How good is my job offer?

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How good is my job offer?

I have been looking into a job opportunity in Vietnam. I am from the United States, and the salary offered is significantly lower than I am making now. From what I have read, the cost of living "looks" like it should account for the lower salary, but I have no frame of reference for myself.

What kind of living will 50,000,000 dong / month provide for my wife and I?

Also, the company provides around 1,000 USD per year for insurance. I am a type 1 diabetic with a great deal of medical needs. Will that be enough to cover my needs?



$2.500/month is sound great. of couse it's not compare to your current salary in US.

in US you earn 5000, pay 4000, save 1000.
in VN I earn 5mil VND, pay 4mil , save 1mil VND.

with $2.500, it can bring you a luxury life here.


Depending on where you live in the US, the difference in cost of living could be a lot or extremely cheap compared to living in California.

There are a number of foreign insurance companies in Vietnam now. Generally, healthcare costs are lower in Vietnam. Generic drugs are really cheap. If you have a great deal of medical needs then you may need to be more careful than some other expats who don't even consider health insurance.

For cost of living I would refer to this blog post. You could imagine that 10 Vietnamese families would live on your monthly salary. You probably won't eat as much as 10 Vietnamese families, but you'll probably rent a more expensive house or apartment.

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