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Charles Frazier (not verified)
Moving to Saigon

I am retiring soon from my Computer job and have been to Saigon before. What would I have to do to move there. I am a United States Citizien born here. Please advise as what I would have to do. I have no criminal past and have worked for 40 years in the IT industry. I have a retirement that would let me live comfortably. Im single and have no family.


Dear Mr Frazier,

welcome to Saigon, welcome to the young, open and peaceful city. I think with your background and retirement plan, going to work is just for relax. The most important is enjoy life.

For long term living here, you can offer a leasing apartment (500-1000USD/month) with full furnish or buy one (around 20-30USD/Sqare meter) may be suite for you. Live in Saigon, you can easily to travel to Vung Tau or Phan Thiet beach near by.

I'm now working for Intersky Vietnam, an international mover. If you have any question of moving just feel free to email me at [email protected] .

Welcome to Vietnam



Hi Charles,
Nice you hearing that you're moving to Saigon for long staying.
Firstable, there're many job oppotunities for foreigners in Vietnam such as English teaching, IT manager (suit for you major).
Secondly, Vietnamese are friendly, open-mind and peaceful.
For last, the price at Vietnam is not expensive, easy for people who want a comfortable living.
About the long staying place, I can give you one suggestion: Bao Ngoc hotel at District 1, Saigon (Hochiminh City). This is brand-new hotel so everything is new, room are fully furnished and the price are reasonably cheap for Grand Opening month (May to June, 2012).
You can access hotel's website for more infomation: There is promotion for long staying foreigners, please contact directly: +84 126 468 7799, or chat via yahoo: dongquan1812 or skype: quan1812, so I can give you more detail.
Hope this can help you, Charles
Quan - Bao Ngoc Hotel.


Hi Charles,
You're in luck. For American citizens it's pretty easy to live long-term in Vietnam. You must have a visa to enter the country. But then you can renew your tourist visa several times before you would have to make a "visa run" to Cambodia or another place overnight.

Getting a criminal background check only comes into play when you want to become a legitimate permanent resident with working privileges.

However, with a background in IT, I don't think you would want to work in the IT industry unless you were working for yourself. In that case, you can set up a business here and stay as the owner of that business.

Fortunately for foreigners, the Vietnamese government nominally supports the IT industry and it's one of the fields where foreigners may operate and fully own the company.

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