Working for banking and finance industry

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Dee Tran (not verified)
Working for banking and finance industry

Hi everyone I'm new on here and was hoping to seek advice on obtaining a job within the finance and banking industry. I am currently working for and Australian bank with 6 years of banking experience behind me, I am currently also studying 2nd year finance and accounting, I was wondering had anyone had experience in this sector as an expat? I am also of Vietnamese orgin born in America but grew up on Australia is this going to be a disadvante for me as they will consider me as a Viet kieu, love to hear your thoughts thanks


I think being a Viet Kieu can be an advantage for the financial sector. Be aware that local securities regulations will be totally different. I don't know if you want or intend to work in retail banking too. But there are a number of foreigners working in management at all the banks here.

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