Practicing Medicine in Vietnam

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John D. (not verified)
Practicing Medicine in Vietnam

I am a PA and am planning on retiring in Vietnam. What are the rules on practicing on a limited basis there?


I am RN from the States. I have just come back home in Vietnam and found it is so difficult to registered my license here. You have to contact the Board of Medicines which locates in Hanoi to transfer your professional license. I don't know exactly what they want for a Doctor, but as a RN, they require me to practice as preceptorship for 9 months (not got paid) before applying for license. However, according to my knowledge, they do not have PA positions here. Medical system in Vietnam is way different from the States and other Western countries. Anyway, good luck.


There are foreign doctors here. For example, check out FV Hospital in Phu My Hung, District 7.

You can also see what doctors who come here on charity missions do.

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