International Car Shipping

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Ryan George (not verified)
International Car Shipping

I will be moving to Ho Chi Minh in September. I'm wondering If I should have my car shipped there or not. I received an estimate of about $2300 to ship it there, but I have heard that there's a luxury tax once my car arrives. Does anyway know what the tax is? I have a 2006 Honda Civic. It's valued at about $10500.

Chris (not verified)

Hi Ryan, have you been to VN before?, I'm been living here for 3 yrs, once I thought about buying a car, but after seeing the way VN's ' drive', no way now, ( plus if you are ever involved in an accident, it will be your fault ,regardless of circumstances, if you are unlucky enough to kill or maim a Vn, if the crowd, family, etc, don't get to you first , you are looking at huge compensation to the victim or their family, ( up to $US50,000 ).‎ this website shows you the 3 taxes payable, it triples the value of a car from USA.
I also think you can't sell the car here, ( that is the rule for tourists who bring m/b's ), it must go with you when you leave.
Motorbikes are the way to go, ( even when it rains it's not cold ), still have gridlock with them, but if you are an arrogant, inconsiderate, self centered , extravert, then you will feel at home on VN roads, ( i suggest a large 4WD, with a very loud horn ).

Hope this helps.

Lilly Wade (not verified)

A year ago, I was able to ship my car from the car rental cebu for $5000. You should go to their office to find it yourself. Their rate might change and if that cost too much, don’t bring your car with you for you can buy new one for that amount.


I would reconsider. First, are you Vietnamese (Viet Kieu)? The government cracks down on imported cars because there is something like a 100% import tax and people try to find ways around it (claiming the cars are used, etc.) but the government wants as much money as they can get. You might have to pay tax on a value for the car that's much higher than you say it's worth. And then you'll get hassled by cars for more bribes once you start driving! And there will be nowhere to park anyways.

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