Retirement Experiences in Vietnam

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Retirement Experiences in Vietnam

I'm currently retired and living in Thailand, and I do love it here and hopefully will never have to relocate. That said, with the dollar depreciating fairly quickly against the baht I am considering alternatives if it becomes a necessity. I have never been to Vietnam, but from everything I have read it seems a viable option.

However, from reading this site and others it seems that there is no such thing as a retirement visa, so I thought I would tap this forum for suggestions, advice and experiences on everything - good and bad experiences, costs (Bangkok is quite cheap - I pay $150 for a nice room with air, which I rarely use unless I have company, utilities abt another $50, and mostly Thai food $1-2), people, pretty much everything ... but especially the visa options and process.

Hope that someone can provide me w useful advice...


Bangkok is cheap. Saigon is not necessarily cheaper. But if you have a lot of dollars and they are increasingly worth less in Thailand, you can rest assured that the Vietnam dong will probably never strengthen against the dollar.

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