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Scott (not verified)
Really Need Help on This

From what I read I needed a State police check (not local, not federal) to be eligible for a work visa in Vietnam as a US Citizen. I just ran my check and they said I didn't need fingerprints (is this true?)

Anyway, the results came back: No Record Found

This is good, but it didn't even have my eye color or anything like that on file. I just requested it to be notarized so I can move onto the next stage, but wondering if I'm missing something here? Like, do they need fingerprints as well to be accepted by Vietnam or... am I good to go?


Your records check sounds exactly like the one I also obtained here in Canada, although ours had to be federal. We did not have to have fingerprints done either. The fingerprint check takes a LONG time like an FBI check. I would check with the company you are working for, but it sounds like all you need.


Nevermind, I'm just going to go the fingerprints root, lol. Just to be safe.


In fact here's the exact report. Would this be acceptable? (removed some key details for obvious reasons to post here)

This report was generated from a transaction run on 06/13/2012 at 14:54
Conviction Criminal History RCW 10.97.050(1)

Pursuant to the purpose of inquiry, NO RECORD was found in the Washington State Criminal History Repository based on the descriptors provided:


This may mean that the person you searched for has no criminal conviction record OR that your search criteria did not match the spelling of the person's name or date of birth.

Positive identification or non-identification in the Washington State Patrol's database, can only be determined by fingerprint comparison.

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