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Property investing

Hi how do i get info on apartment prices to buy?


I assume when you say buy you mean buy rather than rent.

If you are a foreigner, you can nearly forget buying real estate in Vietnam. It may technically be legal for you to buy a condo. Most foreigners who buy property in Vietnam do it through their wives, or if they are Viet Kieu, then through some relatives. Even if they can legally purchase in their own name they may still prefer to have their relatives stand in name for them, possibly to decrease the chance of being asked to pay bribes. Even if you do "buy" land, you really only get the rights to a long-term lease, say 50 years (or 99 years in some countries).

There is also the issue that real estate in Vietnam has been performing very poorly in recent years. Prices are still inflated quite high and nobody wants to buy right now.


Where are you living now?
The price for an apartment is vary, depends on how big it is, how delux it is, what position it is, how the services are, it includes facilities or not.... I can say the price might be from 300$ to 1000$ or more
If you are living at vietnam, you can google "nhà cho thuê", "căn hộ cho thuê", "chung cư", "chung cư cao cấp" ... and come to that aparment to see if the price is reasonable.
If you are not living at vietnam, the only way is google it in advance. And when you arrive to vietnam, find a room for rent to stay for a few weeks, come to those apartments to see which one is suitable for you.
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