Sell Kittens - Born 20/10/2013 in Viet Nam

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Sell Kittens - Born 20/10/2013 in Viet Nam

Meow~ ( hello ) We are British Shorthair kittens, Miss Anh says we will have happy homes soon. We’re looking forward to that.

Owners will receive Book Vaccine and Lottery worms, Calendar re-strain. What food you want us to eat, miss Anh will help us become familiar with that food. Besides, the precious names you give us, Miss Anh will call us by those names when cleaning and feeding us.

We are also given cute pet tags as presents from We like them because owners will feel secure and pet tags are lovely.

Coming to new home, we expect to have cat litter tray for us to go ‘toilet’, pet food trays to eat and drink, and water is always there. We love being stroked, played with, cared about and having thick, shiny fur. Meow~ Every where in Vietnam, if you need me, we will be your friends.

Contact Miss Anh: 0918 093 176
Address: Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Meow~ ( Goodbye )

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