Daily Twitter Posts - 07/06/2012 - 07/13/2012

Submitted by tomo on July 13, 2012 - 12:45pm

07/13 01:34 A bike helmet that can read your mind: http://t.co/4CEnF2jz - Just imagine the implications for Vietnam road traffic #
07/12 23:45 Apologists defend police corruption due to low pay. I'd counter the #1 reason for 99% of cops joining being the HIGH pay. Stop the inpunity. #
07/12 22:25 Challenge: decode an 31337 '92 William Gibson poem published as a self-encrypting Mac program on diskette: http://t.co/04eI782c #
07/12 04:58 @caligarn I don't think that's so common but you wouldn't know as well as me due to lack of experience, son #
07/12 03:51 @vietnam720 They don't care to tell people they're the same company! BTW, now raining in Saigon's northwest center #
07/12 03:15 Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer found the Vietnamese police force considered most corrupt public institution in VN #
07/12 03:13 "We cannot say that the public image of a Vietnamese traffic police officer is that he is immoral or unethical" #lolwut? #corruption #
07/12 01:24 @vietnam720 Rocket in Vietnam have opened Lazada (electronics), Zalora (fashion), and HungryPanda.vn-aka-FoodPanda food delivery #
07/12 00:49 Rocket Internet opens up what looks to be a stripped down Lazada in Cambodia, rebranded as http://t.co/FllpKWhJ #
07/12 00:29 @vietnam720 @nguyenhimself There are various forums like http://t.co/Y6VZKkHM. For tech scene/startup news, Ngan Sau's action.vn. #
07/11 12:11 RT @barijoe: very cool house in HCMC http://t.co/WpFN7tau #
07/11 09:19 Class for driving test ends => Entire class walks to parking lot to get their bikes and drive home #
07/11 04:34 @jon7b @nguyenhimself Not lack of RAM. Ran memory tests, crashed. Took laptop apart, tested each stick individually, now magically fixed. #
07/11 04:24 @chrisfharvey Hahaha. OMG. In that case, I do NOT need to know him better than I thought - some avenues of thought are not worth pursuing #
07/11 03:23 @caligarn Including many endangered/soon-to-be-extinct languages in Vietnam. Once I have resources, I wish to work to preserve them. #
07/11 02:43 My friend's Facebook account has been hacked and how "she" keeps messaging me about how horny "she" is (it's a guy friend) #
07/11 01:47 @barijoe Haha, because of sprawl? Pollution can't be worse, maybe traffic congestion is though. Jakarta has a busway though :-) #
07/11 01:45 @ChrisInCambo Probably published by a real estate/tourism authority from Hong Kong! No 2 lists the same. But yeah, pollution, Hong Kong? #
07/10 23:10 Phnom Penh as 4th worst place to live, re: green space, pollution, connectivity... Wonder where Vietnam's cities rank? http://t.co/otoi2PvW #
07/10 01:09 Chinese pay more attn to a diploma than a real education. A diploma is worth actual money whereas an education is not. http://t.co/IRb4H4vM #
07/09 07:49 @nguyenhimself I'm checking if my ram is bad. It's all browsers and other memory intense apps. I'll be sad to go back to 4gb if it's that #
07/09 07:48 @layered I also tried disabling most browser extensions but Safari which has no extensions was also crashing. Now I see it's not browsers. #
07/09 04:58 @nguyenhimself Nope, Macbook Pro. Also, Firefox immediately crashes the OS. Not sure why, maybe both are memory intensive apps #
07/09 04:36 @caligarn How hot? Room temperature, laptop was asleep for a while. Hasn't heated up yet. Cpu load is low. #
07/09 04:31 @saigonnezumi FPT, but probably not a quality of service issue specific to them. Not even sure who owns the lines at where it's broken #
07/09 04:30 @nguyenhimself Net broke for my area, fixed 2 days later. Then they took it down to "refix better" and now it's down again. Refix not so gud #
07/09 04:19 Now OSX is crashing every time I start browsing. Can't even Google for a solution! Can the solution be crowd sourced? #
07/09 02:10 Despite temporary attempts to fix it, going on 5th day of no home Internet in the past week. Low tech infrastructure here, it mostly works #
07/06 05:21 @lupohiep Who accepts responsibility here? Water price increases, saying one told another to fix it asap doesn't help. Like rogue taxis. #
07/06 04:27 @ChrisInCambo What you can't see are the ropes tying it to the banister on the other side of the bike. Not sure if even that's sufficient! #
07/06 02:46 Motorcycle parked on a staircase to nowhere #saigon #vietnam http://t.co/XzC7KsHG #

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