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8/31 18:13 Waiting for more 'Could I destroy the entire Roman empire...' to be posted, story unfolding on Reddit: http://goo.gl/GKrcb #
8/31 14:50 @fisheggtree I'm a fan of Golden Farm products. Jars of decent salsa at Vietnamese prices. #
8/31 12:48 Incredible. Skip to 1:02. Robbery and shooting in Phnom Penh captured on security camera: http://goo.gl/rmMfP #
8/31 8:43 Twitta massive big up the DJ @PedroInSaigon in the hot seat on the 1s and 2s inside the place. #
8/31 8:05 Anyone into local biodiversity could benefit from www.lifedesks.org. Drupal, so I can help setup in Vietnam @fisheggtree #
8/31 6:22 I think it would be cool if busses had forklifts in front and could move away cars blocking intersections #
8/30 18:39 RT @TheOnion: Tea Party Congressman Calls For Tax Breaks To Put Out Raging Wildfire In District http://onion.com/psxULW #
8/30 11:47 RT @jobnomade: Share your "coffee money" experience http://toidahoilo.net/ like like like #
8/30 7:43 I wonder if this would work: http://www.saigonist.com/b/fake-download-resume-hacking-tcp #
8/30 7:08 @TylerWatts @jobnomade Good reading. Now I want to organize a group of Viets to go to America's ignored poor inner cities #
8/30 3:03 You shouldn't do voluntourism: http://goo.gl/YNXT3 #
8/29 9:59 @PedroInSaigon I only bet against lottery players and other mathematically challenged people #
8/29 8:04 @dylanduong Would that be Banh Cuon Hat Gao Vang? I am a repeat customer there :( #
8/29 7:43 If all of your recent tweets are Foursquare checkins, I'm not following you back #
8/29 6:32 Creative financing is increasing in Vietnam's real estate market to attract buyers. Remember how the last subprime mortgage crisis ended? #
8/29 6:23 @tamkaizen It's turtles and remixes all the way down. #
8/29 1:45 @Seesmic Web users need this fix for zombie tweets: http://goo.gl/awMz7 #
8/28 15:28 RIP Dan Sicko, author of the classic music history text "Techno Rebels" and Detroit electronic music sage #
8/27 10:34 @jon7b @jobnomade I mean, we can't control what we do during sleep, and we all have to sleep ~1/3 of the day every day still #
8/27 9:51 We have surprising little control of an activity we spend 1/3 of our life doing, 2 billion people doing nothing every day #
8/26 7:13 Our Milky Way has a massive planet that's made of a single diamond: http://goo.gl/E7UWc #
8/26 5:26 My 1+ hr #VietKieu interview was compressed into 4 Japanese sentences in the latest Sketch Magazine #
8/26 5:22 @k4media Thanks for the feedback and the RT, more coming soon! #
8/26 2:30 Tool for online marketers: goo.gl short url analytics on right click. Testers please! http://goo.gl/2eTfC #
8/25 10:36 @jobnomade I think the bug is when you quickly hit 'more images' when it first loads, right? Thx! I got themebrain.com confirm lorem ipsum #
8/25 1:20 Password Generator now using canvas to download password image reminders. Get it at Chrome Web Store http://goo.gl/YPYMG @jobnomade for idea #
8/24 8:54 @jobnomade Cool idea! I'll have to look at HTML5 Canvas and other fun stuff to do that #
8/24 7:40 Moscow’s Wild Dogs Ride Subways To City Center In Search Of Food: http://goo.gl/dRhN9 #
8/24 7:09 Please try out my Chrome plugin for easily making memorable passwords in many languages: http://goo.gl/nf8jY #
8/24 6:43 @betoneko Initially, I was googling for "mồng tơi" to put on "mông tôi" and I got "Mongolia" #
8/24 6:21 @NBNQ @jon7b Translation of words depends on context. Can you guys see Mongolia here? http://goo.gl/b5Zlh #
8/24 2:40 Google Translates "Mông tôi" (my butt) as "Mongolia". (Not to be confused with a Mongolian butt spot) #
8/23 10:39 @barijoe I would imagine Indonesia's links to Singapore's Amazon EC2 would be pretty fast, no? #
8/23 8:03 Horns on taxis should be mechanically disabled/silent unless the foot brake is being depressed #
8/23 7:53 MacBook warranty just expired. Figures, 3 things break on it at once #
8/23 7:50 @dylanduong Never shared pics. HootSuite is solid for posting, but I like @seesmic for scanning a day's worth of tweets quickly #
8/23 6:26 @Seesmic Your Seesmic Web has been 404 for a week now. Hootsuite is working nicely, other suggestions? #
8/23 2:50 Vietnam ranks as the most financially attractive country for offshoring, BUT... http://goo.gl/Ftcs8 #
8/22 13:01 @jon7b I used that tutorial but saw this today: http://goo.gl/zaHFh. Then browse source examples by extension permissions. I use vim. #
8/22 12:00 Anyone have ideas for a Chrome plugin? I've been in the extending mood all weekend #
8/22 11:56 @nguyenhimself Ah, neato. DDoS is more terrorism, not hacking, and also a shitty use of Vietnam's limited overseas bandwidth. #
8/22 11:54 @jon7b Good point. All mail servers deliver to part before +, useful for filtering. But only GMail makes . insignificant for ID theft? #
8/22 11:06 @nguyenhimself Do you recall if it was trolls or people sharing other knowledge too? #
8/22 11:05 Periods in GMail usernames aren't significant. Add, remove, move the dots around, you still get mail! #
8/20 10:01 @tropixblue Unfortunately, censorship apologists would say that it's the same in every country #
8/20 10:00 @caligarn Might I suggest raincoats and backpacks with various Vietnam driving tips #
8/20 8:32 Title inflation: "Revolutionary Martyr" in Vietnam now meaningless: http://goo.gl/7Q66l #
8/20 8:21 Intriguing tweets on censorship in Malaysia, ethical hacking, and social enterprise coming via #TEDxKL today #
8/19 6:59 RT @theeconomist: Berlin has been overtaken by a strange wave of car-burning. Last night nine cars went up in flames http://econ.st/qgRF7o #
8/18 15:31 I'll be flying to SFO on September 6 and returning to Vietnam via Tokyo on the 12th. No thanks to Hipmunk showing bunk flights. #
8/18 13:51 Are Groupon clones stalling out in Vietnam? http://goo.gl/i69qG #
8/18 9:32 [email protected] Anyone who claims that Khmer is not a tonal language has never tried to order squid and found out they were asking for face. #
8/17 12:49 Tuoi Tre News: Every article ends with "Police are investigating" / http://goo.gl/OlMGK #
8/17 12:27 Super Mario: How it really went down (indie film trailer) http://goo.gl/rSn7Q #
8/17 11:43 @shakkabrutha @NicholasMarx @hcmctoday Thanks for the reassuring answers! $80 to staple some blank paper #firstworldproblems #
8/17 8:47 Any Americans know how long it takes to get extra pages added to a passport (especially at the consulate in HCMC)? #
8/17 6:06 @tamkaizen Don't worry, we will all retweet the bad news into your Twitter stream #
8/16 9:05 @caligarn In the race for economic development, Vietnam has completely lost touch with social/moral development #
8/16 7:29 Will Google open a Google Store? I expect a Chinese person to have done so already #
8/16 7:15 @betoneko @careyz Folks are bombarded by daily deals, learning that each 1 isn't so great, hearing of ripoffs. But a sucker is born every... #
8/16 7:08 @barijoe My name is available for the low cost of $19.99.95! #
8/16 6:35 @caligarn @jon7b @dynamicscholar 5 years ago, tablets were the same as laptops, running Windows. iPad dumbed it down. #
8/16 6:24 @PedroInSaigon Vietnamese people are too busy setting fire to stuff and stealing things to riot over that #
8/15 15:03 @jon7b You can make a sentence out of the 4 random words by adding words. But using 'is' for most passwords would be bad #
8/15 15:01 @jon7b If nobody knows they're not random then ok :) Problem is if anyone thinks you're using a weaker scheme. Just like using 1,0 for i,o #
8/15 14:45 @jon7b Actually, since there are much less grammatically correct 4-word sentences, it would be much easier to find by brute force #
8/15 14:15 Dammit. Foreign language passphrase generator working again: goo.gl/w5cCo #
8/15 7:36 Build a safer memorable multi-lingual password here: http://goo.gl/w5cCo #correcthorsebatterystaple #
8/14 5:35 @barijoe You may be interested in a small Hootsuite ad blocker I made for Chrome: http://goo.gl/O2pZh #
8/13 4:13 @caligarn Ebay has been in Vietnam for years, but Paypal only recently #
8/12 9:31 @kennynguyenus 7?! Was rope involved? They passed in an instant so no pics #
8/12 9:11 Yes! I saw 6 people on 1 motorbike! They're like Vietnamese phone booths. #
8/12 8:21 Hey, you remember color.com? #vietkieu http://goo.gl/kP44I #
8/11 9:17 @TylerWatts @officespace_sg To avoid unnecessary ridicule it's probably best to avoid Vietnamese names ending in 'ng' 'c' (and more) :) #
8/11 8:28 @OfficeSpace_SG Since 'j' can sound like 'zh' or 'y' in other languages, it could replace 'd'. Thus 'jinh' vs 'dinh', 'jung' vs 'dung'. #
8/11 8:00 @OfficeSpace_SG Can we replace 'd' with 'j' (or 'dj') and get rid of 'd stroke'? Gov't can't stop kids from using new, foreign words #
8/10 20:46 "Groupon updates IPO filing, admits it's unprofitable" http://goo.gl/55jo8 Failed to fool SEC, will they postpone IPO like others? #
8/10 13:22 Dow down nearly 400 points already! RT @Benzinga: Yesterday's gains are gone. Face ripper rally off. #
8/10 13:05 Studying Vietnamese by reading jailed French-Viet blogger Prof. Pham Minh Hoang aka Phan Kien Quoc: http://goo.gl/mafU5 #
8/10 8:41 Have a backup in case Anonymous takes down Facebook on Nov 5: http://goo.gl/8WtBW #
8/10 7:58 RT @AsCorrespondent: 7 carjackers killed in Philippine shootouts http://bit.ly/o0VLvv #Philippines #Asia #News #
8/10 7:51 Most dangerous countries to be female: Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, Somalia http://goo.gl/xqFMD #
8/9 6:46 A kitty cafe in Japan where you can rent kitty by the hour: http://goo.gl/HmkxW #
8/9 6:39 @careyz VN should first build normal-speed rail to Can Tho, commuter rail to Dong Nai/Binh Duong, and a freight rail system #
8/9 6:24 @OneVietnam I have data that indirectly shows Facebook is less blocked/easier to access nationwide in recent weeks #
8/8 20:36 What’s the Fastest Web Browser in the “Real World?” Chrome. http://tcrn.ch/ntHhjL #
8/8 18:58 @PedroInSaigon Many definitely don't care. I'd argue that ignorance helps breed apathy and complacency. #
8/8 18:56 @NBNQ Yup, we had it all then. And Bangkok (and maybe Singapore) benefited financially and rose from Saigon's fall. Morale or morals? :) #
8/8 15:10 Before, I would have been sad to find a snail shell in my soup. Now: hey free food! #
8/8 4:55 "One of the main causes of pollution is a simple lack of awareness on the part of local residents" #vietnam #
8/8 3:13 Looking back at Pre-1975 Saigon: http://goo.gl/BJJuU #
8/7 17:53 @dynamicscholar Yeah, agree the way to live peacefully is to not stress over things one can't change #
8/7 17:51 @michaelcoyote @jon7b @PedroInSaigon Feels good to vent, but we're just preaching to the choir. The ones who need to hear, need to in VNese #
8/7 6:23 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Looks like petanque. Game played in a lot of former French areas (US included) #
8/7 6:19 The futility of complaining about Vietnam in English. #
8/6 19:24 @lokimorgan hi Morgan! :) #
8/6 7:43 @mybigfatface I am impressed indeed, and think it would make an excellent Twitter profile pic! #
8/6 7:00 I finally understand why Westerners can't do the Asian squat: http://goo.gl/rU6Td #
8/5 9:01 Rep'n my hood RT @thisbigcity: New Post: In Awe of Vietnam – Stunning Photography from Ho Chi Minh City http://bit.ly/q6EJj1 @jodiehuynh #
8/5 7:36 Robocop is needed. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Robbers besiege Ho Chi Minh City http://bit.ly/oUTzU2 #
8/4 20:11 Tea Party gets its way = Dow drops 500+ points, worst since 2008. http://goo.gl/DYS5G #
8/4 15:45 Scary. Facebook will track you all over the web and give your personal information to advertisers who ask: http://goo.gl/X3qFL #
8/4 15:43 @HerDailyDigest Did you join Foursquare? What will you do with your newfound klout? :) #
8/4 15:05 $1 HIV test, 15 minute results. Fits in wallet. http://goo.gl/auE0J #
8/4 10:52 Prices for condos at Saigon Pearl down over 20% but still not selling: http://goo.gl/SlUkI #
8/4 10:44 @fisheggtree Correct, PetroVietnam is state-owned. They also operate taxis (!) #
8/4 8:50 @fisheggtree Including the various resorts owned by PetroVietnam? #
8/4 6:29 @fisheggtree And is it true that Sharky's has the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh? #
8/4 6:27 @fisheggtree To me PP's Western restos complement SG's nicely, but lack SG's Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc. districts #
8/4 6:13 @jon7b It was normal for a few weeks then back to "cable-cut speeds" for over a week here #
8/3 17:12 Bitcoin mining botnet controlled by Twitter discovered: http://goo.gl/iYYA5 #
8/3 12:01 @dynamicscholar "Straight outta Vincom" #
8/3 9:06 @Conversoul @ericburdette See, Cops vs Cops would provide hours of entertainment (to me) #
8/3 7:48 @ericburdette Indeed, maybe they're watching too many violent Thai films. But just imagine a Vietnamese version of Cops. #
8/3 7:44 @dynamicscholar Thanks man I try to keep it real #
8/3 6:30 Great. Nhommua is spamming me on Yahoo Messenger now #
8/3 5:56 #gettingthingsdone "ran into a bar nearby, broke apart the chair’s leg, took out the iron rod from it and used it to stab Cuong" #
8/2 8:59 Kpop payola/pay for play corruption scandal. Or why Korean pop is all over Vietnamese media? http://goo.gl/mdsdW #
8/2 8:26 Next up: IQ to OS correlation? WinXP users on one end, OpenBSD (need to be a genius) on the other #
8/2 8:22 @betoneko @jon7b @TylerWatts lol, or as someone from Central VN would ask: ô tô mô tô Tô Mô mô? #
8/2 7:26 @betoneko Lol! Nha Hang TOMO is the BEST, besides Cafe Tomo (coming soon). and secret Quan Tomo on Nguyen Van Lac #
8/2 7:25 @webtomme #3 mainly! I've done #1, and #2 and #4 (for free) #
8/2 4:49 Working in Saigon/Vietnam as an expat: http://goo.gl/j25hE #
8/1 15:03 HSBC to cut 30k jobs by 2013: http://goo.gl/jnJEg #
8/1 9:26 @PedroInSaigon Yes, there was an article somewhere about a few foreign kids and their VN disciples teaching each other parkour in Saigon #
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