$500USD a month enough to live in HCMC?

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$500USD a month enough to live in HCMC?

Hey, I was just wondering was $500 USD a month enough to survive happily? I am from New Zealand and am looking at coming over with a Grad Internship and am wondering if that's suffice to live over there?
Thanks heaps!


Hey. USD500 is what i sent to my wife every month, im from singapore. it should be great for u to stay. But the only issue is about how much u going to spend on your housing monthly. my WIFE for USD500 convent is around 10millions dong. can pay for my gal english school, school for around 2 millions. her mum allowance 1millions, other is motorcycle petrol, internet, electrical bill, gas, food for family. For you as a single u should be able to make it.


And I'm sure that your wife is happy, not feeling like her husband is forcing her into poverty. Cheers on having a Vietnamese wife!

From about 60 months worth of that payment you can consider buying a cheap condo out in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City.


Yes, you can.If you have any more question about house rental, travel, ...please feel free let's me know. I think i can help because i'm living in HCMC. Nice to meet you!
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I assume you've read my original how to live in Vietnam on $600/month post?

By cutting back on some (all) luxuries like eating out every meal, maid service, etc. you can surely live off $500/month considering Vietnamese people live by themselves on salaries of $150 and with family or friends for less. Just don't complain that you don't have money to buy a plane ticket home. :)

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