Getting police certificates in HCMC

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Getting police certificates in HCMC

Hi all

So I was wondering if anyone has an experience/any insight on getting police certificates? I've heard 'they're a real pain', 'lots of trouble', 'a nightmare', etc. but problem is, I need one for a visa.

To complicate matters, I'm not actually living in Vietnam any more but will be swinging through in the very near future to try and sort this out - I've got a couple of leads on how this should be done ( and but it's not clear on these websites and my other sources are giving me conflicting info. RMIT - who I used to work for - are telling me I need to send things off to Hanoi to get it processed but I've seen that some others might not have (e.g., this guy -

Also, the received wisdom very much seems to be that unless you speak Vietnamese (no) or have a good Vietnamese friend who is free to help (which I am trying, but not certain of), it would probably be a good idea to hire someone to help. I'm down with that but not keen on the $600+ prices I've seen quoted for agents - if anyone knows a firm/similar who might be able to help, or has any other information which might be useful, I'd love to hear from you.



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