houses to rent in vn

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Hans (not verified)
houses to rent in vn

I am moving to S.E Asia with my wife and daughter in a few months. I will go first to secure a house to rent. I've tried to find rentals online but everything I see is $500 per month and up. Much higher than the 4 room 2 story at only $200 per month that I have read on a recent blog. Can anyone tell me where I can find that type of rental or what kind of a house in HCM I can rent for $300-$400 usd per month? My email in America is [email protected]

Thanks again!


Hi Hans,
I dont know the area where you want to live in Saigon, but I think i can help you find house/aparment wih cheap price, so please contact with me if you are still looking for
Email: [email protected]
Yahoo chat: vietbeauty86
Best regard


You can read the full description for how to find a house here. It will tell you what steps to take, what to look for, and what to avoid. It won't be easy when you first arrive. You should plan to stay in a hotel, guest house, or room for rent at first while you acclimate.

Expat housing agents will not find that house for you.

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