Vietnamese Language Tution

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Vietnamese Language Tution

Hi, my name is Huong. I am Vietnamese and currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. As being fluent in local language will help you to enjoy living here and make things much easier, I would like to offer one-to-one courses to you.

I used to be a tax consultant at an international audit firm located in Vietnam. After one year and a half, I quit my job as I found myself extremely interested in teaching career, especially teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. I desire to show the foreigners not only the beauty of our language but also our unique cultures.

My courses are designed to meet different demands of learners (i.e. for communication purpose or for academic purpose, etc.) and aim to help you memorize the lessons during the tutoring time. I also offer the course in relation to Vietnamese language specifically used in tax and accounting. The courses shall focus on pratice and include up to three days of practical experience.

I am a patient and enthusiastic tutor. With my passion, I hope I can inspire you to be eager for learning Vienamese language and discovering our cultural values in depth. Should you have any concern about my courses details and tution fees, please feel free to contact me via my email address [email protected]

Thank you all :)

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