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Vesna Tanko (not verified)
Work in Ho Chi Minh City


I should come to my boyfriend and live with him in Ho Chi Minh City, but unfortunately we broke up one week before I should do that. As long as I quit my job in Slovenia and I have a ticket to Vietnam, I decide it I will fly to Ho Chi Minh City next Monday and try it anyway, I don't have nothing to loose anyway. Can you please give me some advice, how to find a job there? I was studying German language and my last working position was in the German bank, but in the past I was also working as a waitress. I am not picky so I could also do something else, the main thing is to earn money and to survive the first few months. I was reading about networking event on your forum? How do I find out, where this events will be? And how is with the accommodation? Probably the best think is too book a hostel for the first few days and then I should search for something else, no?

As I don't have so much time to get ready for my next steep, I am relay looking for your replay!!

Cheers, Vesna


Hi Vesna,

Your German language skills won't be greatly useful unless you find a job with some of the few German companies (or Swiss, like Swiss IT Bridge) here.

Having a white face alone is enough to get a job teaching English even if you're not a native English speaker. Sad but true and fortunate for you.

A few networking events you can attend are any organized by the main chambers of commerce: AmCham, AusCham, CanCham, EuroCham. Japanese folks have JBAH. There's also a group that charges money to enter called Internations. These welcome people from any country. Outside of that there are a number of specialized (by industry or by interest) networking events.

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