Jobs for an inexperienced Viet Kieu?

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T.H (not verified)
Jobs for an inexperienced Viet Kieu?

Hi all,
I'm a VK girl and will be visiting Vietnam soon and would like to know if anyone has any ideas on what jobs a VK can get besides teaching English? I would just really love to be working and living in Vietnam. I don't have any degree so I'm worried it won't be possible. If you know of any work opportunities it would be great too.
Hope someone can help!

Trang (not verified)

Hi, teaching is fun. I am sure you will have good experience on teaching.
VK has more advantages in teaching English.
Talk to me more if you are interested, hihi. (I am not working for any English school, so I won't shape you in English teaching if you don't like it. However, I can share with you many fun stuffs for teaching)
Please email me: [email protected]
Or add me on Skype: linhtrang72


depends on what you're looking for and what your educational background is, if you listed them out here I think people might have an idea on how to help offering advices :)


I'm not sure what I'm looking for yet, which is half the problem. Also, I don't have a degree so there isn't much background to work with. I'm not confident enough to teach a class so not really wanting to be an English teacher there. A bit stuck for ideas at the moment. Any advice would be great though.


You could consider an unpaid or lowly paid internship. That would open up your options to get experience with which you could quickly move up the chain.

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