Living and working in VN

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Living and working in VN

Hi Tomo,
Great stuff as usual.
A British national, I maybe going to Khanh Hoa , Vietnam where g/f lives.
Whats the housing like there if i want to rent a reasonable 3 bedroom house or apartment with A/C? I dont mind living out a little bit from the coast.
also, I am electrician and personal fitness trainer, what is work situation like and what would i expect to have money wise to live on, i dont drink or smoke, so dont waste much?


When you say you're moving to Khanh Hoa province, do you mean Nha Trang city or somewhere outside of Nha Trang. There are expats living in Nha Trang, but I don't know of living outside of the city.

Renting a 3-bedroom house somewhere around the city should be a few hundred dollars a month, but there may not be many apartments available. The market for rental housing, especially for expats, will be much smaller than that in the major cities. But your girlfriend should be able to find houses for rent fairly easily. The cheapest would be to find a simple, unfurnished house for rent, then furnish it yourself. It should be significantly cheaper than renting in Saigon.

I don't have much hope for you working as an electrician or personal trainer, although there might be some work as a personal trainer for expats in Saigon. There are far less foreigners in Nha Trang, and that's the group that would be interested in any service like that. You can, however, teach English.

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