Start an iOS mobile app co in Vietnam or Singapore

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Charles River (not verified)
Start an iOS mobile app co in Vietnam or Singapore

I'm going to start a an app co developing in iOS in the coming 1 month. I'm now in Singapore exploring my options and also tinkering about the possibilities of running my development in Vietnam.

I'm wondering how easy it is to get talented iOS developers in Vietnam, and which city is more suitable in this respect. By this I mean senior iOS guys who can supervise a 3-4 programmers and communicate effectively in English with me. Plus 1-2 designers.

Also can I just rent an apartment and house the programmers there? What are the cost involved in starting a simple company? Or can I start the company later after I gain traction after a year? Will it be tough to hire vietnamese programmers if you don't have a properly registered company?

Lastly, it's just my observation and why I thought Singapore is better than Vietnam is that I read there is little value as a tech company if your programmers are housed in Vietnam because you won't be able to move them easily to US as your company matures. If your programmers are from Singapore, it's an easier move due to the nationality of Singapore. Many times companies invest in you because of your team rather than your product. Housing your startup in Vietnam just feels so much like outsourcing your tech, quite a sad statement for any tech company. Any comments on this?



Hi Charles, I'm from the U.S., I'm fluent in Vietnamese and English, currently in Vietnam. I'm looking to partner with an app startup, how can I get a hold of you? Thanks and good luck!


Im an experienced IOS developer, but need a work visa. Are you only looking for native developers?


double post


It'll be easier for you to find iOS or just about (need to qualify that) any developer in Vietnam than in Singapore. But iOS developers are in high demand and will demand a high salary. I can tell you how much later. Android developers are more plentiful and aren't as expensive, etc. Vietnam's a good place for doing outsourced Android development

Senior guys should have experience as team leads. Anyone who's worked at an international company or an outsourcing company of which there are hundreds in Vietnam should be able to communicate in written English. You'll want to have some trusted guys who speak both English and Vietnamese.

Yes, it's common to just rent a house and use it as an office.

Is it really that easy to move Singaporeans to the US? I don't think so. Basically, it's hard to move anyone from a foreign country to the US. It's not trivial at all. You should probably plan to keep research/development in Vietnam (or Singapore).

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