Looking for a place to try and experience Vietnam's traditional and fresh food?

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Lyn Ruby Nguyen
Looking for a place to try and experience Vietnam's traditional and fresh food?

Let's come and join our "Quan An Ngon" restaurant at 5 different locations in Hanoi to taste all regions' traditional dishes in Vietnam.

- The first and most popular location of QAN (18, Phan Boi Chau str): Based on Northern Delta picture, QAN here is sophisticatedly decorated by differently traditional supplies such as: Interleaved roof tiles, durable brick courtyards, lush bamboo groves, conical leaf hats and Vietnamese graceful “Ao dai”.

- A peaceful, homey and elegant ancient villa with private rooms (34, Phan Dinh Phung str), which is convenient to visit Hanoi’s famous destinations, such as: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Presidential Palace, Hanoi Old Citadel - Northern Gate, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi’s Historical Museum, Old Quarters…

- The glamor and charm of Hanoi’s old streets is gathered in a very new, modern and outstanding urban area of Cau Giay District: 1st floor, 25T2 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy str.

- A luxurious and open space for most young adults and teenagers is brought to B2 floor, Vincom Royal Shopping Center – 72 Nguyen Trai str. You should choose Quan An Ngon restaurant to relax and have a perfect lunch or dinner before going shopping and playing some entertaining games here.

- Located in AEON Mall Shopping Center (Long Bien District), Ngon Pho is a new culinary business model by bringing the soul of food into its own different zones (Traditional Quan An Ngon, Ngon BBQ & Seafood, Inside and Outside Ngon Market, LyS Café & Bistro) in purpose of bringing the comfort and pleasure to any customers. Different food pavilions that come together in both contemporary and classic path feature Ngon Pho.
Serving over 300 fresh and delicious dishes, Quan An Ngon continues to explore the traditional culinary treasures by combining the most special flavors from Nothern, Central Highland to Southern areas that finally creates an unique Quan An Ngon.

For your reservation and to let staffs serve you best, please contact:
• Hotline: 090.222.8494/ 0966.186.860/ 0973.130.999
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/ngon.restaurants/?fref=..._mref=message_bubble

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Lyn Ruby Nguyen

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