pls suggest a good school for my daughter

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pls suggest a good school for my daughter

hi tomo, i have searched for a good school in vietnam thru the net, i found the International to be very expensive. We are filipinos soon moving to ho chi minh. I am looking for a good school and with reasonable tuition fees. Can you suggest one for us? My daughter will be in secondary level. tks


Yes, the international schools are quite expensive.

I've heard these are okay:

Saigon South International School
British International School

Others, no recommendation:

American International School (AIS)
Australian International School - Vietnam
Renaissance International School Saigon


Hi. There is also the Canadian International School, which is where I will be working as a teacher/librarian. All of our teachers are Canadian certified teachers, which means we all have a regular university degree, plus another degree in education. The students at our school graduate with a Canadian diploma, which is a good one to have. Our secondary program is small at present, but growing. And for the students' final year, they have the option of attending a Canadian school too. Just thought I should throw our hat in the ring there. :)

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