NGO work in Vietnam

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Alan (not verified)
NGO work in Vietnam

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of moving for a while to Viet Nam, preferably somewhere in the southern region. I have been working for International and National NGOs worldwide in environmental, social and development issues for over 15 years and wonder about the possibilities of finding a job in those issues. Any advice?

I am visiting HCMC soon to get a feeling of it. Any advice on some place cheap but comfortable, which district should I look into?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified)

I just moved in to Hanoi, could you recommend me some recruitment office, company or NGO which is seeking into enthusiastic 28years old girl from Europe seeking for job in development, marketing and related fields??
Do not hesitate to contact me directly on email [email protected]
Many thanks!!


As I describe in Finding affordable housing in Vietnam - How much should it cost? you should camp out in a guest house in the backpacker (Pham Ngu Lao) district for awhile first. It's in District 1.

But you should note that as the capitol of Vietnam is Hanoi and the government is there, most NGOs are also headquartered in Hanoi not Saigon.

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