relocate in vietnam

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stathis (not verified)
relocate in vietnam

hi all,
i am 30 years old and my girlfriend is 34.
i have an income about 2.000$ and some cash in the bank.
these are in my name.
we want to relocate in vietnam.
do you know how we can live there longterm?what should we do with the visa?


You guys can first arrange a tourist visa to enter the country. Then you can just keep renewing the tourist visa every 3 months until the limit is reached. It depends on whether you have a C2 visa (unlimited renewals to visit family) or a B-type tourist visa, in which case you must leave the country after 6 or 9 months. You can easily travel overland to Cambodia to get a new visa. You can have an invitation letter waiting for you at the Bavet border crossing which will get you a new tourist visa.

Business visas which were once easy to come by are much harder now.

Eventually, you should get a company to sponsor you for a work permit.

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