debating to move to vietnam next year

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bryan (not verified)
debating to move to vietnam next year

hey guys,
I just got back from vietnam a few weeks back and really considering moving
there. I have a local business here and doesn't mind selling it and move to vietnam. I would like to ask you a few questions and
hopefully you guys can help answer them. I been living here in the states since I was 2 years old and im now 30 but i am not an american citizen. More of a
permanent resident (green card) . I applied to be one a few years back but
was decline bc of a dwi on my record. I graduation from high school with
diploma but never graduated from college, although i attempted it. Went on
and open a successful business of my own. For someone with this history, do
you think i can get a good salary job in vietnam? i can speak english fluently. My
vietnamese is "ok" . I can hold a conversation in vietnamese but there are
some words i do not understand. If i live there for a year, i know i'll
understand it all . But anyways. what kind of job you think i should apply for ? Im good with electronics such as computer repairs . Im a tech savy person but i can do pretty much anything.
Thank you for your time


Having no college degree can make it harder to get a work permit. Since you were born here, did you leave legally or did you escape by having to pay bribes? If you left legally, you may be able to get your Vietnamese citizenship back assuming you lost it. But you should realize that you would be looking for jobs that don't have special requirements beyond English and Vietnamese language. I don't think you can find a high paying job repairing computers.

Your best bet at earning money might be to do business. Save up some cash over there then open a retail business here. Just remember that running a business in Vietnam is a lot different.

You could also teach English but your salary will be lower than that of white people.


Hi Bryan,
Love to hear that you're going to move to VN.
About your career, you have experiences, you have English and Vietnamese, well, I think it's ok for you if you want to live in Vietnam.
Firstable, you can speak Vietnamese, it's good for you to know Vietnamese culture, people and lifestyle. Secondary, you can speak English very well, so at least, you can find the English teaching job in Vietnam. In the meanwhile, you can find the job in your major, or you can open a company which sell and repair computer or electronics equipment.

Your begining won't be easy (depend on where you want to stay, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or other provinces), but if you love Vietnamese country and people, I think you can get over it.
Tell me if you need any further infomation,
Quan Phi
Bao Ngoc Hotel
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