Is it possible to open a private school in HCMC, Vietnam?

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V (not verified)
Is it possible to open a private school in HCMC, Vietnam?

I have been trying to look into opening a school in Vietnam but the information on the internet is sparse. Does anyone have information or links to share? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Ivan (not verified)

[email protected], I tried emailing you. My WhatsApp is +447831369310 and my Skype MuzzaHukka, could you please contact me? Or my email, [email protected]

Thank you :)


Hi V

As the owner of a school, I can tell you what Tomo says is the truth. However, if you were to buy a pre-existing school, it is not so difficult to change the paper work over. It just so happens that I am in the process of selling and could be the opportunity you're looking for. My school is profitable, stable, and selling for less than I invested, due to licensing costs. The reason it is selling so cheap is I wish to be with my children, who returned home at the beginning of this year. If you're serious about opening a school email me at [email protected]


Hi V,

If you are a foreigner or even a Viet Kieu, then it would be difficult because it's difficult to get the necessary license from Vietnam's Ministry of Education even for a regular Vietnamese person who is far less limited in what kind of business he or she opens compared to a foreigner. Education is one of those fields or industries in Vietnam which are heavily regulated by the government. But it's not impossible. There are a number of so-called foreign schools and especially ones specializing in English language education here in Vietnam. You could look at Australia's RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) as an example.

If you can somehow get a license, which is given out with much discretion and which won't even be awarded until you would have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital investment without knowing for sure whether you'd get the license or not (unless you had the right connections in the government) then you can pretty much print money after that. Vietnamese parents spend an inordinate amount on education for their children. The choices for education in Vietnam aren't so good, probably related to the lack of a free market, so Vietnamese parents pay for what they can get, including up to $30 (USD) an hour to pay for private English tutors. That's a lot of money considering some people make that much after working for two whole weeks here.

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