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The best clinical service for your children in Vietnam - FMP

Finding the best clinical service for your children in Vietnam?? Visit Family Medical Practice!

Our Pediatric services include: Emergency Services & Outpatient Services. More detail:

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With all his eagerness and enthusiasm, Dr. Rafi Kot shared some of his opinions on Vietnamese businesswomen and concerns about the health care industry in order to bring the best health services to all patients.

No fancy words

Another three clinics and a hospital of yours is planned to be opened by 2016. I wonder how the project is going and if there have been any obstacles so far?
The project is going well, and there is no doubt that they will be launched within the first half of 2016. The obstacles are still lingering, though. On the one hand, there are quite prompt directions from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Investment to attract overseas investors to upgrade the private clinics and hospitals, introducing Vietnamese people to improved treatment services without having to leave for other countries. On the other hand, interested investors will probably be reluctant due to the excessively complicated paperwork and administrative procedures. Renting a piece of land for the hospital, for instance, took ages to be approved by the authorities of different levels and requires countless types of documents. As such, investors will be discouraged and even doubtful of the feasibility of the project. Luckily enough, I remained positive and got over some of the obstacles. All this which brings me to wonder sometimes if the healthcare needs of the Vietnamese public should be addressed at a hospital level, or at a very well equipped day-care clinic. In other words, maybe we need less hospitals and more high-level out-patient facilities which are an easier answer, quicker and cheaper to build.

What disadvantages do the above-mentioned obstacles bring to Vietnamese patients who would like to use medical services in high-class hospitals?
There are several disadvantages for sure. The completion of the hospital set us back approximately US$43 million (30% of which came from my personal budget), twice as much as it cost in Bangkok, Thailand. Particularly, the imported medical equipment in Vietnam is very expensive, up to 200% in some cases. The fact that Vietnam does not allow refurbished equipment by the producer (cheaper by 30%) makes the process of equipping hospitals very expensive. As the expenditure on paperwork, renting land and equipment purchase rises and service users have to pay higher as a result. Unfortunately, the hospital will have the patients “pay” for that in their bills later on… They do not have the opportunity to be cured by skillful, experienced doctors and to enjoy the best facilities.
Additionally, I find the money from tax revenues which is saved for health investment too limited. So, the citizens can hardly make use of the best treatment services, as what they benefit from the health investment budget is marginal. There has not been proper attention given to health facilities and equipment, together with the poor serving manners of doctors. This results in numbers of Vietnamese patients heading to Thailand or Singapore for medical treatment more as a result of losing trust in domestic doctors rather than searching for better facilities. I think, we have accumulated a massive amount of medical equipment in Vietnam. Our equipment is on a par with Thailand and Singapore. Yet, people go there. Why? It’s the confidence in the medical treatment, the fact that the doctors explain what is happening and what is the next step and the results are accurate. These create confidence among the patients. I think we have to look more into bedside manners of the doctors and better communication with patients. And of course a better level of care. “Good Doctors do Good medicine.. not machines..”

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