Course about auditing, buy and sell diamonds_Charma Diamonds

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Course about auditing, buy and sell diamonds_Charma Diamonds

* The object of student:
- Students, Entrepreneurs have opened or have needs to open the shops of gold, silver, gemstone and jewelery.
- Students, Entrepreneurs have needs to do another extra business to increase profits
- Entrepreneurs about gemstone, jewelery want to train workers for professional knowledge
- Students have needs to equip themselves or their family to purchase gemstone, jewelry with a right price and a good quality
- Students have needs to search and participate in the Vietnamese gemstone market and in the world.
* The specialties of our course:
- 100% practicing in the laboratory and in the domestic and abroad market
- The Foreign lecturer ( with supporting the Vietnamese assistant) is over 7 year of experience about auditing, selling and buying gemstones. The lecturer is certificated very well qualified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
- A Short course, providing practical knowledge to help students applying to business and investment
- Studying one by one or group ( 1 lecture/1 student or 1 group)
- The short course or long term course
- At the end of course, students will be received the reference letter to certificate about the practical operating experience in the field of diamonds, gemstones by Charma
* The Program of studying:
- The Overview of natural diamonds and The specialty of gems and jewelery in the domestic and internation.
- Theory and practice of classifying gemstones according to international standards 5Cs.
- Theory and Practice of polishing gemstones
- Theory and practice of measurement and valuation of diamonds according to international standards.
- Theory and Practice of buying, selling gemstones and negotiating the price.
- Guidelines to open the shop of gemstones and jewelries
* Schedule of course:
- The long term course: 12 weeks / course - 2 hours / day - 5 days / week
- The short Course: 6 weeks / course- 2 hours / day - 5 days / week
* Contact:
- 163, Cao Dat, W.1, Dist.1 -
- About course fees and registration forms: Call to Hotline: 0163.871.3060/ or email to: [email protected]

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