Can my boyfriend move with me?

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Lynne (not verified)
Can my boyfriend move with me?

Hi. I am hoping that I will be offered a job in HCMC at an international school. I have interviewed and it went well. They will be arranging my visa and everything. However, I was just wondering if anyone knows if my boyfriend can come live with me? He is doing a degree with an online university so he will not be working. I guess he would be considered a dependent? My contract will be for 2 years and we want to live there for those two years, maybe vacationing at home or in Thailand during vacation. Can we get a one or two year visitor visa or can I sponsor him?
P.S. Can I bring my cat too?


Hi, how did you get on? I am in the same position, looking for work as a qualified teacher but boyfrien doesnt have a degree and wants to look for work when he is in Vietnam. Is this possible? Thanks!


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Hi Lynne,
Your boyfriend can get the visa for traveller/tourisium for about 3months and renew your visa after this time. However, I think your boyfriend must guarantee that he will be back to your country by property, money, job, relative...

Sorry for my bad English, but you can contact me directly so I can give you more advice.

Hope to see you in Vietnam :)

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"Immigrating" or expatriating to Vietnam for most people from developed countries is not nearly as complicated as the other way around. There are numerous ways for your boyfriend to stay in Vietnam indefinitely without having a proper permanent residency visa. He can come in on a 3-month tourist visa and then just renew it. Rules do change. He will eventually need to go on a visa run to someplace close like Cambodia. Or you can renew his visa during short vacations to Thailand.

Yes, you can bring pets to Vietnam.

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