child will be affordable although you might interview many candidates before finding a woman you feel comfortable with.

There are options for preschool for international kids but it won't be just foreigners.

For housing, I'll try to write up something soon to help everybody with this topic. In general, find temporary housing (even at a hotel) first, then take your time finding more permanent housing.

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