Got a new visa in HCMC do I need to renter the country?

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Got a new visa in HCMC do I need to renter the country?


I entered Vietnam in December with a 30 day visa I got in Bangkok. I had the 30 day extended twice and the travel agency told me I needed a new visa. A week ago I took my passport to a new travel agency (they were slightly cheaper) and asked for a 3 month visa as I had been advised. A little over a week later I got the visa. However, the new visa has no entry stamp. The last stamp I can find from vietnam immigration is my second extension which expired March 12th. The new 3 month visa has one red stamp on it and a signature and a little box informing me I cost 45 usd and is single entry. However there is no stamp informing of when I need to extend the visa or a new entry stamp. The 3 month visa was issued in HCMC. Do I need to leave the country and re-enter? Am I overstayed? A teacher I work with told me you can go to the airport and exit and then re-enter with out taking a flight. Is that true? Do I need to go to Cambodia and back?


If I'm not mistaken your visa itself has an expiration date independent of when you enter the country. You generally don't need to leave Vietnam when getting new visas.

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