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@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 1-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:44pm
1/31 4:35 @jon7b i'd also like if the VN gov subsidized electric bikes as much as they subsidized gasoline :) truck traffic hours should be limited! #
1/31 4:05 biggest concern for hanoians and saigonese alike is traffic and pollution, so why don't we seriously implement public transportation? #
1/30 18:00 @ChrisGNguyen i've heard rumors of Groupon negotiating with some local Vietnamese Groupon clones, who aren't waiting to gain market share #
1/30 6:08 @ChrisGNguyen some of our Vietnamese friends worked/work for the company that was bought and became Groupon Malaysia! #
1/28 11:46 @peoplewithideas maybe helpful saigonist post for VN servers: #
1/26 11:30 Anyone know how/if a foreigner/Viet Kieu can own a share of a Vietnamese JSC? #
1/26 5:32 Front page of Great Wall of Vietnam discovered story by @fisheggtree #
1/24 11:43 src: RT @rockportrait: 142 journalists killed in Philippines since democracy was restored in 1986. #
1/24 6:55 anyone going Hanoi -> Saigon soon? Samsung i5503 are 1mil cheaper in HN @mattlepub #
1/24 6:49 @kennedypj there are plugins that do that, like addthis/sharethis #
1/24 5:14 @mattlepub who sells Galaxy 5s and 3s in Vietnam? #
1/23 11:54 @fisheggtree you'd bet Khmer/Cham over Chinese? VN also does a Chinese-esque 'curry', also watery and taken with bread #
1/23 11:29 An overview of colo/dedicated servers/VPS in Vietnam #
1/23 8:14 @caligarn yeah, I guess they're trying out new products and maybe diversifying away from strictly e-commerce #
1/23 8:13 what happens when you don't pay your Drupal bill: #
1/23 5:45 Mai Linh taxis offer payment via SMS through MobiVi, who developed the system for $150k #
1/21 8:29 @careyz yup blekko allows user-created positive search results. i think a negative filter for the site everyone already uses is useful #
1/21 7:08 Can we crowdsource a Google SearchSpam Filter? #saigonist #
1/18 15:18 @madsmonsen my DNS server does all those facebook addresses and more, and it's a lot easier :) #
1/18 15:13 @Vietnam720 nice running into you, seems to be like the saigon tweetup office there :) #
1/18 11:49 just discovered bánh giầy which is basically mochi.. now where can I find some kinako to eat it with? #
1/18 11:38 @HerDailyDigest shopping? :) cheap for singaporeans, but maybe not so much for filipinos/vietnamese #
1/18 10:40 @madsmonsen the problem with is that it's blocked and i know of no alternative IP address for it that isn't #
1/17 16:39 Bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, social vices, moral and lifestyle degradation have not been prevented. - GS of VN #
1/17 16:37 Vietnam acknowledges corruption holds back country; some senior party members “lack example in morality and lifestyle.” #
1/17 16:25 Detroit Institute of Techno has been redesigned! #
1/17 12:40 @PedroInSaigon Hola! i came back last week, we should catch up when you're free, si? #
1/17 12:19 could it work in Vietnam? RT @shilkytouch Only in Japan: A vending machine to buy solid gold bars #
1/14 9:32 @caligarn i believe it covers more than just using lisp4 but please let me know and i'll try to tweak it! #
1/14 7:03 @lamcaoson try to unblock Facebook #
1/14 7:00 Easy Access to Facebook in Vietnam (Redux) #saigonist #
1/9 17:13 bringing home awesome baklava from berlin to saigon #
1/7 8:03 goodbye Spain and your relative warmth! #
1/6 0:44 Fun with use it as a quick&dirty pastebin for lists, addresses, directions to txt others: #
1/5 16:17 @rockportrait i don't use iPhone, but Hotspot Shield does work for iphone app, and iphone can use proxies. check links #
1/5 9:49 why consider hi-speed rail from Vinh-Ha Noi but not Can Tho-Sai Gon? #
1/4 12:24 @BellVietnam in Spain until the 7th then back to Berlin, you want anything? :) #
1/4 12:22 Be prepared to bypass Vietnam's (or China) block on FaceBook or Twitter #
1/4 10:34 let's build a Vietnamese (Indian) #
1/4 10:30 @afieldofgrass i see so many yummy-looking restaurants while walking the picturesque streets and plazas of Madrid! #
1/4 9:34 @betoneko wow, you've been to Spain? my time here so far has been one long siesta :) thanks for the tips #
1/3 21:57 Madrid is nice - the streets are walkable and it's not -20 degrees #
1/3 0:46 biggest cave in the world being discovered in Vietnam, with rooms big enough for a city block of skyscrapers #
1/2 18:31 @shilkytouch next time, book a cheap airasia flight from KL to Saigon! #
1/1 16:46 rang in the New Year with David Hasselhof launching into performance at midnight at Brandenburg Gate. he is a German national hero, Der Hoff #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 2-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 4:42pm
2/27 7:46 @ngonpham looks like a deal? Wellcom VN site lists at 2.9 mill still but 400k more buys a Galaxy 5 #
2/27 7:29 @caligarn @dynamicscholar you have to watch the first few giant robot episodes before getting into the core existential aspects #
2/26 15:26 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic, have watched the series several times #
2/26 15:00 opera's tab stacking is f'n brilliant. come on chrome! #
2/26 4:10 Saigon apartment prices will be forced down as Hanoians pull out, oversupply of 50k units continues - #
2/24 7:49 @andrewduck @purplematt @duonglnt thanks guys! I dropped it off at iStore since it's still under warranty #
2/23 6:14 Can anyone recommend a MacBook/Apple repair shop in Saigon? #
2/23 6:10 "only 1.5 million wealthy consumers in Vietnam can regularly afford to spend $100 per meal" #
2/22 14:04 RT @tamkaizen Disgusting. Someone just slipped 200 million VND to local authorities to be able to add another floor to their OWN house. #
2/22 11:11 RT @madsmonsen Fatal Halong Bay Sinking - Will Anyone Learn This Time? #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon too much mindless/careless twittering :) #
2/21 15:12 @PedroInSaigon I'm not so big into dubstep, so I think it'd be more of a regular night at Vasco's for me #
2/21 15:11 @PedroInSaigon @Vietnam720 @jfparr3 From my experience, Hanoi has very little going on after the cops close everything at 10pm #
2/21 10:43 Why keep reporting and retweeting about who/what to blame in Ha Long boat sinking w/o questioning systemic lack of oversight ourselves #
2/21 6:56 @MatevzVerbic I assume you've hung out at BAM? #
2/21 5:19 @PedroInSaigon whoa! Is Phuong Dang the name of a Vietnamese trip hop band, or a venue? P.S. UK junglist Rob [email protected] Saturday #
2/20 13:57 @PedroInSaigon are there any bands in any city playing trip hop in 2011? finding such in Saigon would be a major discovery #
2/19 4:55 @caligarn Settlers of Catan! I used to know of a cafe that rented out lots of board games, you know where that is? #
2/19 4:08 @kennedypj @caligarn so once software can recognize beauty, computers can iteratively generate 'art' until it creates something of 'beauty' #
2/19 4:06 @kennedypj @caligarn there has long been software that can generate music, novels, etc. but afaik requires a human to validate aesthetics #
2/18 11:18 @PedroInSaigon hey P, how long will you be out? I'll probably be out in the backpacker area shortly #
2/18 11:16 @caligarn @dynamicscholar cool! Come out for poker tomorrow night and you'll meet the guy who made it happen #
2/18 7:13 @PedroInSaigon One of these days I'm going to end up replying to @PedoInSaigon #
2/18 7:12 @rockportrait Did I say most take the bus? I will say those arriving by train are a fraction of the daily tourist population of Mui Ne #
2/18 6:35 @ourman @caligarn wonder if threat of boycott of future tenants would help stop greedy landlords shutting down good places so often #
2/18 6:32 @rockportrait even if I can afford taxis I don't think it should be the only option for all. Many tourists would still taxi, preventing ruin #
2/18 6:29 @rockportrait serious observation: train riders mostly not foreign tourists, taxis in Mui Ne mostly used within Mui Ne. #
2/18 5:09 @rockportrait I don't think the route from Mui Ne to the train station is a huge part of the taxi business, don't foresee any ruining #
2/17 17:31 @rockportrait it costs more to take a taxi to the train station than the train to Saigon, for one #
2/17 14:10 Record 22000 dong/dollar on the black market today is 6.5% above official rate. Another devaluation in 2011? #
2/17 10:32 @betoneko exactly.. how many people will cancel or not go traveling there or other places by boat because of such carelessness? #
2/17 9:28 how many dollars will Ha Long Bay lose per tourist life? #
2/17 7:15 Vietnam dong devaluations in 2011 #
2/16 14:54 @fisheggtree wish Mui Ne travel agencies better supported train travel, there should really be an organized bus service to the station #
2/16 14:26 @PedroInSaigon @jon7b @chiwanderlust Subway doesn't yet deliver in VN, they're thinking 4-6 months from now #
2/16 13:41 about to bite into a Subway foot-long pizza sub with @tamkaizen and @caligarn. so tweet-worthy #
2/16 8:24 Facebook access problems -- time to change your Vietnam ISP? #
2/16 4:46 @fisheggtree funny, I could get on FB in Mui Ne with just dns fix, but not when I came back to Saigon #
2/16 4:41 @betoneko I think citing Wikipedia is ok, but you need a date.. the Internet is shifty like that #
2/15 13:45 @betoneko I wish more Japanese products were made in Vietnam (cheaper for us).. Oishi ia a Filipino brand isn't it? #
2/15 9:04 taking Saigon-Phan Thiet train home. Much better than bus and only 90k. Never use An Phu Tourist again #
2/15 3:23 @caligarn @chiwanderlust Carnival and Pele could be exported to some degree; there's always capoeira and crazy subcultures like baile funk #
2/14 17:23 @caligarn what kind of musical gear you got set up? #
2/14 11:12 @caligarn would brazil's carnival count? #
2/14 11:09 another great Dalat night market treat: crispy grilled rice paper with egg/green onion batter, satisfying tortilla-like crunch for 8000vnd #
2/12 15:35 At Da Lat's night market: sticks of pork, beef wrapped in 'lot' leaves, chicken gizzards, hot soymilk, shoecream for 5000vnd each ($0.25) #
2/11 15:28 haha, someone trying to sell a VN groupon clone for 29 million VND #
2/9 8:34 Original Tuoi Tre article disappeared, RT @ourman a deputy chief traffic inspector manages two hit and runs in one day #
2/9 6:53 A new form of motorized bikes for Vietnam? YikeBike - Urban Freedom via @youtube #
2/9 6:32 @PedroInSaigon hope this doesn't mean you're changing from @PedroInSaigon to @PedroElsewhere #
2/9 6:29 @jodiehuynh English... Or maybe Singlish ;) #
2/9 5:52 @jobnomade try looking up IAB Vietnam #
2/9 3:13 Can anyone suggest a name for Steven's S'pore freelancer website? #
2/8 12:19 there should be a Vietnamese AAA that provides at-cost 24/7 motorbike tire repair & a bit of gas.. don't like giving business to the 90k guy #
2/8 8:07 Imported From Detroit via @youtube #
2/7 7:15 ...been inserting feces into his patients for a decade now, claims to be solving their problems nearly 100% of the time #
2/5 14:54 @kennedypj wow, i've never seen 6! it just means there is a need for a limocycle #
2/5 8:02 why haven't any Vietnamese invented the limousine motorbike capable of carrying a family of 5+? #
2/5 3:37 @caligarn pretty sure I've seen frozen roti sold at supermarkets, just throw on pan with some oil #
2/3 15:51 you know you're in Vietnam when... you can park your motorbike in your hotel room #
2/3 14:12 @philip_arthur i've also been searching around for good Mexican in Vietnam and it exists.. Saigonist post coming soon #
2/2 19:31 happy year of the cat/rabbit/cabbit to everyb1tches! #
2/1 9:43 I need a non-customer relationship manager #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 3-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:25am
3/31 15:27 Just heard a collective neighborhood groan as Phuong 22 entered a late mandatory Earth Hour celebration #
3/31 15:15 @PedroInSaigon @MatevzVerbic @tamkaizen Check the link to see it's a knockoff (in glorious 1990s table-based web design) #
3/31 15:12 8086 assembler code for Itsy, a 380 byte OS with preemptive switching, memory management, and eliteness #
3/31 6:48 PiHiPi translates code like 'foobar'[2,-1] or foo()[$bar] or if (2 in [1,2,3]) into standard PHP #
3/31 6:42 Among other things in the language, syntax in PHP is defective. It could use a Coffeescript-like preprocessor more than Javascript. #
3/31 6:08 My Regular lunch cafe in Binh Thanh has opened a theater room. I like this micro-theaters trend in the Saigonese cafe scene #
3/31 6:05 @itsKhang thanks dude! :) #
3/30 15:30 Engineering Management 101: 9 Women can't make a baby in 1 month, the mythical man-month #
3/30 9:25 @jobnomade @jon7b Vietnam's political stability at least has some basis in a relatively strong economy, which inflation undermines #
3/30 9:12 "Bao Viet ceased offering agricultural insurance in 1999. The current proportion of agricultural production insured is only 1 per cent." #
3/30 9:09 Are's Facebook stats for Cambodia as (in)accurate as for Vietnam ? @ChrisInCambo #
3/30 8:47 I'm surprised Paris Cafe on Co Bac is still open.. good French fast food at Vietnamese prices but confusingly hidden #
3/29 15:08 @jobnomade Anything about trends in attractiveness? I think costs are increasing, making Vietnam less competitive w/o good English #
3/28 17:14 @dynamicscholar Yes, #ANZBank here have a facade of service, and are criminally negligent, everyone should avoid #
3/28 17:06 @tamkaizen The party can't be proud of growth when taking into account inflation, higher than growth now, but they only tout rosy numbers #
3/25 14:02 @rockportrait I know that Vnese are used to not taking offense, but I think car drivers are offensive to the 99% who must share the road #
3/25 13:52 Twitter can't seem to make up its mind as to whether I exist as a page or not #
3/22 14:12 @caligarn I was thinking some kind of hard to remove sticker that could be used to mark repeat offenders #
3/22 7:20 RT @mintran If you own a 2 year old Mac, do not upgrade to the latest lines. What you need is SSD + CleanMyMac. Trust me! #
3/20 14:05 @fisheggtree He looks a lot like Saigon's DJ Jase! #
3/18 13:06 @dylanduong I call bs on this writer. Ebay's been in this "war-torn country" w/ "relatively low" internet penetration for years. #
3/16 14:12 "Some girls they act retarded. Some girls are bout it bout it." - N. Dogg #
3/16 14:03 @Anita_tran I think it's because typing 'j' is 1 stroke whereas 'i' is 3 strokes on a phone's number pad #
3/15 8:05 @caligarn I'm partial to Japanese ramen which can be had at several local joints. Osaka ramen on Thai Van Lung for one. #
3/15 7:00 @shakkabrutha In VN you have to pay the police to do their job, and pay them not to do their job #
3/15 6:37 Please stop spreading the hoax from the Philippines about a BBC "FLASHNEWS" on avoiding radioactive rain #
3/14 18:19 @doortomykitchen they're only half as good as @Vietnam720 ! #
3/14 18:16 @fisheggtree cable TV is a domestic broadcast network, the current Internet problem is with one of Vietnam's links to other countries, so no #
3/14 3:46 @CotterVN I have xcode_3.2.5_and_ios_sdk_4.2_final.dmg #
3/13 15:12 @caligarn I would buy a board if I had someone to skate with :) #
3/13 15:09 @wibbly @fisheggtree from what I understand, Cambodian internet is almost completely routed through Vietnam (VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc.) #
3/13 14:37 @jon7b @etienne @rockportrait I also ask myself if these guys would do so back home, grabbing and propositioning random females #
3/13 14:36 @rockportrait Arguably all schools here are crap, but Australian students transferring to RMiT HCMC campus say it's better than home #
3/13 13:34 @fisheggtree if I had any reason to believe internet in Cambodia was not -slower- than Vietnam, I might go too #
3/12 14:05 @fisheggtree We need a Vietnamese wikileaks-like thing for anonymously posting evidence of corruption #
3/12 8:32 Food for thought: Saigon, Vietnam, Hanoi are accepted English/international place names. Writing Camau, Phuyen introduce naming ambiguities #
3/12 8:27 Why are Vietnamese kids going to study abroad if most can only get into American community colleges? #
3/12 8:03 As Fukushima reactor crumbles: "It can take up to 7 days to get such a reactor down to where it can survive without circulating coolant." #
3/11 19:41 @afieldofgrass I really don't want to imagine giant rats dancing on my roof! #
3/11 19:03 @caligarn Where is the the half pipe? In An Phu? #
3/9 18:39 @tdichristopher One would think in a single-party Communist country, transit-oriented corridor development would be easy to enforce #
3/9 16:58 @tdichristopher This infrastructure nerd is hoping that public transportation, especial urban rail, is a priority. Rather than highways. #
3/9 9:51 @Anita_tran It makes me want to paint small "right turn only" lanes on the roads #
3/8 20:09 Giant cats be jumping on my tin roof in the middle of the night... I need to install a trampoline up there #
3/8 15:28 cmd-`, cmd-tab + cmd-`, cmd-right, cmd-1..9. MacBook Pro just got 26% less annoying; just keep Chrome tabs < 10, but with many windows #
3/8 12:49 @ACHanoiPR If you're using the Saigonist dns server to fake Facebook's address then you will see a warning, ignore #
3/8 12:29 @saigonnezumi Should have listened to me many months ago! #
3/6 14:46 @eds_m Probably because your home power isn't grounded #
3/5 10:41 @daniel_caune Disagree, it's not at all necessary for developers who work many levels of abstraction removed from hardware to care #
3/5 10:39 @Anita_tran wow, I'm also on Ngo Tat To street! #
3/4 13:59 @rockportrait Basically, you can power an office for a week with a stack of batteries #
3/4 13:58 I want FourSquare users to check in when they're stuck in traffic just so we know where to avoid. Call it FourJam #
3/4 4:11 @betoneko software's making music production more accessible and good music has been made in bedrooms for years, but good is still hard #
3/3 16:08 @caligarn don't know any supermarkets (besides Lottemart) but PMH, Superbowl area, and D2 of Binh Thanh have Korean shops #
3/3 6:34 iPad 2: Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work? #
3/3 6:02 While we're subsidizing fuel prices at the pump, why don't we subsidize energy-saving technologies, techniques, and construction? #
3/2 15:10 one way to deal with upcoming power outages: DIY Ghetto UPS #
3/2 9:00 @jodiehuynh @PhungVuong iStore is an authorized applecare shop, so they do warranty, luckily my MBP's still under warranty #
3/2 8:57 Vietnamese officials say the country, contrary to popular notions, does not have abundant water resources #
3/2 7:56 iStore has fixed my MBP and Apple covered the charge! #
3/1 13:18 I have a carton of bongmilk, illustrated with little cows #
3/1 8:29 @TaMyNgan I believe microfinance institutions are in VN, what stops most poor from using that instead of loan sharks? #
3/1 4:14 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Khu Du Lich Van Thanh has a big grassy area in front of a pond, good for picnics #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 4-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:20am
4/29 5:49 RT @grapealope: In Brazil (like China), there are different textures on sidewalks, metro stations, etc, to help the blind navigate. #
4/29 5:43 @tamkaizen Infographics are like fast food, can be good if they are aware of Tufte, but too often substitute chart junk for readability #
4/29 4:29 Is VoIP illegal in Vietnam? Only allowed by major established Vietnamese telecoms? #
4/28 18:18 @philip_arthur Loves Dr. Pepper.. definitely a Dallas (or Plano or Texas) guy! #
4/28 8:25 @ngonpham Any suggestions on networking with developers in Vietnam? #
4/28 7:44 @PedroInSaigon This is how I dance to d&b on a good day #
4/28 7:21 LOLRT @pedroinsaigon: How to dance at an outdoor drum&bass rave Hilarious! #
4/28 6:34 @HerDailyDigest @mattlepub @saigonchic @CTKT Cheers :) #
4/28 6:33 @jon7b @rockportrait Hehe, Skype is like VoIP, but I'm looking for multi-line inward dialing (not calling out) for a call center setup #
4/28 1:30 Anyone have experience with VoIP in Vietnam? Feasible? #
4/27 18:44 Banh da (banh trang nuong with sesame seeds) with salsa is better than the stale tortilla chips Hotel Equatorial was serving to Americans #
4/27 5:00 @dshupp h8sq: The 4sq Killer for Twitter, plugin for Chrome and maybe other browsers #
4/27 4:25 I need some Geox breathing shoes, befitting of a nerd @careyz #
4/27 3:05 Business students least studied, most anti-intellectual, skills+scores least improved, get lowest GMAT scores, but learn to delegate work #
4/27 3:05 But business majors most likely to binge drink, according to Chronicle of Higher Education via Economist @ericburdette #
4/26 17:39 @mattlepub A cultural difference.. so I usually give contact info of the one wanting to make contact to the 3rd person to decide #
4/25 9:11 RT @roblnwilliams: My mom thinks LOL stands for "lots of love" and texted me "Your Grandma just died. LOL." #
4/22 19:45 @rockportrait I just think it's extra ludicrous that you can drive a sports car (R8) and not know how to park it. #
4/22 15:52 This dude in an Audi RS doesn't even know how to parallel park #
4/22 14:10 @dynamicscholar @caligarn there is a Kinokuniya in KL, maybe in Petronas Tower? #
4/22 13:19 @nguyenhimself Blade Runner's influenced much in the past 20 yrs; some themes may seem outdated/irrelevant if watching for 1st time in 2011 #
4/22 6:22 @TylerWatts Could you tell what was going on there? I was able to cut through Diamond Plaza #
4/21 10:51 @caligarn So in which country can little people make big changes? :) #
4/20 21:57 Late night Drupal hack: Views fields filtered by content type #
4/19 7:47 Shortly thereafter, a taxi pulling over quickly into the bike lane hit the motorbike in front of me #
4/19 7:46 Kodak moment: car sat in middle of intersection blocking long line of traffic, 4 cops in front of me couldn't be bothered to do anything #
4/19 7:35 Think I just spotted Filipino scammers talking to a really naive-looking tourist on Ly Tu Trong #
4/18 8:41 @caligarn Haitians are still big on eating cakes/cookies made from clay #
4/17 11:16 @jon7b Agreed, ppl w/ $$$ (often taken from the common people) will oppose this even though their actions are hurting the common people #
4/17 11:14 @rockportrait @jobnomade Cheers for the RT love, glad I'm not the only one who sees this problem! #
4/16 8:02 Fixing Vietnam's traffic woes is too simple: #
4/15 12:01 How to boycott Israel properly: #
4/15 5:28 @saigonnezumi Orkut in Vietnam? What's next, would Friendster make a comeback in Vietnam 2012? #
4/14 17:13 Chairman of VN Real Estate Assoc. (and title of news article) "notices" it's "time to buy apartments"! When would he ever say otherwise? #
4/14 15:30 @HerDailyDigest Fixed, dumb Seesmic wanted to re-shorten the link with #
4/14 15:29 Latest Chinese stats show sharp/sudden drop in food prices: | Will VN follow, or import Chinese produce? #
4/14 14:51 Faillinks/Zapto is a scam site that puts an invisible "Like" button on top of the play button of a fake Youtube vid to trick you into liking #
4/14 12:35 Wonder if Kaohsiung, a Taiwanese city with high motorbike use and a brand new MRT is a good model for Saigon's metro: #
4/14 4:03 @MrCerulean @Vietnam720 Yup, I had written down all 3 names for it but still no luck #
4/13 15:22 @Vietnam720 Thanks Ben, I checked out every Western pharmacy on Ng Trai, including a Chinese place, but nobody's heard of Zyban. :( #
4/13 4:45 Quick hacks to browse Nokia SMS and Contacts in a Google Spreadsheet #saigonist #
4/12 18:57 @barijoe It's a browser addon for Chrome, but ought to work for Firefox/Opera as well: #
4/12 15:52 @barijoe I wrote a tool that blocks FourSquare from my Twitter timeline, it would be trivial to make it filter any other keywords #
4/12 11:40 @caligarn yea, but when Tuoi Tre asked if I knew any VNese who went to the concert I gave them @jobnomade's contact #
4/12 7:40 Anyone know where to get hard to find medicines in Saigon? Looking for Zyban/Wellbutrin or other smoking cessation drugs #
4/11 9:05 @jobnomade is quoted in Tuoi Tre on the Bob Dylan concert :) #
4/10 18:00 @fisheggtree Strange, my timeline was full of Bob Dylan tweets (including my own) #
4/10 11:37 The port-o-potties at RMIT are better than most toilets in Vietnam. (See how long that lasts) #
4/10 9:42 Chilling in the vip area for Bob Dylan courtesy of @jobnomade #
4/7 12:27 @SaigonSean True, reporting here is often parroting, but in this case it's foreign journalists #
4/7 12:26 @Conversoul somehow, Montrealers deal with icey stairs for a chunk of the year.. #
4/6 12:39 "Vietnam Dong weakest since June 1993" == lazy or ignorant reporters implying VND was at all close to, above 21k/$ back in '93 #
4/6 10:30 How many people could live in the space taken up by stairwells in Saigon if they were replaced by Montreal-style winding stairs outside? #
4/5 5:31 @jon7b I guess many times bribes are paid so papers can be processed w/o delay, but officials should still be punished for threatening delay #
4/5 5:26 @ericburdette I also use FB a lot less now, but for the past month at least I've had no issues accessing it via the Saigonist DNS on FPT #
4/5 5:25 So FPT Software doesn't necessarily need to promote Facebook to make money off demand for commercial FB pages, advertising #
4/5 5:00 FPT is a Technology company, not just telecom/broadband ISP, and a large part of their business is software development/outsourcing #
4/4 13:51 To end corruption: It should be legal to bribe, but illegal to take bribes #
4/4 10:15 Last night police came 2x to harass a sidewalk restaurant and customers. Police finding great ways to promote upcoming reunification day #
4/4 9:22 @betoneko Does that still work? I was w/ a VN friend, plus cop spoke English... #
4/4 5:40 Hen: Won some money playing poker / Xui: Lost it getting pulled over on the way home (failure to signal) #
4/3 7:56 This cafe has a lockable "mobile phone charger box" for customers to charge their phones with peace of mind #
4/2 7:04 @jobnomade Asm is probably much less relevant today, when there's so many more layers of technology above it than before #
4/2 7:01 @jobnomade @jon7b @tamkaizen I like it. Maybe we can start with a public shaming list of the worst corporate offenders in VN.. #
4/2 6:57 @itsKhang I can read Vietnamese words without knowing what they mean, and otherwise sound like a young child #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 5-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:18am
5/28 10:15 RIP Gil Scott-Heron, the Godfather of rap. / and #
5/27 9:28 How would you spend $115 million to tackle corruption in Vietnam? (Without promoting corruption) #
5/27 9:16 @ericburdette @shakkabrutha Generally (USA), any dropped helmet is no longer considered safe. A cracked one's a goner for sure #
5/27 8:48 Any sk8 companies touring VN? Saw some out-of-towners discovering some spots up by the zoo #sk8ordie #
5/26 9:06 @jjlechau @Uyenvu Hmm, how about phones (w/ tiny watch battery) that emit a loud siren/message when texted a secret code #
5/26 9:00 @ncouture Not sure I agree it's just cheaper food. Aside from imported electronics, cost of living is quite low / #
5/26 8:56 @chickamade Logging out of the OAuth provider can revoke any access tokens, although I'm not sure this is required by the spec #
5/26 5:48 The answer to what that man was speaking: not Vietnamese / #
5/24 18:42 @trunghaiy Hey, are you using Ubercart 2? #
5/24 15:08 RT @TheEconomist: It is tough for foreign retailers to crack Vietnam, but it used to be tougher #
5/24 14:48 RT @CTKT: Amazing animation made by Vietnamese. #impressed via @youtube #
5/24 14:45 @Vietnam720 @lamcaoson I had heard IKEA was opening a store in Thu Duc last July but it never happened #
5/24 6:46 @caligarn Non-skyscraper buildings, poor planning, sedans, minivans, taxis, constant road construction... cause traffic on the ground. #
5/23 5:02 To all my Vietnamese-speaking friends, can you hear and identify this what this man is saying? #
5/22 14:40 Stay cool: an electric jacket that keeps you cool and warm. Just what I'd been waiting for / #
5/22 10:17 @careyz @tamkaizen That wasn't even coffee. The coffee drinks are equally as bad. #
5/21 14:36 @CTKT Apparently Ward 10 of Tan Binh District has a concentration of Khmer and Chinese people / #
5/21 3:38 Good news for vegetarians: beans & vegetable prices down in the past month, while meat and esp. cooking oil way up. #
5/20 14:03 @lamcaoson In the 1980s, few would have predicted vinyl record sales growing for the entire 21st century (til now). #
5/20 14:00 @nguyenhimself That's why you should buy Rapture Insurance. From me. Only 1m VND. #
5/20 7:16 @hackerspacepp How about Khmer localization for Drupal & modules? @viraak #
5/20 7:11 Clearly, there is no driving/stupidity test in VN RT @rockportrait @tuoitrenewsvn: Speed limit for cars: 5 km per hour #
5/20 5:49 @CyborgVillage @dylanduong Hyperinflation is a pretty tall claim. Inflation must be #1 gov priority, but this is akin to "war is imminent" #
5/19 14:19 Now you can secure your Drupal and WordPress sites using @duosecurity Duo Two-Factor Authentication: #
5/19 14:11 @saigonnezumi @caligarn FYI, I'm growing out the hickster beard to save gallons of water daily as part of Budweiser's Grow A Beard greenwash #
5/19 13:55 @HyuKio68 1/2011 ở đây có nghĩa là BarCamp đầu tiên cùa năm 2011... để tụi mình sửa chữa cho rõ hơn #
5/19 8:25 Please RT @barcampSaigon: #BarCampSaigon registration is open for 24. July at RMIT. Register now via #
5/19 8:22 @careyz Very cool slogans. I expect the underdog will make comebacks in surprising, unrecognized ways #
5/19 6:52 @scarlettran What a joke.. too often these Groupon clones and the merchants team up to produce the appearance of a deal, but really not #
5/17 13:32 @doortomykitchen You will probably have to wait for a lot of ISPs' domain name cache to expire. It could be awhile w/o proper preparation #
5/16 13:26 So very retweet-worthy! :D RT @hcmctoday: @tomosaigon you have the best tweets on twitter. I always read what you write. :D #
5/16 12:27 @HerDailyDigest I believe there's a Kuwaiti consulate on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street near Mac Dinh Chi (1 block down) #
5/16 10:26 @caligarn @ncouture I have a copy (a photocopy) of "first they killed my father". It's fairly sadness-inducing. Can lend if you want. #
5/16 8:52 @caligarn Violin lessons over MS-Skype! #
5/16 6:39 On the bridge next to my house, there is a half-naked man guarding a box labeled "DRIED FISH CLOTHES" (in English) #
5/15 14:32 @bryanpelz @saigonnezumi If it sounds like MEN! | TE! | DO! then it may be your neighbor slicing off heads | hands | guts #
5/15 10:17 @ChrisInCambo Hehe sorry, I hope it wasn't all the Nigerians that Vietnam kicked out awhile back ending up in Cambodia #
5/15 9:38 Cambodia becomes the next Nigeria? Got a 419 Scam email from Cambodia to claim some stashed Huynh funds #
5/14 13:33 @peoplewithideas Will you choose a local provider? VPS? #
5/14 5:40 @tamkaizen Nearly every eyeglass shop in the city sells contact lenses, all imported, and you don't need to buy a whole box #
5/12 15:53 @saigonnezumi I'm blocking traffic to your new VPS? Btw, have you looked at cloud services from VNTT in Binh Duong? #
5/12 15:51 @Ann_Ha @betoneko I mean the source of dealings with that shady FB fan dealer.. not the source for the dealer, we know who that is! #
5/12 15:49 @monsterngan I hope this person is only looking for a job, not companionship, and that they just mistranslated độc thân :) #
5/12 4:58 Just received a CV that says: "Marital status: lonely" #
5/11 15:45 @betoneko @Ann_Ha Are you familiar with the source for that story? Or was it an outsider? #
5/11 15:44 @dynamicscholar C, are you part of the junglist massive? Lighter! #
5/11 15:43 @saigonnezumi Hey... what you say? #
5/11 9:08 @Ann_Ha The Tuoi Tre article links to, makes it seem like FB themselves are selling fans! @betoneko #
5/11 9:02 @Ann_Ha Some companies on FB in VN with 10000+ fans recently found themselves banned for buying fans, after being reported to FB #
5/11 8:40 @ourman @SaigonSean 1st rule of being a social media expert: tell everyone on the Internet you are one (after a few weeks of reading blogs) #
5/11 7:06 Often find myself enamored at the back of a girl's head on a motorbike. If only I knew then what I'd soon see in the rearview mirror. #
5/11 6:57 @rockportrait @dukedylan I use both Seesmic web and Hootsuite, both good neither perfect. Seesmic shows conversation inline, "in reply to" #
5/11 6:54 @andrewduck I can send you some details on sponsorship levels, send me a DM #
5/11 4:25 h8sq updated to filter 4sq on Seesmic, Hootsuite. Also: black out promoted tweets on Hootsuite! #
5/11 3:54 @saigonnezumi How's your local VPS? Who did you go with? #
5/10 8:19 @purplematt @veryvietnam I'm w/ you - anyone in Vietnam who eats out consumes boiled and probably unboiled tap water #
5/10 8:10 @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible Behind the water puppet theater on NTMK are some bball courts. Sundays around 4, 4:30. Randoms always pick up #
5/10 8:08 @wibbly @saigonsean Haha, I'm a fan, just like I'm fond of American wheat pennies and buffalo nickels. But stores rarely give 200s as change #
5/10 7:12 @caligarn @saigonnezumi @barcampsaigon D7 still closer than Quang Trung, most schools in inner city lack large auditorium #
5/10 7:07 @dynamicscholar @Vietnam720 But it -looks- like progress! #
5/10 5:41 @veryvietnam Many households use water tanks to store tap water (pressure, outages). These tanks are often unsanitary. #
5/9 11:59 I wonder if Vietnam's inflation would grow slower if people used credit cards more, so prices could go up less than 1000 VND at a time #
5/9 7:41 @mrcerulean Thx for taking the bait ;) My internal liquid cooling system fails at 35+C, I seek solutions that take advantage of covered pits #
5/9 6:29 @wibbly Need to pick your brain on this topic too sometime! Was thinking ice packs in shoes.. but how to comfortably ice the groin, longish? #
5/9 6:27 @CTKT @PedroInSaigon @TylerWatts I played laser tag there a few years back. As fun as anywhere. Sweat balls using other people's sweaty gear #
5/9 4:33 Weather: It's too many F'n Cs out there. If only there was some way to install liquid cooling in the armpits. #
5/7 19:23 @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible PMH a bit far, but a couple of us shoot hoops next to Tao Dan Park in D1 on Sunday afternoons, wanna join? #
5/7 8:32 @dynamicscholar Clearly a lot of unscrupulous businesses increase prices merely because they can, e.g. services where major cost is labor #
5/7 8:30 @dynamicscholar Oh, totally agreed. The serious problem of inflation - prices never go down, and deflation is a danger economies also fear #
5/6 10:37 @stickyinhanoi I salivate over garlic (and ginger) in my fish sauce #
5/6 8:15 RT @duosec: New blog post - Breaking down the probable LastPass breach: #
5/6 8:07 @dynamicscholar My understanding is VN gas prices are heavily subsidized, and the pump price isn't set by market, to soften +/- price shocks #
5/6 8:03 @trangthule @betoneko Is pho ngheu a proper pho? What about pho xao okonomiyaki at Hachiya? #
5/5 6:19 @madsmonsen Could be benign, could be a monkey-in-the-middle attack. Could be TweetDeck changing owners too. #
5/4 20:11 @scarlettran That's so cool they have a "cyberculture" class, and give credit for it.. changes my opinion of RMIT #
5/4 12:30 #4VN! RT @techcrunch: Brammo To Make Electric Motorcycles That Feel More Like Gas-Powered #
5/4 12:27 @barijoe I sincerely hope someone got hired by listing Klingon language abilities #
5/4 6:19 @scarlettran GITS long precedes either of those 2! Where do they teach cyber class? #
5/3 20:50 @betoneko Fast food at fast food prices :) #
5/3 20:49 @shakkabrutha I could name a name but that's missing the point: these deals are happening secretly to the benefit of developers #
5/3 7:36 Eating deep-fried maki-rolls and omu-rice at a 'teen' bubble tea shop, some girls are playing Uno :) #
5/2 14:22 @shakkabrutha It's a secret, they don't want people to know!, want people to think they're doing well #
5/2 11:39 VN developers are secretly selling off highrises at firesale prices to fund building more over-priced housing with low demand #
5/2 6:26 OBL dead! Re: retaliation, glad I live in one of the only countries in SE Asia without war, extreme religion, and Muslim separatists #
5/1 14:27 Why isn't there a strongly branded mid-range hotel chain in VN with memorable name, convenient locations, consistent service? #
5/1 6:38 @anhlt84 Thanks for the link! If running Asterisk in the office, I worry about power outages.. #
5/1 5:51 Gơơ VNNIC lets any non-foreigner register .vn domains w/ diacritics for free; disputes must be handled in VN court. Reckless NIC? #
5/1 4:21 @barijoe haha, averaging over 1 murder per day in NYC so they're busy (same in Chicago, but far less people/detectives, be careful) #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 6-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 11:17am
6/30 10:08 while Google++, Facebook-- #
6/29 12:11 @scarlettran Cool :) It's been like watching video footage of fans at a football match and not being able to see the game! #
6/29 12:09 @LandonCarnie @scarlettran Need not be an expert to present, share experiences, even lead a roundtable/discussion at #barcampsaigon, #
6/29 11:20 @scarlettran Funny, I was just reading the #rmitvietnam chatter! A lot of activity, but w/o more prez notes tweeted I feel I'm missing out #
6/29 6:58 I have been listening to Google Music for awhile now. It is called YouTube and everyone else takes care of the uploading! #
6/29 6:38 One less criminal off the streets. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Traffic cop stabbed to death at HCMC café #
6/28 21:24 @vietdlam Immigration problems at Vietnam's ports are bribes, bureaucracy, lack of queueing. What frame of reference makes that better? #
6/28 21:16 @vietdlam Check again, Vietnam isn't on that list of countries. US promotes tourism from Europe, rich Asian countries. #
6/28 20:26 @vietdlam Also, the US isn't paying millions of $$ to get visitors from VN to come, only to make it difficult once they do #
6/28 20:23 @vietdlam Perhaps it's unfair that VNese can't easily visit developed countries, but at least when they do they don't need to bribe the US #
6/28 15:44 @betoneko What happened? I left and you were still surrounded by friends... #
6/27 3:46 Vietnam First and Last Impressions: Scams and Corruption: #
6/26 7:39 @michaelcoyote Having only been to London in the 21st century, I'll have to take your word for it old man ;) #
6/26 5:30 I know everyone treats the canals like a toilet. Nevertheless, I was - shocked! - someone had tossed an actual toilet in there #
6/24 9:41 @dynamicscholar Respect. I have some early DrumCode records sitting in a crate from some 10+ years ago. #I<3Techno #
6/24 8:21 @dynamicscholar DrumCode as in Adam Beyer and all those Swedish techno guys? #
6/24 4:17 More ways to get around the Facebook block in Vietnam: #
6/23 14:59 Trivium: There is a village named Ben Tre in Cuba, 30km from Havana #
6/23 7:11 RT @careyz: Who is provoking whom? Global Times: China must react to Vietnam's provocation #
6/22 17:19 @afieldofgrass You understood very clearly. :) @jobnomade probably has more experience than those working at companies #
6/22 13:58 @afieldofgrass @caligarn @realchristran @jobnomade Can't step outside w/o running into online marketing / SEO experts (w/o a year of exp.) #
6/22 7:24 @philip_arthur I had a guy the other day look at my plates, identify my district and make a good guess at the ward even. #
6/22 7:12 @ChrisInCambo I would look at 2600's worldwide phone booth archives #
6/21 16:56 Drinking sua dau phong - peanut milk. Liquid nuts style. #
6/21 4:53 @jodiehuynh Try Nguyen Thi Minh Khai around Nguyen Binh Khiem for VCR shops #
6/21 3:18 @manandultraman Not so. Per capita is a bad target of measurement when Vietnam has 14x the pop. of Laos. Cheaper to make Laotian babies. #
6/20 8:17 @manandultraman "Per capita." Cambodia and Laos have tiny populations compared to Vietnam. #
6/20 8:15 @caligarn So I guess the Hong Kong movie industry doesn't count? #
6/19 3:27 @caligarn Strange coincidence, I've been reading through that library the past few weeks #
6/16 6:17 Vietnam is the kind of place you'd expect to spawn a Bitcoin hacking/thiefing ring #
6/15 14:50 Would you pay 50k to have someone come to you to fix your flat tire late at night or during a storm? Would you pay in advance (insurance)? #
6/14 8:30 Groupon salesmen, the car salesmen of the online marketing age #
6/14 6:55 When someone throws a sack of trash in the river, I believe the law says you should throw them in the river #
6/13 5:20 A good use for Facebook face recognition: recognize when a-holes tag people in ads or promotions #
6/12 12:43 @Anita_tran There are countries where we must make our own ice, cut our own nails, wash our own hair, pour our own drinks. Glad VN isn't 1! #
6/12 5:10 @rockportrait I support truth in advertising #
6/9 9:08 @nguyenhimself Btw, if you ever want to work more with Drupal let me know! #
6/9 9:06 @nguyenhimself @thomaswanhoff For bloggers, stick w/ WordPress. If comfortable w/ code, Drupal offers more nerd power, even a CLI #
6/9 9:01 RT @barcampSaigon: Announcing the BarcampSaigon Design Contest. #
6/9 8:58 @caligarn D'oh! Clearly, we need another wiki to organize where all our wikis are. #
6/7 8:41 @kennynguyenus But blogging against bribery, and pinpointing specific people, one is liable to be arrested or blocked. #
6/7 8:38 @dshupp In this case I was asked "đắng hay ngọt" and đắng meant an extra shot :) #
6/6 16:25 @nguyenhimself TL;DR: American tornadoes seem to destroy an awful lot of churches #
6/6 15:43 @nguyenhimself @caligarn @jon7b @jessdiep Dude, have you ever considered interpreting Nostradamus? #
6/6 15:21 @tamkaizen I posed that same question a few months back, garnered no interest. @ipaidabribe #
6/6 14:04 What's more effective: Blogging against bribery -or- Technology for transparency #
6/6 10:12 @PedroInSaigon @Jessdiep As Peter said, it's the bank machine where you enter your PIN number and money comes out #
6/6 9:30 @Jessdiep Are you confusing Twitter with an ATM machine? #
6/6 8:41 Streetside cafe sua da w/ extra shot of cafe. It's like flipping an internal ON switch. #
6/4 6:09 With the cyberwarcry of "Hacker VietNam is No.1" #
6/3 9:09 Will trade web skills for tacos. (Only half kidding) #
6/3 6:48 @caligarn The Drug War-Prison-Industrial Complex creates jobs and decreases unemployment (prisoners don't count) #
6/3 6:37 "Made-in-Vietnam garbage classifying machine comes out" made me think "machine labels anything from VN as garbage" #
6/3 6:23 @jon7b I always :( a little when VNers use English names. Wish they'd choose cool names like Ice Thi or names from Decepticons #
6/2 9:44 Hanoi wants $120 BILLION to improve its appearance. How about $1B on reducing corruption and maybe we won't need another $119B #
6/2 7:16 There's even a secondary market in Vietnam to unload your unwanted Groupon clone vouchers which were hastily bought #
6/2 7:13 @tamkaizen There are at least 20 Groupon clones in Vietnam now and the biggest resort to rather shady business practices #
6/2 7:04 Sadly, @rackspace aren't opening a DC around VN any closer than HK which also won't have cloud services for awhile #
6/2 6:44 RT @madlyduck: just keyed a #RollsRoyce while riding at 80km/h. That nouveau rich Vnese guy dared to cut me. #ComeAtMeBro #
6/1 13:23 RT @shilkytouch: Kuni no tame ni RT @umairh: RT @lightwerk: Selfless Senior Citizens Lining Up to Tackle Fukushima #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 7-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:18am
7/31 13:48 @tropixblue Say a neighborhood which normally sees a drop in traffic at 3:30PM on Tuesdays but has higher traffic 20 minutes before a storm #
7/31 13:40 @saigonnezumi Could you do us a favor and checkin to 4sq everytime you get on a bike, so we can all get off ours? :) #
7/31 11:34 Hypothesis: deviations from normal internet activity can predict imminent rain during the rainy season #
7/31 7:20 @fisheggtree Would love to see info sources of unrecognized VN minorities. The bigger ones not listed on perhaps not endangered #
7/31 7:16 @nguyenhimself @jon7b @cnualart Found on a Drupal forum :) It's worth the effort if you're a dev! But I also use Vim as my editor.. #
7/30 6:25 @fisheggtree Can you list some missing languages? Noticed Pacoh, Ta Oi not listed perhaps due to larger population #
7/30 6:07 Learning curve for popular CMSs: #drupal #joomla #wordpress #
7/28 11:05 @fisheggtree Subtitling some select programs might help (in Vietnamese even!) #
7/27 14:59 Honored! @Vietnam720: Just given my very 1st to @tomosaigon. My very 1st Google +1'd for his article on #BarCampSaigon - #
7/27 9:55 Correction: Vietnamese are stealing each other @vantuly #
7/27 9:16 Chinese are stealing Vietnamese people RT @vantuly: Chinese police rescue dozens of infants from traffickers - #
7/27 8:20 @ericburdette Follow the link: The Perry nuclear plant on Lake Erie outside #
7/27 7:43 5 lessons learnt from #barcampsaigon 2011: #
7/26 14:25 @MienHPham I was hoping Firefox 4 would finally let me open dozens of tabs without crawling to a halt but it still doesn't. #addicted2chrome #
7/26 13:30 @caligarn @dynamicscholar There is already software for online jamming (musical collaboration) - RiffWorks, built by some good friends #
7/25 14:47 Thinking about doing business on Facebook? Do you have Facebook insurance? #
7/24 14:48 @andrewduck Likewise, enjoyed chatting with you about your big plan for Vietnam! #
7/24 13:28 Really great, thx everyone! RT @barcampSaigon: barcampSaigon: Great! More than 570 participants showed up today at #barcampsaigon #
7/23 22:50 #barcampsaigon weather update: pouring down rain over Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan. let's hope it lets up soon. #
7/23 16:48 Hackers! Check out Code For America today - - Code For Vietnam tomorrow? #
7/23 4:38 #barcampsaigon pre-party tonight! At Milwaukee Grill 277 Pham Ngu Lao D1, from 7:30PM #
7/22 15:28 #barcampsaigon There will be an informal welcoming party in D1 tomorrow night so stay tuned to for details! #
7/22 9:50 @TylerWatts Math is hard. Let's go shopping! #
7/22 9:50 @Conversoul Would you rather buy gasoline or horse feed? :) #
7/22 9:21 Future Gmail: "You appear to be trashed. Sending delayed until you pick the ugly girls from this lineup." (A better captcha also?) #
7/22 8:55 If you mention "attached file" in a gmail w/o attaching a file, gmail will ask you to confirm before sending. Neat. #
7/22 8:33 On increasing ineffectiveness of new Vietnamese regulations/laws: thx @wigjefferson #
7/22 2:30 @mybigfatface Many 'upwardly mobile' Cambodians make the trip to FV Hospital in Saigon, but not recommended if you're dying right now #
7/21 15:41 @Tanguyen86 Awesome, thanks T! I'll hit you up with details #
7/21 14:50 Wait, so China is banning Harry Potter and all foreign films to screen a $12 mln revisionist propaganda film? #
7/21 14:44 @geetree haha, and trampolines! Dense cities never have enough trampolines. #
7/21 9:16 Screw stairs. World needs more slides. #
7/21 8:38 @Jessdiep Barcamp is from 8am and wraps up around 4 in the afternoon, followed by an optional afterparty. R U free? @barcampSaigon #
7/21 5:12 @Tanguyen86 @saigonchic Receive attendees when they enter, hang around and manage the session rooms, etc. Can you join? :) #
7/20 12:44 BarCamp Saigon is this Sunday at RMIT! We still need a few good volunteers so hit us up if you're interested :) #
7/19 10:26 RT @cnualart: #Saigon go to Zerostation to see this work in progress! Graffiti off NKKN in hem 288. Great fun! #
7/19 7:07 The way 'headache' is spelled vs pronounced causes one. #ghoti #
7/19 5:34 @doortomykitchen @madlyduck Borders always had great books and magazines I didn't know I was looking for. #
7/19 5:30 @saigonchic That is a good opportunity to fart very loudly #
7/19 2:48 Pouring some coffee out for the loss of miles of bookshelves, a place to browse books after work. #Borders #
7/18 16:48 @philip_arthur Honestly, something as powerful as salvia, having a sober person babysitting is responsibility #1 #
7/18 13:59 Is increasing medical tourism to Vietnam good or bad for us expats? #
7/18 12:02 Vietnam needs Underwriters Laboratories, and Consumer Reports. #
7/18 10:09 @jon7b What kind of desk? Adjustable? #
7/17 9:27 @Anita_Tran @jon7b So they should label all films about honest cops as "science fiction" :) #
7/17 8:21 ATTN: Groupon clones in Vietnam, good luck using 'copyright law' to defend against aggregators from commoditizing you #
7/17 8:16 @tamkaizen Good question. I think the difference is the same as between police and mobsters #
7/17 7:19 I was charged $14 to use ANZ's ATM in Phnom Penh. #
7/17 4:46 Cambodia has world's smallest stock exchange, followed by Mozambique and Laos #
7/17 4:03 Everyday some 3000 scientific articles are published. Perhaps a handful from Vietnamese. Probably none of them living in Vietnam. #
7/16 14:17 RT @TheOnion: Drunk Pilot Going To Pull Over Onto Cloud Until He Sobers Up A Little #
7/16 10:23 @PedroInSaigon @fisheggtree Most hysterical reports were from Western Christian sympathizers, nothing objective #
7/16 5:52 @pqnga Sneaky! Not escape-proof, but I know an abstract db layer that won't expect to sanitize an order by clause #
7/16 5:42 @PedroInSaigon That happened a few months ago, don't believe any outsider independently confirmed. VN govt story totally different #
7/16 5:39 @HelpingHandSG Who is this? You should make Drupal themes too :) #
7/15 19:05 @jobnomade Opera lets you group tabs then collapse a group . TooManyTabs for Chrome good for 'suspending' tabs for later. #
7/15 8:51 @OfficeSpace_SG I can't wait! And subway/metro any year now. I'd be happy with dedicated busways in the near future #
7/15 8:50 @madlyduck lol, sounds like an easy job, plenty of time to ponder astrophysics! #
7/15 7:13 @OfficeSpace_SG Saigon also had trams! It's sad impoverished Hanoi couldn't maintain their trams a few more years. #
7/15 7:00 @madlyduck Fortunately, your job isn't to drive people from point A to B using the least amount of fuel possible #
7/15 6:04 @madlyduck Just the negotiated cost to travel about 1-2 km. Still not convinced why (that) nobody in PP could find a numbered street #
7/15 5:57 Some languages in Vietnam have up to 41 vowels. Good luck. #
7/15 4:21 Phnom Penh travel protip: Get a 'free' 1-hour city tour when the motorbike drivers can't find a numbered street 10 min walk away #
7/15 3:29 Skateistan: how skateboarding is the solution to all of Afghanistan's problems / #
7/14 12:25 I think train stations should be built on the tops of artifcial slopes like rollercoasters. Think of the speed and braking benefits! #
7/14 12:21 @fisheggtree I hear he is/was quite famous in China. Guess it's a summer tradition here, like X-mas movies. #
7/14 10:56 @fisheggtree Dude, that's Tay Du Ky aka Journey to the West. Classic Chinese tale and inspiration to Dragonball #
7/14 8:08 @caligarn Cuz they are sad that they can't put Flash in the favicon #
7/14 6:45 (AP) Armed Chinese soldiers beat up Vietnamese fishermen, take 1 ton of fish / #
7/14 6:17 @ourman @ericburdette For some technical reasons, Twitter sucks balls at aggregating (when reading beyond 1 hour) #
7/14 6:13 Lol RT @charliesheen: I'm down with the Clown. Whoop!! Whoop!! #
7/14 6:11 @scarlettran Very cool, like the #romitvn logo! I hope y'all have plans to continue maintaining the sites after the course ends? #
7/14 5:59 @ericburdette @ourman Google+ may start by being the place to post longer tweets thereby taking over as people's Twitter client #
7/14 5:10 RT @TheEconomist: The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes #
7/14 5:08 RT @careyz: China rejects Manila offer to bring dispute to UN ie bully knows he's wrong but wont stop. #
7/13 18:21 JIRA's Bonfire looks nice, if only something like it integrated with other issue trackers like Redmine #
7/13 16:23 RT @grapealope: There are 250 Genomics companies in China. 70% founded in last 3-5 years, 80% founded by Chinese returnees. #singularityu #
7/13 16:22 RT @grapealope: Drug development in India is 70-80% cheaper than the US. @DivaBiotech #biotech #singularityu #
7/13 16:18 @madlyduck @betoneko Green tea in VN far from matcha. What are differences between VN rice wines and sake? E De ruou can drunk communally #
7/13 11:41 @TylerWatts @caligarn According to this theory, we can predict a Japanese Eminem in a few years. Can't wait! #
7/13 11:31 @TylerWatts @caligarn So basically Vpop comes from Motown. Now if we could figure out where each language came from... #
7/13 8:35 @caligarn Which begs the question: What produced Michael Jackson? @TylerWatts #
7/13 8:27 Warning for anyone building products on Facebook: Prepare to be usurped when FB wants your property! #
7/13 7:12 @betoneko You know, when I discovered banh canh, I ate it as a replacement for udon ;) And banh day == mochi. But xi muoi != umeboshi. #
7/13 7:10 @OfficeSpace_SG So I guess the chain of 'evolution' goes like this: Jpop -> Kpop -> Vpop -> Khpop (whatever you want to call Khmer pop) #
7/13 5:12 @betoneko I had curry udon last night. :) I can honestly say I don't miss Cambodian food #
7/13 4:53 @TylerWatts @Anita_Tran @OfficeSpace_SG Vietnamese covering American/East Asian pop is understandable. Surprised anybody would copy V-pop! #
7/13 4:40 @betoneko Udon restaurant on Mac Dinh Chi is close enough. And the Japanese staff there are so tall. #
7/13 4:34 On the TVs on the bus to Phnom Penh: Bad Khmer covers of Vietnamese pop songs #
7/12 13:09 Straight out of Cam, right back to Saigon. Then straight to Japan for some real udon. Only VNese staff break the illusion. #
7/11 16:20 RT @fisheggtree: we are looking at the end of most of VN's large wild mammals w/in 25yrs if something desperate is not done immediately. #
7/11 16:08 @jobnomade Ask: Do I want to be sick last decades of life? I met De Grey years ago, support SENS. Benefits beyond long life. #methuselah #
7/11 5:59 After years of delays, Korean-backed Cambodian Stock Exchange opens today, but not a single company listed. #
7/11 5:17 N. Korean imports Rolexes while countrymen starve, resort to cannibalism. EuroComm. send millions in emergency food aid (and watches) #
7/9 15:14 Money can't buy happiness. But $4 can buy a pizza of happiness. #
7/9 13:08 @PedroInSaigon My guess is: there isn't. They are false cognates, perhaps similar to an exclamation like 'hey?' #
7/9 8:31 I swear, there is a mini funbox built into my hotel room in Phnom Penh. #skateboarding #
7/9 8:28 @preetamrai Glad you're coming to @barcampSaigon. And thx for reminder, I should pay tribute to @hackerspacepp while I'm here #
7/9 7:59 @preetamrai Hey, what are you doing in Phnom Penh? I'm also there for a few days. #
7/9 7:55 Mexican illegal immigration to the US has nearly stopped b/c Mexico's become an ok place to live. Is Vietnam far behind? #
7/9 4:29 Ready to leave Phnom Penh as soon as Vietnam will have me back! #
7/7 16:07 @madlyduck Here I am thinking black holes are imploded stars in our universe. Where do they exist? How does matter leave a BH? #
7/7 15:09 @madlyduck What was the matter pulled into? What universe were the black holes in? #
7/7 12:26 @nino_nina Good point. It's normal for American HS girls to wear makeup but not in Vietnam, even in university, right? #
7/7 12:25 @PedroInSaigon Lol, sometimes it seems like they are all 14 years old! @dukedylan VN is also obsessed with every kind of model #
7/7 11:41 This is what a 14-year old Vietnamese girl looks like: #
7/7 7:09 @PedroInSaigon @OfficeSpace_SG @jon7b Maybe better to take over her debt and use her interest payments to help educate others? :) #
7/7 7:08 @OfficeSpace_SG True. Microloans aimed at microbusinesses (like your food seller) who can pay back. Gamblers: send them to math class #
7/7 6:41 @caligarn Whoops, sorry @careyz! Re: unifying web services. OAuth + APIs (REST). Can already upload any kind of file to Google Docs #
7/7 6:32 @carez @caligarn Jolicloud web app manager + services with Dropbox integration + OAuth, the building blocks are there #
7/7 5:59 @jon7b @OfficeSpace_SG Hard to get normal loan? They should use microfinance (Kiva, etc) but only in VN in last 2-3 yrs, still unknown #
7/6 13:57 People hate BankofAmerica, JPMC, AT&T, Facebook most. [ ] Wonder if there's enough contrast in VN companies to matter? #
7/6 13:50 @philip_arthur Lol, pronounced the same too. I do have an idea for a Groupon for pornography though... #
7/6 13:49 @caligarn I set a honeypot laptop out in the wild and waited to see what internets the natives browsed on it, followed by CSI forensics #
7/6 12:25 I just 'discovered' a new Groupon clone 'in the wild'. I do like the name Vietpon though. #
7/6 8:53 @dynamicscholar If there is, they hide it. Along with any pricing information. Ripe for competition better than Moodle #
7/6 8:40 A new use has been found for Bitexco Tower: Vertical raceground. Still charging $12 to go up. #
7/6 8:33 It's Britney, but still this I Wanna Go remix is hot: and @weareoliver has Detroit street cred: #
7/6 6:04 Blackboard, the overpriced and much loathed school software, sold for $1.64 Billion. What an opportunity.. #
7/6 5:37 @caligarn There's some mandate for all civil servants and state owned enterprise employees to take the bus weekly tied to bonuses #
7/6 5:35 @jon7b Compressed natural gas-powered busses are already coming online #
7/5 19:24 Every few hours I check #bitcoin on IRC to see how much further BTC has fallen on MtGox as they slowly let everyone cash out #
7/5 10:20 Export your FB friends while you still can! Facebook blocks Google Chrome extension for exporting friends #
7/5 6:23 What's wrong with this picture? #hanoi #
7/4 13:33 @kennedypj @saigonnezumi Cuz PHP is dumb. 5.3 introduced a lot of syntax changes, e.g. call-time pass-by-reference. Usually easy to fix.. #
7/4 7:56 @jobnomade Hear, hear! Vietnam needs Heroes and CSI: Saigon, maybe Cops too #
7/4 7:52 @betoneko Yup! Fox News is known for stretching the truth at the best of times, this time just lack of security and response/awareness #
7/4 6:45 @foxnewspolitics is reporting that Pres Obama has just been assassinated! @PedroInSaigon @betoneko #
7/4 6:18 Awesome RT @tomoakiyama: Lady Gaga on #Japanese talkshow: Outrageous outfit, pulls out candy from her head [PHOTO] #
7/4 6:01 @caligarn Google apps + Google+ + Google single sign-on? Getting there slowly... #
7/4 5:59 Also, know who has editorial control! RT @betoneko: Never trust a man who reads only one newspaper (or none) #
7/4 5:51 @veryvietnam A novel idea indeed.. a place to read books for free - let's give the idea a name. Maybe call it "library"... #
7/4 5:31 @jobnomade Local govt prefers paying small compensation to victims rather than for responding with prevention. #
7/4 5:25 @jobnomade Investigating crime isn't in job description for cops in VN. We need a new type of police, chartered to serve and protect #
7/3 10:26 @VietnamBlogs I don't know you/your business model or system, whereas that site clearly gets paid for spam; assumed mistaken association #
7/3 10:20 @tamkaizen The slopes of a pyramid are awfully slipperly. I'm sure some see opportunities in VN's lack of experience/history with MLMs #
7/3 10:10 @VietnamBlogs So it took only a cursory look for me to tell it was a made-for-Adsense site, if you need to tweak your automation then fine #
7/3 10:09 Expat pain relief in #Vietnam / (but today, naproxen out of stock in 4 pharmacies, codeine easy to find) #
7/3 10:00 @VietnamBlogs Lol, haha thanks and no worries... just keeping you on your toes! #
7/3 9:42 @VietnamBlogs Do you get paid to promote low quality / spam / copied sites? You should at least say it's advertising #
7/3 9:31 @betoneko @ericburdette Enlightened Ohioans have decided lots of beer + American football + history of rioting + GUNS is a good plan #
7/3 8:50 Where do casual games like Zynga / Mafiaville fit in Google+ or should they remain a Facebook plague, source of income? #
7/2 4:35 10s of thousands lose cash in collapsed pyramid scheme; MLMs still growing / #Vietnam #
7/2 4:12 @philip_arthur There's 'boiled egg' - white on the outside, yellow on the inside, not sure it applies though #
7/1 6:46 RT @hcmctoday: Tease an Australian by saying that you "think the South African accent is beautiful." I couldn't do it with a straight face. #
7/1 6:43 @ericburdette There are several free databases which map IP addresses to countries; better, paid ones like MaxMind have more granularity #
7/1 6:19 @caligarn Whoops, it's Dang Tat. I still saw the old cards with old addr, with some handwritten scratches maybe for the new location. Pro. #
7/1 6:14 @caligarn Friend says it's pre-Reunification Saigonese style; should be celebrated. Then again rich culture lead to the fall of South VN.. #
7/1 6:10 @caligarn Today was the 2nd time I first went to the Dung Tat location before finding out everyone's on TTT. Even cards give Dung Tat addr #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 8-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:17am
8/31 18:13 Waiting for more 'Could I destroy the entire Roman empire...' to be posted, story unfolding on Reddit: #
8/31 14:50 @fisheggtree I'm a fan of Golden Farm products. Jars of decent salsa at Vietnamese prices. #
8/31 12:48 Incredible. Skip to 1:02. Robbery and shooting in Phnom Penh captured on security camera: #
8/31 8:43 Twitta massive big up the DJ @PedroInSaigon in the hot seat on the 1s and 2s inside the place. #
8/31 8:05 Anyone into local biodiversity could benefit from Drupal, so I can help setup in Vietnam @fisheggtree #
8/31 6:22 I think it would be cool if busses had forklifts in front and could move away cars blocking intersections #
8/30 18:39 RT @TheOnion: Tea Party Congressman Calls For Tax Breaks To Put Out Raging Wildfire In District #
8/30 11:47 RT @jobnomade: Share your "coffee money" experience like like like #
8/30 7:43 I wonder if this would work: #
8/30 7:08 @TylerWatts @jobnomade Good reading. Now I want to organize a group of Viets to go to America's ignored poor inner cities #
8/30 3:03 You shouldn't do voluntourism: #
8/29 9:59 @PedroInSaigon I only bet against lottery players and other mathematically challenged people #
8/29 8:04 @dylanduong Would that be Banh Cuon Hat Gao Vang? I am a repeat customer there :( #
8/29 7:43 If all of your recent tweets are Foursquare checkins, I'm not following you back #
8/29 6:32 Creative financing is increasing in Vietnam's real estate market to attract buyers. Remember how the last subprime mortgage crisis ended? #
8/29 6:23 @tamkaizen It's turtles and remixes all the way down. #
8/29 1:45 @Seesmic Web users need this fix for zombie tweets: #
8/28 15:28 RIP Dan Sicko, author of the classic music history text "Techno Rebels" and Detroit electronic music sage #
8/27 10:34 @jon7b @jobnomade I mean, we can't control what we do during sleep, and we all have to sleep ~1/3 of the day every day still #
8/27 9:51 We have surprising little control of an activity we spend 1/3 of our life doing, 2 billion people doing nothing every day #
8/26 7:13 Our Milky Way has a massive planet that's made of a single diamond: #
8/26 5:26 My 1+ hr #VietKieu interview was compressed into 4 Japanese sentences in the latest Sketch Magazine #
8/26 5:22 @k4media Thanks for the feedback and the RT, more coming soon! #
8/26 2:30 Tool for online marketers: short url analytics on right click. Testers please! #
8/25 10:36 @jobnomade I think the bug is when you quickly hit 'more images' when it first loads, right? Thx! I got confirm lorem ipsum #
8/25 1:20 Password Generator now using canvas to download password image reminders. Get it at Chrome Web Store @jobnomade for idea #
8/24 8:54 @jobnomade Cool idea! I'll have to look at HTML5 Canvas and other fun stuff to do that #
8/24 7:40 Moscow’s Wild Dogs Ride Subways To City Center In Search Of Food: #
8/24 7:09 Please try out my Chrome plugin for easily making memorable passwords in many languages: #
8/24 6:43 @betoneko Initially, I was googling for "mồng tơi" to put on "mông tôi" and I got "Mongolia" #
8/24 6:21 @NBNQ @jon7b Translation of words depends on context. Can you guys see Mongolia here? #
8/24 2:40 Google Translates "Mông tôi" (my butt) as "Mongolia". (Not to be confused with a Mongolian butt spot) #
8/23 10:39 @barijoe I would imagine Indonesia's links to Singapore's Amazon EC2 would be pretty fast, no? #
8/23 8:03 Horns on taxis should be mechanically disabled/silent unless the foot brake is being depressed #
8/23 7:53 MacBook warranty just expired. Figures, 3 things break on it at once #
8/23 7:50 @dylanduong Never shared pics. HootSuite is solid for posting, but I like @seesmic for scanning a day's worth of tweets quickly #
8/23 6:26 @Seesmic Your Seesmic Web has been 404 for a week now. Hootsuite is working nicely, other suggestions? #
8/23 2:50 Vietnam ranks as the most financially attractive country for offshoring, BUT... #
8/22 13:01 @jon7b I used that tutorial but saw this today: Then browse source examples by extension permissions. I use vim. #
8/22 12:00 Anyone have ideas for a Chrome plugin? I've been in the extending mood all weekend #
8/22 11:56 @nguyenhimself Ah, neato. DDoS is more terrorism, not hacking, and also a shitty use of Vietnam's limited overseas bandwidth. #
8/22 11:54 @jon7b Good point. All mail servers deliver to part before +, useful for filtering. But only GMail makes . insignificant for ID theft? #
8/22 11:06 @nguyenhimself Do you recall if it was trolls or people sharing other knowledge too? #
8/22 11:05 Periods in GMail usernames aren't significant. Add, remove, move the dots around, you still get mail! #
8/20 10:01 @tropixblue Unfortunately, censorship apologists would say that it's the same in every country #
8/20 10:00 @caligarn Might I suggest raincoats and backpacks with various Vietnam driving tips #
8/20 8:32 Title inflation: "Revolutionary Martyr" in Vietnam now meaningless: #
8/20 8:21 Intriguing tweets on censorship in Malaysia, ethical hacking, and social enterprise coming via #TEDxKL today #
8/19 6:59 RT @theeconomist: Berlin has been overtaken by a strange wave of car-burning. Last night nine cars went up in flames #
8/18 15:31 I'll be flying to SFO on September 6 and returning to Vietnam via Tokyo on the 12th. No thanks to Hipmunk showing bunk flights. #
8/18 13:51 Are Groupon clones stalling out in Vietnam? #
8/18 9:32 [email protected] Anyone who claims that Khmer is not a tonal language has never tried to order squid and found out they were asking for face. #
8/17 12:49 Tuoi Tre News: Every article ends with "Police are investigating" / #
8/17 12:27 Super Mario: How it really went down (indie film trailer) #
8/17 11:43 @shakkabrutha @NicholasMarx @hcmctoday Thanks for the reassuring answers! $80 to staple some blank paper #firstworldproblems #
8/17 8:47 Any Americans know how long it takes to get extra pages added to a passport (especially at the consulate in HCMC)? #
8/17 6:06 @tamkaizen Don't worry, we will all retweet the bad news into your Twitter stream #
8/16 9:05 @caligarn In the race for economic development, Vietnam has completely lost touch with social/moral development #
8/16 7:29 Will Google open a Google Store? I expect a Chinese person to have done so already #
8/16 7:15 @betoneko @careyz Folks are bombarded by daily deals, learning that each 1 isn't so great, hearing of ripoffs. But a sucker is born every... #
8/16 7:08 @barijoe My name is available for the low cost of $19.99.95! #
8/16 6:35 @caligarn @jon7b @dynamicscholar 5 years ago, tablets were the same as laptops, running Windows. iPad dumbed it down. #
8/16 6:24 @PedroInSaigon Vietnamese people are too busy setting fire to stuff and stealing things to riot over that #
8/15 15:03 @jon7b You can make a sentence out of the 4 random words by adding words. But using 'is' for most passwords would be bad #
8/15 15:01 @jon7b If nobody knows they're not random then ok :) Problem is if anyone thinks you're using a weaker scheme. Just like using 1,0 for i,o #
8/15 14:45 @jon7b Actually, since there are much less grammatically correct 4-word sentences, it would be much easier to find by brute force #
8/15 14:15 Dammit. Foreign language passphrase generator working again: #
8/15 7:36 Build a safer memorable multi-lingual password here: #correcthorsebatterystaple #
8/14 5:35 @barijoe You may be interested in a small Hootsuite ad blocker I made for Chrome: #
8/13 4:13 @caligarn Ebay has been in Vietnam for years, but Paypal only recently #
8/12 9:31 @kennynguyenus 7?! Was rope involved? They passed in an instant so no pics #
8/12 9:11 Yes! I saw 6 people on 1 motorbike! They're like Vietnamese phone booths. #
8/12 8:21 Hey, you remember #vietkieu #
8/11 9:17 @TylerWatts @officespace_sg To avoid unnecessary ridicule it's probably best to avoid Vietnamese names ending in 'ng' 'c' (and more) :) #
8/11 8:28 @OfficeSpace_SG Since 'j' can sound like 'zh' or 'y' in other languages, it could replace 'd'. Thus 'jinh' vs 'dinh', 'jung' vs 'dung'. #
8/11 8:00 @OfficeSpace_SG Can we replace 'd' with 'j' (or 'dj') and get rid of 'd stroke'? Gov't can't stop kids from using new, foreign words #
8/10 20:46 "Groupon updates IPO filing, admits it's unprofitable" Failed to fool SEC, will they postpone IPO like others? #
8/10 13:22 Dow down nearly 400 points already! RT @Benzinga: Yesterday's gains are gone. Face ripper rally off. #
8/10 13:05 Studying Vietnamese by reading jailed French-Viet blogger Prof. Pham Minh Hoang aka Phan Kien Quoc: #
8/10 8:41 Have a backup in case Anonymous takes down Facebook on Nov 5: #
8/10 7:58 RT @AsCorrespondent: 7 carjackers killed in Philippine shootouts #Philippines #Asia #News #
8/10 7:51 Most dangerous countries to be female: Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, Somalia #
8/9 6:46 A kitty cafe in Japan where you can rent kitty by the hour: #
8/9 6:39 @careyz VN should first build normal-speed rail to Can Tho, commuter rail to Dong Nai/Binh Duong, and a freight rail system #
8/9 6:24 @OneVietnam I have data that indirectly shows Facebook is less blocked/easier to access nationwide in recent weeks #
8/8 20:36 What’s the Fastest Web Browser in the “Real World?” Chrome. #
8/8 18:58 @PedroInSaigon Many definitely don't care. I'd argue that ignorance helps breed apathy and complacency. #
8/8 18:56 @NBNQ Yup, we had it all then. And Bangkok (and maybe Singapore) benefited financially and rose from Saigon's fall. Morale or morals? :) #
8/8 15:10 Before, I would have been sad to find a snail shell in my soup. Now: hey free food! #
8/8 4:55 "One of the main causes of pollution is a simple lack of awareness on the part of local residents" #vietnam #
8/8 3:13 Looking back at Pre-1975 Saigon: #
8/7 17:53 @dynamicscholar Yeah, agree the way to live peacefully is to not stress over things one can't change #
8/7 17:51 @michaelcoyote @jon7b @PedroInSaigon Feels good to vent, but we're just preaching to the choir. The ones who need to hear, need to in VNese #
8/7 6:23 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Looks like petanque. Game played in a lot of former French areas (US included) #
8/7 6:19 The futility of complaining about Vietnam in English. #
8/6 19:24 @lokimorgan hi Morgan! :) #
8/6 7:43 @mybigfatface I am impressed indeed, and think it would make an excellent Twitter profile pic! #
8/6 7:00 I finally understand why Westerners can't do the Asian squat: #
8/5 9:01 Rep'n my hood RT @thisbigcity: New Post: In Awe of Vietnam – Stunning Photography from Ho Chi Minh City @jodiehuynh #
8/5 7:36 Robocop is needed. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Robbers besiege Ho Chi Minh City #
8/4 20:11 Tea Party gets its way = Dow drops 500+ points, worst since 2008. #
8/4 15:45 Scary. Facebook will track you all over the web and give your personal information to advertisers who ask: #
8/4 15:43 @HerDailyDigest Did you join Foursquare? What will you do with your newfound klout? :) #
8/4 15:05 $1 HIV test, 15 minute results. Fits in wallet. #
8/4 10:52 Prices for condos at Saigon Pearl down over 20% but still not selling: #
8/4 10:44 @fisheggtree Correct, PetroVietnam is state-owned. They also operate taxis (!) #
8/4 8:50 @fisheggtree Including the various resorts owned by PetroVietnam? #
8/4 6:29 @fisheggtree And is it true that Sharky's has the best Mexican food in Phnom Penh? #
8/4 6:27 @fisheggtree To me PP's Western restos complement SG's nicely, but lack SG's Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc. districts #
8/4 6:13 @jon7b It was normal for a few weeks then back to "cable-cut speeds" for over a week here #
8/3 17:12 Bitcoin mining botnet controlled by Twitter discovered: #
8/3 12:01 @dynamicscholar "Straight outta Vincom" #
8/3 9:06 @Conversoul @ericburdette See, Cops vs Cops would provide hours of entertainment (to me) #
8/3 7:48 @ericburdette Indeed, maybe they're watching too many violent Thai films. But just imagine a Vietnamese version of Cops. #
8/3 7:44 @dynamicscholar Thanks man I try to keep it real #
8/3 6:30 Great. Nhommua is spamming me on Yahoo Messenger now #
8/3 5:56 #gettingthingsdone "ran into a bar nearby, broke apart the chair’s leg, took out the iron rod from it and used it to stab Cuong" #
8/2 8:59 Kpop payola/pay for play corruption scandal. Or why Korean pop is all over Vietnamese media? #
8/2 8:26 Next up: IQ to OS correlation? WinXP users on one end, OpenBSD (need to be a genius) on the other #
8/2 8:22 @betoneko @jon7b @TylerWatts lol, or as someone from Central VN would ask: ô tô mô tô Tô Mô mô? #
8/2 7:26 @betoneko Lol! Nha Hang TOMO is the BEST, besides Cafe Tomo (coming soon). and secret Quan Tomo on Nguyen Van Lac #
8/2 7:25 @webtomme #3 mainly! I've done #1, and #2 and #4 (for free) #
8/2 4:49 Working in Saigon/Vietnam as an expat: #
8/1 15:03 HSBC to cut 30k jobs by 2013: #
8/1 9:26 @PedroInSaigon Yes, there was an article somewhere about a few foreign kids and their VN disciples teaching each other parkour in Saigon #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 9-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:15am
9/30 16:11 A1 Bassline - True Romance Refix that @mrgoldie raged on Twitter about and got deleted. Get it while it lasts: #
9/30 13:56 This is my 1000th tweet. Thanks to my 583 followers for not unfollowing me (yet)! #
9/30 12:41 @shilkytouch What-up-doe is the Detroit colloquial greeting @BobbyJComedy #
9/30 6:25 @jon7b Investors (individuals, private companies) rather than dwellers. Speculators sitting on 'acquired' land rights not making use of land #
9/30 6:09 Total investment for Metro Line 2 Ben Thanh-Tham Luong is ~US$1.3b: ADB $540m, German Bank for Reconstruction $313m, EIB $195m, HCMC $326.5m #
9/30 5:50 "In #Vietnam’s urban areas there are many large, empty luxury homes, while low-income earners are in need of accommodation." #
9/29 6:37 @dshupp True, companies aren't pegging to it, but inflation leads to min wage hikes, strikes, workers needing increased compensation to live #
9/29 4:55 @babyexpat One time I had to 'hack' Jetstar's website to finish a booking, it wasn't going through any other way #
9/28 10:11 Wages increase in Vietnam b/c of uncontrolled inflation, not higher quality and more productive labor. Makes Vietnam less attractive for FDI #
9/27 15:46 geo-social travel hackathon until October 31. Who wants to work on a travel app? #
9/27 7:22 @betoneko @nostarwhere For safety, it's China Airlines that's especially dangerous: #
9/27 6:52 @betoneko I think China Air has, by far, the worst air safety record of any airline. #
9/27 6:51 LOL @betoneko: Searched pictures for China Airline and I got photos of plane wrecks and explosions. What does it mean?! #
9/26 13:49 I have 200 tabs open in Chrome and it's still running smooth, thanks to a much needed ram upgrade #
9/26 13:44 @jon7b @NBNQ By your descriptive tags alone, I was going to guess you were talking about Evangelion, also one of my all time favorites #
9/26 8:57 @dylanduong This old man is also itching to buy a skateboard and fall down a few times, scratch up my elbows, test out Vietnamese helmets #
9/26 6:03 Awesome! Skateistan is looking for a volunteer skateboarder in Cambodia: #
9/24 17:51 RT @luuhiep: Solar-Powered Water ATMs Provide Clean Drinking Water To The Thirsty #
9/24 15:07 I just heard a clip of Strings of Life on Vietnamese tv: #
9/24 8:55 Hah! Some random words I said were quoted in an article on youth violence from Tuoi Tre: #
9/24 5:21 Some rare Detroit love, if a bit confused RT @TechCrunch: Motor City Mojo: The Startup Renaissance In Detroit #
9/24 2:17 Groupon: COO & #2 executive leaves, revenues cut in half: #
9/23 7:28 @barijoe Simple Way to Download YouTube HTML5 Videos: #
9/23 7:20 NASA funding? We need to be exploring frontiers of the genes, the atoms, the seas, and the mind. GASM. #
9/23 6:14 Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment: #
9/23 5:47 "We think the banks are mortally afraid to call in bad debt b/c they have to report it & they don't have the $ to increase their .. ratios" #
9/23 5:31 Hard lessons for Vietnam as property slumps: Greed turns to losses, bad debt. Crisis likely far worse as banks hide losses. #
9/23 2:51 RT @Ann_Ha: 2.180mil is the updated no of facebook users in vietnam. No keeps climbing slowly #
9/22 11:59 This is great. Check out the last 8 tweets from @markdavidson before they probably get deleted #
9/22 9:25 Wikipedia: "there are no cases of elevators simply free-falling and killing the passengers inside" - Vietnam will show them! #
9/22 6:52 Losing to Vietnam? RT @TheEconomist: America has lost many industries, and China will be losing them soon enough #
9/22 6:39 @ChrisInCambo The question is: after a slight moment of confusion, did you try :wq! next? #
9/22 5:45 Fight Cancer! Crowdsourcing ideas for curing breast cancer, anyone can submit an idea: #
9/21 13:52 @benhomie I think Google+ could do be a pretty good Twitter replacement itself, which is also why Facebook is getting into 'following' #
9/21 13:27 Counterfeit million dollar bills found in Hanoi: & Police Are Investigating remix: "Police keep investigating the case" #
9/21 13:21 Reports of Google+'s death may be greatly exaggerated, considering it just opened to the public today, Facebook vomiting all over browsers #
9/21 2:24 @caligarn An innate fear of change. And the speed of technological change accelerating. At some point, people can't keep up. #singularity #
9/21 2:12 @kingceejay I don't iPad because I need to be productive, but I am a fan of the keyboard and pad built in on my MacBook Pro #
9/20 17:12 On FPT, I can only access Twitter via a tunnel/vpn right now. Wonder if Twitter is being blocked in #Vietnam #
9/20 17:00 Twitter's Who To Follow sucks, there is no good site for fine-grained filtering of interesting people w/o wading through useless profiles #
9/20 9:40 I just saw a cyclo driver ride by wearing a Detroit Tigers hat #
9/20 8:29 @jon7b @jobnomade Probably not due to wifi sniffing but rather Twitter phishing or clickjacking #
9/20 4:44 Google's "Ten things we know to be true": #
9/19 13:39 @PedroInSaigon True. A mob would get attention, London riots. But I have ideas on vigilantism crossed with civil protest + theater #
9/19 13:30 @jon7b LOL the idea of wanting to impress backpackers. I'm sure he was quite pleased with his Vietnamese skills until you pooped on him #
9/19 9:30 @MienHPham Best all around tailor in Hoi An is A Dong. We use them for our business, after surveying others. #
9/19 3:44 @PedroInSaigon I support vigilantism in Vietnam. Shame the authorities into doing their job. But it can easily get out of control. #
9/19 2:07 @HerDailyDigest Yup! So I saw you with @kingceejay (and @PedroInSaigon) at the flea market. Have a good time? #
9/18 2:37 Just had a great conversation wit J R R Tolkien about the construction of the Elvish languages: Sadly, just a dream. #
9/17 9:11 WSJ: Running a Groupon lowers your ratings on review sites. Groupon will just blame the stupid merchants. #
9/16 11:38 @shakkabrutha I got a green parrotlet-like thing that sits obediently on my shoulder, and a runaway parakeet missing a toe - true pirate. #
9/16 10:35 Dumb parrot injured its neck trying to go out a small hole. He can eat food still, but any bird doctors in Saigon who could do a bird x-ray? #
9/16 1:25 Testing out Cafe Me on Luong Huu Khanh while they prepare to open in another week. Like being in someone's living room. #
9/16 1:23 @m_beaumont @michaelcoyote Guess you mean 1, 2 & 6. A small % of neighborhoods in the US have no grass, most still use cars in cities #
9/16 1:15 @BeeberryPeung I guess in Thailand #8 Rules is more like Vietnam than in the US? #
9/15 22:04 US dollar creeping above 21000 VND on the black market. End-of-year run up of the dollar may be starting now. #
9/15 13:20 Right now on Discovery Channel: community activists finding ways to improve traffic in Hanoi on their own. #jambusters #
9/15 11:22 Qatar is opening up .qa domains for all via 10 approved registrars. Quality Assurance professionals wanting vanity domains rejoice! #
9/15 3:56 10 Reasons I Left the United States (without realizing it): #
9/14 16:34 RT @DIT313: Octave One vs Obama - Black Victory (Blackwater remix - Dj Aroy Yes We Can Bootleg): #
9/14 6:31 @dynamicscholar Does it? I thought Google Flight Search also leaves out Southwest #
9/14 4:45 Is there any browser extension that integrates unsearchable budget airlines (Southwest) into other sites' search results? Hmm.. #
9/14 4:40 Lenovo Code-A-Thon hackathon for their IdeaPad Android device in Singapore this Friday/Saturday: #
9/14 1:56 @ericburdette It's definitely already lost among Vietnamese-American communities who grew up around American-sized portions #
9/14 1:09 Airline scorecard: 3 of 3 UnitedAirlines flights delayed 1+ hrs, no in-flight entertainment, horrible food. JapanAirlines was awesome. #
9/13 23:13 #DailySteals: Would have liked to have stayed in SF an extra few days for #TCDisrupt event #
9/12 16:28 6 days later, back at SFO #
9/12 9:21 Small bonfire with 2 cousins on an empty beach in Santa Cruz, drinking Coors Light mixed with V8. Only in America. #
9/10 0:29 @DublinFlaneur Sorry if I got your hopes up. It's in San Jose, California (hence the surrealness at not being in Vietnam) #
9/9 23:41 Just had a surreal moment at Fry's Electronics surrounded by Vietnamese staff speaking Vietnamese to customers. #
9/9 15:45 I'm looking for an illustrator in Vietnam. Can you draw things? Please get in touch. #
9/8 14:44 The sound of lawns being mowed. Not in Vietnam anymore. #
9/8 13:52 Upcoming Google DevFests in SE Asia: #
9/5 18:26 Watching documentary about the Concorde crash that stopped service forever. Good way to prepare for boarding a trans-Pacific flight #
9/5 17:52 @tdichristopher It was a Wikileaks cable from the US embassy in Vietnam, from finding and interviewing AmeriAsian adults in Vietnam #
9/5 16:30 @dylanduong No problem, on one condition: Whatever shirt I buy, you must wear in public! #sinisterlaugh #
9/5 15:42 Few more hours and I'll be on an airplane to America for the first time in 2.5 years. Wonder if it's changed as much as Vietnam. #
9/5 14:43 @tdichristopher Recent Wikileaks re: Vietnam, US had surveyed AmerAsians, found they had all integrated, discrimination stopped for years #
9/5 12:16 Tuoi Tre News has republished my blog post w/ permission (but no mention of original). Police Are Investigating: #
9/5 7:48 To understand what my last tweet says, use the Twitter Decoder Ring: #
9/5 7:46 顜善嬔巖嗴允曏不t唈吷曃噑庠嗱鲷凸亥丂仨丶乇儓乓(劗揦允圫s囸严懦倡侭鹔丘柺槐嫢忒爠t唈堺倱t唈婐丕珹埼円七哢蠧呕囫自t唈吷讴鏞渊帺呙冑咭巖嗴佽哻巖0簝噯呝丕1哼测樖匡螎諑歘丂2哼檂鎗俫抆哻与亩歘挍叜 #
9/4 5:18 1000s more in HCMC plz RT @tuoitrenewsvn: 2,000 cars fined in Hanoi in a fortnight #
9/4 5:16 Increase "Gamification" w/ "an open src platform, customizable gamification elements designed to increase user interaction on websites" #
9/3 20:15 @kennynguyenus Serial decision-making is making lots of decisions in a short period of time. Think customizing a suit, car, or vacation #
9/3 9:53 I wonder if Bud's Ice Cream in San Francisco is full of confused Vietnamese tourists #
9/2 11:22 I'm slurping up my Ramen badge on PhoSquare! #justkidding #
9/2 10:04 @barijoe If you haven't noticed a slowdown in Internet speed then you are either blessed or have magic Internet. Who's your isp? #
9/2 10:01 Decision fatigue. Ego depletion. Gain more self-control, make wiser decisions with a quick shot of sugar. Break up serial decision-making. #
9/1 15:31 The Truth Behind Online Influence (Klout): #
9/1 4:22 The damn Vung Tau undersea cable to the overseas Internet broke again #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 10-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:14am
10/31 8:52 @dynamicscholar Any website can be attractive on the frontend. Drupal is truly beautiful on the inside which you can't see w/o admin account #
10/31 8:51 @dynamicscholar Some case studies: And list of 10 Drupal sites: #
10/31 8:07 @dynamicscholar What kind of design do you mean? Graphic design / Drupal theme? Or examples of fully developed Drupal sites? #
10/30 7:26 @dynamicscholar The charm is there, floating in the water. My street is usually passable, and I have escape routes. #
10/30 5:06 @dynamicscholar Huynh Tan Phat? You made the news! So did my hood. #
10/29 8:59 RT @mybigfatface: Today I was called a cheap dog pussy by a tuk tuk driver. #onlyincambodia #
10/29 8:28 @SaigonSean Never? Vietnamese people seem quite content to transport themselves through #poowater (ask @dynamicscholar) #
10/29 6:04 Saigon has some 100 km of canals. Instead of taking advantage of it for transportation or tourism, it's a toilet and trashbin for neighbors #
10/28 8:14 @caligarn Are they? They're in tune with Japan's mobile consumers: got adoption of 3G, NFC, smart cards, QR codes. Think mobile, not web. #
10/28 7:43 I want a pair of these gloves, built into my motorbike: #
10/28 7:25 Idea: Local network appliance that mirrors Google Apps and cloud storage for quicker, offline access. Think Git for all your work. #
10/28 7:07 @peoplewithideas Taking over a domain name is not too hard w/ a bit of social engineering. Quite hard to lose domains by lapsed renewal now #
10/27 8:12 is for sale: By Singaporeans? #
10/27 6:25 Post-apocalyptic Bangkok: #
10/26 12:03 @nguyenhimself Anyone can build a blog. But if you build a CMS think'n it's better, 9/10 you're an idiot, unless your name is Dries #
10/26 11:53 @saigonnezumi So what you're saying is your students didn't learn enough to be useful to you right now, right? :) #
10/26 9:08 Software engineering is far from manufacturing (Japan has mastered). Still, modern sw eng borrows from Jp manufacturing: JIT, lean, kanban #
10/26 8:56 US also has all the sw startups. International contribution is in open source: Linux kernel from Finland, OpenBSD in Canada, Linux distros.. #
10/26 8:52 US has all the Google, Microsoft, Oracles of the world. Japan nor any other country have any of these platform makers (excl. Nintendo, SAP) #
10/26 8:38 @caligarn I think Japan's focus on large enterprises leads to disadvantages in quantity of software innovation. #
10/26 7:36 @dynamicscholar Perhaps we can Kickstarter crowdfund the transmitter parts, but I wonder where random electronic parts can be found. D5? #
10/26 7:34 @saigonnezumi Django clearly won mindshare. TurboGears good depending on experience w/ underlying projects. Have also used CherryPy. Why? #
10/25 13:02 @saigonnezumi I've done quite a bit of Python professionally. Worked with the creator of TurboGears. #
10/25 11:22 Preview the Chrome Web Store's new look: #
10/25 10:21 It's possible to build a device that transmits sound to a neighbor's speakers. Even one's singing karaoke post midnight. Food for thought. #
10/25 8:18 @benjaminbland Strange, I know higher ups in the cong an who travel abroad, both for training/meetings and personal reasons #
10/25 8:15 "There is a growing basket of technologies that double in their price performance every 18 to 25 months." #
10/24 9:24 @caligarn Yes, but article claims Japanese PMs are less skilled and uses a chart of number of PMs per capita as the evidence. #
10/24 9:11 @caligarn In the graph, end results leading to 'Talents are destroyed'. Another comment, project managers per capita is unrelated to skill #
10/24 5:32 @caligarn The big picture of enterprise IT may be spot on. Details about lack of open source, outsourcing are wrong. Hard to generalize. #
10/24 5:11 @chuongvision Avoid Bangkok right now as it's under water. Will you be in Saigon? Best way I can help is to buy you a coffee here #
10/23 8:43 I think Vietnamese homebuilders embody the lean startup methodology: fail early, fail often #
10/22 15:35 @jobnomade I was looking for an address, map, or directions on there, not on Agile tour page either! #
10/22 13:48 Looks like the directions to Vietnam's "most advanced IT corporation" FPT was hacked, spammed #
10/20 10:03 Deceitful eateries blacklisted in southern Vietnam: #
10/19 10:28 RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Hanoi man chases, scares traffic violators (video) #
10/18 15:31 @jon7b @Jane_Minnie Hahaha, now you know. #
10/17 8:45 @ourman Planning on providing a hit list to the Vietnamese government? :) #
10/17 7:02 Insane growth numbers? Vietnamese Facebook users grew by 51% in Quarter 3 2011 and will soon pass Singapore #
10/17 5:38 @NBNQ "All animals are equal - But some animals are more equal than others" - Animal Farm #
10/16 8:12 Lots of buzz about Siri, a company Apple recently bought. But Android has had voice control apps for awhile: #
10/16 4:43 @ChrisGNguyen As an expat, more international food choices is great! I'd like to see enterprising domestic companies produce the same items #
10/14 9:51 @dynamicscholar If I could cut ears from head, I'd leave 1 in Berlin & 1 in Detroit. But may make a trip to BKK for BedSupperClub.Stay safe. #
10/13 15:21 Some days you struggle to remember a word. Today that word was "calque": borrowing a foreign word-phrase, by translating it word for word. #
10/13 14:04 @dynamicscholar Booka Shade? Envious. Saw them at DEMF a few years back. #
10/13 9:06 @jon7b @nguyenhimself If you're dying to relieve that exp. I may have some headless vaxen back in the US, but prob. running NetBSD, not VMS #
10/13 8:35 @nguyenhimself I do own a copy of K&R. ;) RIP, The R in K&R. #
10/13 7:48 "The number of fatalities during the traffic safety month was the highest" #
10/13 7:42 @betoneko @CotterVN Not like Japanese Pizza Hut. Artisanal, flavorful pies w/ untraditional ingredients. Favorite of at least 2 friends. #
10/13 7:11 @betoneko Baby Spoon is great if you have a Japanese tooth. Filling pastas, creamy variations on omu-rice. Only been to Ben Thanh location #
10/13 6:54 This week the world lost a truly important person in the modern computer world, whose work underlies Mac OSX/iOS. RIP Dennis Ritchie #
10/12 13:38 P.S. I have some NeXTstation slabs for sale. Collector's item! #
10/12 13:25 Steve Jobs was the reason Apple products were good. If you believe this is true then you should not plan to buy any future Apple products. #
10/10 13:51 @PedroInSaigon ...and I'm somewhere between the idiots who ride bicycles and the guys who drive Honda SHs. #ghettofabulous #
10/10 13:49 @PedroInSaigon If we simply correlate income/car ownership with intelligence then Americans are geniuses, Vietnamese are retards #
10/10 13:47 @VLStudies I think the ministry should clearly signal high but stable future oil prices, subsidize food input fuels and public transit #
10/10 13:38 @PedroInSaigon Having a car can mean being a driver (company car or for a family), being somebody's wife/mistress, being a son. Ability? #
10/10 8:34 @PedroInSaigon @ericburdette I'd say having a car in Saigon is more correlated to family connections than ability to honestly earn money #
10/9 14:56 Saigon temperature updates really only need 3 values: use a/c, use fan, turn off fan #
10/8 13:28 Vietnamese customer service: after placing an order online, TheGioDiDong let my phone ring 1x, had no record of my order when I called back #
10/7 11:48 @nguyenhimself @Jane_Minnie Put it this way: if I threatened to knifestab you, would you show up? Now if I invited you for coffee.... #
10/7 8:49 @Jane_Minnie Coffee next week sounds good :) #
10/7 6:31 "10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have no Jobs, no Hope, and no Cash." - Unknown #
10/7 6:02 MORE POOP! RT @shilkytouch: WANT RT @brokepimpstyles: Poop Powered Bike To Tour Japan #
10/7 6:00 @Jane_Minnie I have mixed feelings about your mixed feelings. How best to sort this out? #
10/6 6:22 #RIPSteveJobs Always the showman, he's found a way to distract any critics of the disappointing iPhone announcement #
10/5 16:23 @NicholasMarx @peoplewithideas I am pretty sure Singapore counts as being in Asia... #
10/5 9:32 The value (and cost) of 50 GB of cloud storage goes down every year #
10/5 7:45 I just saw a fairly professional xe om driver. He had a windshield in front which clearly stated 'MOTO-TAXI' with phone number #
10/5 6:37 @nguyenhimself Their Tokyo is >> Fremont, but Amazon in Singapore is still much closer. But still limited by VN's international bandwidth #
10/5 5:57 @nguyenhimself FWIW, Linode's Fremont/HE datacenter (where I have one of my servers) has lost power several times this year. Plus it's far. #
10/4 7:35 @themebrain Are you talking about someone coming in and taking 'coffee money'? :) #
10/4 7:35 @jon7b Haha, curious what that's like but in this case a grown man refers to himself as 'child' (con), not very alpha male #
10/4 6:37 A crazy guy just walked into my office, drank my iced coffee, and walked out with a jar of candy #bucminh #
10/4 6:22 #Vietnam "economy depends so much on rising money supply while the technology is out-of-date, productivity is low" #
10/4 3:11 Reading QA/tester resumes. If you work in quality assurance, shouldn't your CV be flawless? #
10/4 2:35 Vietnam admitted it still has problems in salary policy such as: paying salary not based on productivity, contribution, job requirements... #
10/4 2:20 Will Groupon's valuation implosion affect localized daily deal clones (NhomMua, etc.) who may have been counting on exit by acquisition? #
10/3 15:10 No shit. 'Vietnam should use overseas Vietnamese' says 'expert': #
10/3 14:33 @NBNQ Not this topic, but on naming things and producing videos #
10/3 8:13 @NBNQ Do Vietnamese people really love us for our dashing good looks, or is it for something else? Btw, I'm working on crowdsourcing too :) #
10/3 7:21 @PedroInSaigon It's 8.3m from TheGioiDiDong if you reserve it online first (600k off) #
10/3 7:08 @PedroInSaigon On paper it looks quite good, comparable specs to pricier Android devices (and much cheaper than an iPhone 4) #
10/3 6:38 Wonder if anyone in Vietnam will sell the Xiaomi M1 when it goes on sale the 15th? Or just buy an LG Optimus Black now #
10/2 9:16 @barijoe I think you're looking for Inkscape (open source vector graphics software) #
10/1 4:05 Download videos from YouTube: easy as unescape(yt.config_.PLAYER_CONFIG.args.url_encoded_fmt_stream_map) #
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