Question on Visa - Here I come Saigon!

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Scott (not verified)
Question on Visa - Here I come Saigon!

I am finishing up my TEFL / TESOL course and heading to Saigon very soon. Have a degree, so sounds like I'm good to go. I would like to work legally there if possible, and get sponsored by a school. I'm a little confused on the documents for US foreigners.

Criminal Background Check - Do they require federal or accept state / local (takes less time.)

Just University Diploma or Transcripts as well?

-- Lastly, I've heard that some require apostille... but then others so no, just a notary / state seal. Anyone legally employed that knows about this? Also, regarding the university degree do I have that or a copy of it notarized / apostille?

Thanks a mill! Very excited... my friend Alex already works there on a tourist visa and loves it. Calls it the new wild, wild, west... and I don't mind if I do!


Hi Scott,

I am Alex now work for a moving company in Hochiminh City, Vietnam. I know a lot of international schools based in Hochiminh City and can recommend you. Please let me know what your plan is and where you are now. For more information, please contact as follows:

Alex (Mr.)
Cell: 84.983730918
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Hi Scott,
Great to hear that you have the TEFL certificate and heading to Saigon.
Some info for you:
- It will be perfect if you apply for a job in advance, so you will be sponsored by the school for a visa to Vietnam.
- About the university degree, you only need to send a copy or scan for the school. However, you must keep your paper, certificates, transcript with you when going to VN in case you will need them.
Another questions, Tomo can help you to answer, he has experience about that.
I see that you are very excited now, hope you will have a good time at VN.
Contact me if you need any infomation,
Best regards,
Quan Phi
Bao Ngoc Hotel
Skype: quan1812
Yahoo: dongquan1812
Mobile: +84 126 468 7799.
Email: [email protected]

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