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So, I am coming to Vietnam to teach English, but I'm not able to obtain a work permit. What I was able to obtain is a three month visa, although I would like to stay longer. I have yet to buy my airfare and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what I should do for my return flight. I'm assuming if my flight is for a date after my original visa expires I might not be allowed to enter. Is this correct? If so, should I just book my return flight within the three months and then change my flight upon visa extension? I would like to book my flight for six months after my arrival date because it will be cheaper, but I am not sure if I should do that. Any help would be great.


That's great information, Tomo. I always appreciate the feedback I get from Saigonist.



Technically, you do need a return flight before you enter. But I have never had one when I've entered Vietnam, meaning each time I come back to Vietnam it's usually the return of my flight out and so I won't fly back out from Vietnam for months. I've never been asked nor has anyone I know. So I wouldn't worry about having the return flight. YMMV

So you can also book your return flight for well after the 3-month visa and plan on extending the visa while you're in the country. You can generally extend a normal 3-month tourist visa two times before either paying a higher fee or doing a "visa run" to Cambodia.

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