Technicalities of working in HCMC

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Technicalities of working in HCMC

Hello, I am looking for some advice and answers surrounding the opportunities for teaching English/tutoring in Vietnam, specifically HCMC.
I do not hold a university degree of any kind, and I do not have CELTA certification or a viable equivalent. What I do have is a fluency in English, coming from Canada, and two and a half years experience tutoring ESL students when I was in high school. These students were mainly Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese, and ranged from age 14 to 18. I graduated high school with honours in English. I am aware that the teaching requirements for reputable schools include a bachelors degree and a certification, however I am also aware that there are unqualified individuals getting jobs as tutors or temps at schools with less funding.
So my question is this: what would be the reality of me finding work in HCMC? And I literally mean any work. I am aware that on paper I am unqualified and so I therefore expect to be looking at low paying jobs at low end schools. I am also only staying in Vietnam for three months so I am not looking for long term. I have enough to support myself without having to work at all, but I still want a job regardless as I am sick of the tourist life. I am a good teacher who is still very young and understands how difficult it is to go through school, and I am not here to party. So what are the realities of me finding any jobs? And what are the legalities involved seeing as I am only here for less than 3 months?
I am just looking for some current answers seeing as the internet is full of very unreliable and outdated information on these subjects.
Thanks for any information at all!


You could get CELTA certification after coming to Vietnam (or go to another country like Cambodia). But if you're only planning on staying 3 months, it would eat up some of that time. Without any certification, finding a teaching job becomes harder but still not impossible. There are hundreds of places big and small, mostly "centers" rather than proper schools, where the teachers are mostly Vietnamese with very poor English pronunciation.

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