Visa On Arrival/Pre Arranged Via

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Visa On Arrival/Pre Arranged Via

Does anyone know if prearranged visas are allowed in Vietnam? I am planning on arriving in HCMC in late September and I was just going to do the prearranged Visa through this site:


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I sm from Australia and will be arriving in Vietnam on the 16th of October. Got my visa directly from the Vietnam Embassy in Canberra. Had to post my Passport as I live in Perth. The cost was $75 for a single entry one month visa...hope this helps


If you're American (or most non-ASEAN or certain Asian countries) then you basically need to arrange a visa before you arrive. If you don't do it at the local Vietnamese consulate or embassy then you can arrange a visa-on-arrival with most travel agencies in Vietnam. They just need to write up a letter inviting you to the country, then leave that at the two major airports (Saigon and Hanoi) where you'll have your invitation letter waiting. Sometimes visa-on-arrival is smooth, other times it's a headache and takes longer than you expect it to take. I explain a bad impression of visa-on-arrival here:

I can't vouch for MyVietnamVisa and you don't necessarily need a 3-month visa. Having an actual visa sticker in your passport is the least-hassle way to enter Vietnam.


As long as you have access to a printer, ( and a credit card ) you can do it online, , will as little as 24 hrs , ( depending on your time zone ).


Thanks for the information. Do you recommend any company I could go through?

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