Learning Vietnamese in Vietnam

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Sarah Goh (not verified)
Learning Vietnamese in Vietnam

Hi, I’m Sarah from Singapore. I have been living here for 8 years in Saigon. Your plan is to stay a few years in Vietnam and you are facing some difficulties in language.

I suppose to recommend you a fantastic tool (named Smart-Talk 2 used with the series VIETNAMESE FOR FOREIGNERS) so that you can study Vietnamese in the best way. Thanks to it, I can be confident to work and live here. It's really effective and convenient for learning Vietnamese anytime and anywhere.

You can visit for further information: www.easy-talk.vn


Attention readers: I think the sellers of this Easy Talk product in Vietnam are trying to trick you with fake positive reviews. You should not trust them.


Oh, it's amazing!
I'll suggest for my teachers.

Thanks a lot


I have used this device already....it's quite good and really amazing cause it will read any sentence you point at.....the voice is loud and clear as well. I really liked it.


I'm Kelly . I've been living in Vietnam for more than 2 years. For the first year, I couldn't speak a word in Vietnamese . But now, I can communicate with Vietnamese and speak their language quite fluently. Do you want to know the key? Just buy easy-Talk electronic talking pen(used with the series of books named Vietnamese for Foreigners). It's an intelligent machine and an excellent teacher which can guide and help you to learn Vietnamese. Try it! You'll be surprised.

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