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Is selling In Vietnam of products from abroad legally allowed even without license as long as in small quantities?


Hi ed,
As tomo said, it's very common for Vietnamese to bring back some electronics goods, perfumes or something that make profit when they sell them in Vietnam. Actually, it is legal if you bring one or two (maybe 3) Iphone or laptop (in your backpacket or baggage) BUT it's should not be brand-new one (in-box, enogh papers...). However, if you want to bring large quantities (4-5 ones) or brand-new ones (kind of wholesales), there is a way but I can't tell you here (because it's some kind of illegal). Contact me if you really want to find out howto.

Honestly, I think we should follow the law, so you could bring 2-3 iphone/laptops and sell for profit. It's normal for the regular traveller.
Hope this help.
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It's quite common for Vietnamese people to bring back electronic goods (especially Apple products which can have a high markup) and then sell them to people they meet online on forums.

However, I don't think that activity is strictly legal. People are ostensibly bringing goods into the country for "personal use" and not paying any import duties therefore being able to sell at a lower cost compared to stores. Do you know what the import duties or taxes on your product would be?

I don't recommend doing anything illegal. It's up to you to find out what the law is and follow it accordingly.

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