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Dear Neighbors,

My name is Vinh. I graduated from Saigon University with a Business English major in 2012.
I’ve been teaching Vietnamese to foreigners for 3 years now. With my experience, I’m confident I can help you understand what local people are saying around you and teach you to have basic conversations. I can help you with pronunciation, spelling and grammar, whatever you want to focus on.
Lessons can be at your house or in a coffee shop, whatever you prefer.I’m from the Mekong Delta area so you’ll learn from a teacher with a Southern accent; used predominantly in Ho Chi Minh city.

Whether you stay in Vietnam is short or long, for work, volunteering or travel, being able to speak Vietnamese well is vital to communicate with local people to make your life easier. It will also help you understand our culture better as well. You will find many Vietnamese people will be pleasantly surprised when you can speak their language with them!

Beginners:1/Phonetics, 2/ How to introduce yourself in Vietnamese language (name, job, age.),3/ Your family, 4/ How to ask and answer about time in Vietnamese language, 5/ Asking price, shopping,6/ Transportation, 7/ Weather, Clothes, 8/Entertainment.

Intermediate Learners:We will focus on discussing real, everyday topics such as those listed above and practice how to use the language correctly in more detail& how to construct sentences.

1/ Vietnamese traffic, 2/ Vietnamese food, 3/ Vietnamese destinations, travelling.
* Place: Your house or any nearby place that suits you.
* Dates &Time: From 6 to 9 pm, 7 days a week!
* Fee: 10 USD per hour per person or 220,000 vnd.
Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss your needs, ask any questions or to make an appointment:

Email: [email protected] Mobile phone: 0938 262 510
Best regards.

Nguyen Vinh.

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