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moving to Vietnam

Hi everyone! a bit of help needed please. My husband and I are thinking about relocating to Vietnam, I have a job lined up as a teacher earning 1900USD per month, the accommodation is provided by work. My husband has not got work lined up, how far will 1900usd get up each month?? Will we still be able to save money? We are currently working and living in Abu Dhabi, we do not have an expensive life style and are both happy with a minimum lifestyle.
Also, whats the crack with the income tax over there??
Any comments are welcomed,
Thanks you XX


You can probably either earn more money, work more hours, or your husband can work some hours to earn a bit more income.

It depends on how much you want to spend on rent. You might stay in a $200 room for rent or maybe get a house or bigger apartment for $400-600. Your other expenses, unless you have kids or a serious health problem or something, won't amount to more than that each. How much alcohol do you drink? That's where many English teachers spend any potential income savings.

Foreigners are taxed in Vietnam, just like locals are taxed. It's a graduated tax rate so if you make nearly nothing like many Vietnamese, you pay a very low (or effectively no) income tax. You'll probably pay the higher 30%.

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