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Aisha (not verified)
Moving to Vietnam

Hi all,

I am looking into moving to Vietnam to teach English but am a bit nervouse as I haven't spent that long away from my home town before. I am originally from London and friends have told me that Sai Gon would be the most livable out of the cities. What is the expat community like? Is it easy to make friends when I am there?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!


Kerri (not verified)

Hi There,

I am originally from the UK and have been an expat in HCMC for the past 2 years - I highly recommend it! HCMC is a big city, and considerably more modern than any other places in Vietnam. As a result it has a huge expat community; you wont struggle to find friends. Similarly, if you are hoping to be a teacher out here, you will meet so many expat coworkers.

Don't worry about settling in out here, I'm sure you wont have a problem. Just embrace the city and enjoy yourself! If you have any specific questions or worries about moving out here though, feel free to contact me via my blog: - I'd be happy to help you out!


I prefer Saigon and find it very livable for expats/foreigners. Hanoi is also an option. I think if you're from London, you shouldn't have too many problems.

I find it's easier to make friends in Vietnam than in the West.



I am getting a accounting job in Vietnam and planning to move overhere.

Can someone guide me about monthly expences for 4 adult members of family in Vietnam. what will be the cost of living?

Please guide.

Thank You


For a family with 4 grown adults, you might share a house for $600-$1000. Will someone be cooking or will you be eating out often? Is everyone Vietnamese / can speak Vietnamese? Does anybody need to go to school?

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