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@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 11-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:12am
11/30 14:43 'Like', retweet is a crime RT @RichardBarrow: Foreign Tourists warned they could be arrested for lese majeste #
11/29 5:26 @barijoe Any new Miyazaki film would be good. I always thought Nausicaa was already an allegory to the awesome power of splitting atoms #
11/28 11:26 Ken Schwaber is going over scrum with us over Skype. Pretty cool! #
11/28 6:45 @saigonnezumi What exactly are we doing? Volunteering to organize an event that benefits the local community? Shame on us. #
11/28 6:42 @playingwithsid If @barcampSaigon became Mozilla Reps, there would be outrage in the Twitter community for siding with one browser :) #
11/28 6:34 @saigonnezumi All of a sudden you're throwing out accusations that simply aren't true. Half of organizers came from open request at last BC #
11/27 11:36 @exposilver Thanks for the tip. Ended up at a no-name place near me called Kim Thuy and got it replaced for a good price, $36 #
11/27 7:51 Tricky people. Putting salt in the salt shaker leaving me with a handful of salt. #onlyinvietnam #
11/26 10:51 A few days late and sans turkey, still thankful to be celebrating #
11/25 8:47 Any shops in Saigon that fix Macbook Pro power adapters/cables? Regular shops on NTMK now only replace - for over 2 million! #
11/24 8:41 Waiting for this. RT @barijoe: Paramount's 'Star Trek' Sequel to Open May 17, 2013 #
11/23 7:03 RT @AsCorrespondent: Bombs defused near Philippine massacre site on 2nd anniversity of atrocity. Tensions high. #
11/22 6:08 @caligarn Both China and Japan want to create SEA rail infrastructure. But this is freight rail. Japan wants to build passenger w/in VN #
11/22 6:03 @caligarn @hendrikbeck Let's resume world domination talks. Tomorrow or Friday. #
11/17 14:47 66% of Chinese use their smartphones at home and 59% while traveling #
11/16 10:07 @jobnomade There is a slight chance Dries will come here for the next FOSSASIA! Wanna check out Drupal community in India. Yes to DrupalCamp #
11/16 9:26 @saigonnezumi @jkthng I've long thought about having a mini DrupalCamp at BarCampSaigon, but need to focus on just BC now. FOSSAsia too. #
11/14 13:15 @Vietnam720 I mean thanks BEN :-) #
11/14 13:15 @Vietnam720 Haha! Thanks Be :-) #
11/14 12:28 @caligarn Honestly, I thought you did a fine job emceeing in Vietnamese. Better than my emceeing at a wedding on Saturday in English! #
11/14 9:56 @caligarn Why didn't you join a team with a good idea and MC their presentation? #
11/14 7:33 Not opposed to this in areas: As of 11 December 2008, every street corner in Johannesburg central is under high-tech CCTV surveillance #
11/14 7:24 @saigonnezumi Yes, we have Boost with Drupal. What are you doing? #
11/14 7:23 I'd like to thank this past weekend's sponsor, Ibuprofen, for making it bearable #
11/14 4:58 @saigonnezumi Yes, I run Drupal on OpenBSD and various Linux (and OSX), Apache, and Nginx. Why? #
11/14 4:57 Simple but interesting idea from Hacka2thon: all upcoming local events (or perhaps sales?) on a map: (test with 48104) #
11/13 8:15 RIP My yellow parakeet. Even after being rescued, you were never a very cheerful one. #
11/13 7:32 @ericburdette Was in Can Tho for a wedding. Nice that it only takes 3 hours to get there! #
11/11 10:07 I think most of Can Tho City is under water right now. Traffic jams everywhere #
11/9 7:38 @shilkytouch I still haven't been able to figure out if Vietnamese play by Japanese Go rules, or possibly Chinese. #
11/9 4:52 Links fixed: Our entry and experience competing at Saigon MobileDevCamp 2011: #
11/9 3:36 @jon7b Thanks for the heads up. 'Click to expand' should now be working. :) #
11/9 1:45 Our entry and experience competing at Saigon MobileDevCamp 2011: #
11/6 7:55 @ChristophK2003 Still at the camp but it's taking a really long time to judge each submission. A lot of groups competing. #
11/6 7:52 TIL that the game Go in Vietnamese is 'Co vay'. They have a club that plays at Bach Khoa University. #
11/5 14:26 Hosting my team for Saigon MobileDevCamp hackathon tonight at my house, hoping to have an app running by noon. Social, Mobile, Local. #
11/5 2:23 At Bach Khoa University for MobileDevCamp #
11/4 6:23 @dynamicscholar Haha, those were direct quotes from @tuoitrenews and still not sure if it was subtle, yet deliberate Engrish. #
11/4 6:03 @dynamicscholar Vietnamese people prefer fat, older dong, which is not so bad once you peel back the skin and wash off the fishy smell #
11/4 6:00 So who thinks there will be a Steve Jobs movie next year? #
11/3 12:25 I have a question. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Truck hits three bikes, two women die #
11/2 8:44 @caligarn Quality of orgasms over quantity. Clearly, we can test both. (I see you've changed your avatar for the 1923438th time) #
11/2 8:14 @nguyenhimself @dynamicscholar It will be a lot of tedious work, but I'm willing to take it on. In the name of advancing science. #
11/2 7:12 "Study says a woman's walk reflects her vaginal orgasmic history" - Not sure what to make of this. May need to do further research on my own #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 12-2011

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:09am
12/30 7:24 Is there an automated/scriptable way to convert Vietnamese text between VNI Windows and Unicode encoding? #
12/30 6:29 Only in "Vietname" can you misspell your own country on a large banner, shrug, and hang it up anyways #
12/24 6:39 I asked a Vietnamese person why they don't eat bananas with chili salt. Response: "Because I'm not crazy." #
12/24 6:00 Drop meets bucket. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Hanoi loses $31 mln to corruption in 5 years #
12/22 5:24 "It’s an era of the warring states for business in Vietnam." - Sapporo #
12/19 4:40 After a long day of looking at things in North Korea, Mr. Kim Jong Il has passed away. #
12/17 7:16 @PedroInSaigon @dynamicscholar LOL, love the expat camaraderie when it comes to "things that should just not be happening every day but do" #
12/17 6:01 Announcement: I want to murder the person who is hammering into my wall and has been since 7AM using his own hammer #
12/16 10:58 Any technical project managers in Vietnam? Get in touch! #
12/15 8:07 @jon7b Discouraged but allowed. We could also just all pay for our own lunches, etc. but it's actually just a small part of the budget. #
12/15 7:47 @MienHPham Last night I was blown away by a girl waxing nostalgic about a counterculture in one country arising from war in her home country #
12/15 6:37 @TylerWatts @caligarn @barcampsaigon Actually @dynamicscholar was planning one in conjunction w/ BarCamp, then our plans faltered. Restart? #
12/15 4:35 Introspecting #barcampsaigon Winter 2011. Barcamping is easy and 3 other ideas: #
12/14 5:28 @caligarn Yes. I'm reporting you -right now- #
12/14 5:25 @saigonsean I am against waterboarding because it isn't considered torture. Prefer more recognized forms, like Vietnamese @home karaoke #
12/14 4:32 @saigonsean Twitter (or a 3rd party) could warn you before you tweeted about keywords that would attract spammers... or just kill spammers #
12/14 4:02 @natalie470 @caligarn @Vietnam720 Don't worry. Soon spammers will discover you and you will get a new spam follower every day! #
12/14 3:45 @fisheggtree An idea.. create a forum for posting crowdsourced translations of deserving Vietnamese news articles (and vice versa) #
12/14 3:39 What's wrong with an SUV honking at a wheelchair to get out of the way? #
12/13 5:46 In hindsight, my favorite part of #BarCampSaigon was hundreds of people QUEUEING to register #
12/12 13:36 Swoon. RT @barijoe: My wife knows the difference between a Klingon Bird Of Prey and a Romulan Warbird #
12/10 22:24 Heading to RMIT for #BarCampSaigon on this crispy morning #
12/10 8:29 Late Reminder: #BarCampSaigon preparty at 90 Bui Vien, D1 tonight. All are welcome. I'm there from 7pm. #
12/10 7:11 We need a stamp to stamp lunch vouchers for BarCamp. anyone have one to lend? #
12/9 16:25 Not actually a headline from The Onio: 'California Cuts Budget Transparency Website From Budget' #
12/9 16:15 Law enforcement via example,right model for VN? RT @tuoitrenewsvn: China sentences woman to death in tainted milk case #
12/9 7:59 Something like 2.5 days without a proper cigarette. I might yell at you. #
12/8 7:43 @from_vn It's possible to be a non-executive participant in a corrupt system while changing it from within. Or you can just turn your back. #
12/8 7:26 @ChrisGNguyen Hope it also includes Mr. Banh Mi Sua, the traveling sandwich repair-man @nguyenhimself #
12/7 11:54 @cnualart Sua chua also means 'repair'. Different word from yogurt. Silly spelling system. #
12/1 8:32 @tamkaizen Didn't know you were a fan of Cleveland thugs haha #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 1-2012

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:08am
1/31 9:29 @Jane_Minnie Probably meaningless, but it could be meaningful! E.g. maybe it symbolizes VN youth stepping on imperialist USA all day =D #
1/31 7:43 Vietnamese girl just walked by wearing shoes designed from US flag. What does it mean?? #
1/31 2:53 @jon7b @nguyenhimself Unfortunately, many Vietnamese still use XP, IE6. If that is your target market #
1/30 9:34 @vantuly I've played the role of guy getting taught how to ride a Honda Cub by a small Vietnamese girl, not the same :( #
1/30 6:27 @PedroInSaigon You can pick up a netbook (like Lenovo IdeaPad) for half that price #
1/30 6:22 @kingceejay That's the problem with paying out 13th month salary. No incentive to go back to work. Hard to make February productive. #
1/30 6:17 RT @chamada: Um, I think a student in my HR got a Ferrari for her birthday. Seriously. And she doesn't know how to drive yet. #
1/27 13:17 @TylerWatts Correct, Twitter will assign you a country based on IP address, but you can tell Twitter "they guessed wrong" and override #
1/27 10:20 To get around Twitter censoring tweets in your country, just change your account setting's country to the US or another country #
1/24 8:24 @nguyenhimself Ha ha ha. Welcome to my world. I take it as a compliment when it's Koreans who say it #
1/23 11:28 The reason for FourSquare: Vietnamese checking in and becoming mayor of grandpa's grave in the lunar new year #
1/22 17:02 Breaking news: At approximately 12:00AM Saigon local time, Vietnam started lighting shit on fire #CMNM #giaothuarealtalk #
1/19 13:05 What is Khmer Bali-style drum&bass? Join me tonight at Yoko where we'll explore the creation-fabrication of undefinable musical microgenres #
1/19 6:45 OMG @ericburdette: Police ticketing illegally parked cars, as they should. Seeing this brought joy to my morning. #fb #
1/19 0:40 On censorship and the irony of protesting SOPA in Vietnam: #
1/18 7:04 @tamkaizen Read some stories about Amish Rumspringa. Some kids go buck wild for a year, party like rock stars. #
1/18 6:19 If you need to read Wikipedia (en) today, just open it in links or lynx or turn JavaScript off in your browser #
1/17 7:53 Rain twice in one day in January in Vietnam makes me smile #
1/17 7:28 @jon7b @WAYFUNBAA @ourman Can't speak to intro classes, but dont recommend non-intro classes there. Skill level of students varies too much. #
1/16 15:27 That's great #DuMa RT @jon7b: Shit Asian Dads Say #
1/16 7:52 If the Vietnamese government has to black it out by hand - - it must have some substance, right? #
1/16 5:26 Shaolin version of wall-riding ( RT @bryanpelz: Shaolin Monk Walking on the Wall #
1/16 5:09 RT @newsjean: We have opened AP’s newest bureau, located in Pyongyang. A truly historic moment.#nkorea #
1/16 4:58 "Research strongly suggests that people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption." #
1/15 15:37 RT @khmer440: French #expat and his 4 children murdered in #Cambodia. #crime #
1/15 6:55 If I follow someone new on Twitter my timeline up to now only contains their tweets. Can't see others anymore. #wtf #fixurshit #
1/14 14:25 Aka by midcentury VN will no longer be in the bottom half RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Vietnam to be listed top economies by 2050: HSBC #
1/11 12:49 @fisheggtree My reading: Commission predicts Vietnam will have bigger macroeconomic problems than inflation and currency deprec'n in 2012 #
1/11 12:48 @TylerWatts @ourman They have awarded me influential on chili and apples. Add bacon, drugs, and beer and it's a proper Klout party in here #
1/11 12:46 @learningdrupal We can do Drupal sessions at the next #BarCampSaigon and FOSSASIA events #
1/11 10:48 North Korean punishing people who didn't cry hard enough when Il died, using re-education camps: #
1/11 10:01 RT @fisheggtree: LOL. Robin Hood lives! RT @tuoitrenewsvn: ‘Super thief’ targeting state agencies arrested #vietnam #
1/11 9:40 @SaigonSean @jon7b I think Vietnamese take some blame for that too, for giving us undue flattering attention (when not trying to scam us) #
1/11 8:35 @dynamicscholar I remember one older cafe around the Turtle "Lake". Maybe they'll sponsor the app, and it just tells everyone to go there #
1/11 8:12 @jon7b @PedroInSaigon @saigonnezumi Why should Vietnam of all countries get stuck with the losers from other countries? (Reason: IELTS, etc) #
1/11 7:11 G F'n L. RT @benjaminbland: Vietnam central bank governor says maximum dong devaluation this year will be 2-3%. #
1/11 7:01 @lenabucatariu Local people definitely walk their bikes across the Cam-Viet border, but I'm not sure if any citizen is allowed or only local #
1/11 6:46 @dynamicscholar @fisheggtree I've seen these locker-like phone charging stations in some cafes in Saigon (not that it's a trust-based soc.) #
1/11 6:44 RT @GSElevator: #1: if you have a job where you have to wear a nametag, nobody gives a shit what your name is. #
1/9 10:57 Hey, so there is a Subway on Ho Tung Mau #
1/9 8:54 @ncouture Let me know if you find an automated solution. VNI should be purged from the internets. #unicode4life #
1/7 8:10 @careyz Indeed the Internet is technically speaking 'slow as ballz' #
1/5 8:42 From 250+ tabs down to 99. NY resolution achieved, tempted to call it a day. #
1/5 8:37 @saigonnezumi I'm not seeing any tweets from you because apparently you are blocking me! #
1/5 8:34 @saigonnezumi @jon7b Most people who listen to dubstep don't realize it originates from doubleyoustep. #jk #
1/5 7:27 @jon7b @saigonnezumi In some languages it is "double-v" #
1/5 4:40 Why is one pronounced with a double-u and two pronounced w/o? #
1/4 11:52 In times of domestic good news paucity, local governments will shine the darkest light on foreign elements within #
1/3 7:22 @svenbergryen Sounds good, look forward to meeting. Who else will be coming? #
1/2 17:13 @madlyduck @philip_arthur You can remap your keys in software without replacing your keyboard. if typing speed's a bottleneck #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 2-2012

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:05am
2/28 13:41 Fix Facebook links and browse privately at the same time: #vietnam #
2/28 8:05 HCMC should publish personal #s of officials too RT @tuoitrenewsvn: Da Nang City opens hotlines for foreigners #
2/28 8:03 LOL "How to synthesize Sudafed from crystal meth" #
2/26 11:15 @caligarn I read as inconclusive. Neurogenesis in small numbers w/o integration, effectiveness unknown. Still gonna avoid brain damage. #
2/24 6:09 At KCX Tan Thuan for a social games conference with Square Enix. Zynga vs Hoccorina up soon. #
2/23 12:12 @caligarn It would take approximately 6385096 x 140 char tweets to answer your email here #
2/23 12:06 @caligarn At Mobile Mondays. Where's your ninja hide hiding? Are you watching me tweet this right now? #
2/23 11:32 RT @mqtran: Science in Vietnam: Stemming the outflow of talent | The Economist #
2/23 8:57 @tamkaizen Just a coincidence I tweeted that RIGHT after your tweet... I swear... Really. \^_^/ #
2/23 8:49 I don't want to unfollow you, I just want you to stfu. #imho ^_^ #
2/22 6:46 @caligarn Another headline for you: Cafe in Vietnam where you can experience Zen: #
2/20 14:53 Subtraction. Art created by only removing, not adding anything, to create sculptures from books: #
2/18 7:08 @brettSjohnston Quite possibly another victim to that. Provide out-of-Twitter links? #
2/18 6:55 @brettSjohnston I would like to respond but I have no idea what you're talking about #
2/18 6:22 @brettSjohnston On a scale of 0 to 1? 1. #
2/18 6:01 @brettSjohnston Agreed. But DNA and geological evidence points to several population bottlenecks where mankind faced extinction. See Toba. #
2/18 5:37 Dau? RT @goldkorn: Why is my net connection in a Vietnamese village faster & more stable than both my home and office connections in Beijing #
2/18 5:34 @fisheggtree Maybe I'm the only person who feels the best part of MBP is the keyboard and trackpad. Otherwise, why pay the Apple tax? #
2/17 16:24 Brilliant. RT @benjaminbland: Fighting tyre repair gangs who spread nails on road in Binh Duong. #
2/17 6:15 What Americans think Vietnamese eat vs. What Vietnamese really eat - a Venn diagram: #
2/17 5:31 @travislotek ACK. Establish secure channel with CFX HQ requested. RESET #
2/16 15:29 @jon7b @TylerWatts When I say slice up my Twitter people, I mean it in the sanest, most benevolent way possible. I forgot to say "lists of " #
2/16 15:26 @jon7b Looks like even Twitter REST api can be used to create lists. But just discovered a Google App Scripts way to do it. Mind = Blown #
2/16 14:46 I set Facebook to only show important updates and basically there's nothing important happening in people's lives #
2/16 14:41 There must be some way to export my Twitter people, drop some Unix commands to slice them up, then reimport. Twitter site is such a p.o.s. #
2/16 8:39 Alex Millan, billed as having played alongside Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, etc. playing at IDECAF tonight at 7 #
2/16 8:02 @betoneko Nothing special. Sounds like a Phnom Penh Post reporter #
2/16 7:57 @betoneko Perhaps of interest to your employer: another Overseas Vietnamese dies in a traffic accident @tuoitrenewsvn #
2/16 6:52 @caligarn If you can ride another human like a horse, controlling their mind directly, is that person (a vehicle) a cybernetic extension? #
2/13 7:45 @brettSjohnston @caligarn My friend has something similar for his aorta. We joke that he's a cyborg. Just not a cool/sexy cyborg. #
2/13 7:28 @caligarn @brettSjohnston I'm happy to talk about posthuman cyborgs but that research will likely be weaponized too... #transhumanism #
2/13 7:15 @ericburdette I assume you are looking for a better word than 'cake'? But I think cake can describe packed carbohydrates that are not sweet #
2/13 7:14 @brettSjohnston @caligarn I think one is speaking of the illusory nature of 'reality', the other is talking about being a cyborg? #
2/13 6:24 @brettSjohnston @caligarn So there is a conspiracy to produce weaponized dark matter thus all related scientific research is bunk? #
2/13 6:19 @brettSjohnston @caligarn If you're going to refute generally accepted theories, onus is on you to accompany with some proof, so be my guest #
2/13 6:08 @brettSjohnston @caligarn Physics predicted/describes properties of black holes. You believe God steps in to prevent them from forming? #
2/13 5:54 @caligarn @brettSjohnston There is Earth-scale engineering that requires post-classical mechanics, such as (quantum, etc) computer hardware #
2/13 3:45 @caligarn @brettSjohnston Yup, scientists disprove the status quo. You don't believe general relativity over Newtonian physics? Proof? #
2/13 3:09 @TylerWatts @caligarn Or perhaps Thích Quảng Độ? I think Vietnam needs more real heroes. (Or lots of small heroes!) Role models are lacking #
2/13 3:05 @caligarn Been wanting to attend #barcampyangon 2 years. Didn't hear #aungsansuukyi was speaking until the day before :( We need to get 2k+ #
2/12 9:35 Before dnb, it was called jungle - BBC 2 documentary about the burgeoning phenomena from 1994, amusing in hindsight: #
2/11 14:36 It does not matter if the sign says 'WOMEN' on the outside. If there is a urinal no man shall hesitate to enter. #
2/9 9:41 Check out #futuremed for some hot medical tech tweets today #
2/7 8:50 50% improvement in #Drupal memory usage in PHP 5.4 over 5.3; negligible speed improvement: #
2/6 13:41 @saigonnezumi Seems problem is fixed and I can refollow you. Previously, Twitter said I was blocked and your conversations wouldn't appear #
2/5 21:40 Super Bowl about to start? Time to go to bed. #
2/5 19:16 @saigonnezumi No, didn't get your email. Even checked spam box. I think you've got me blocked on Twitter so you won't see this either.. #
2/5 7:29 @ericburdette I have that parrot. But mine doesn't drink coffee. Prefers chillis. #
2/3 5:59 @fitzecarraldo76 If you combine + ( it's another fun scam altogether #
2/1 9:30 @ericburdette They fooled me once, with their sesame seed buns and joe that came from no tin can on this Earth #
2/1 7:41 @ericburdette Milwaukee has sloppy joes on the menu. Do not be fooled. #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 3-2012

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 1:02am
3/30 22:57 @patrizio_bui @kingceejay @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible Hey gentlemen, I just got home - apologies if I'm not at the court in a few hours #
3/30 7:19 @tamkaizen @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @mr_kimpossible I'll try to round up more, just so I will have to run less! #
3/30 6:49 @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @mr_kimpossible I'll be working late tonight but will try to make it tmrw morn. Phan Ding Phung, right? #
3/29 9:57 Contender for most ridiculously understated headline of the year: "FDI helps drive Vietnam’s economy" #
3/28 19:52 @Jane_Minnie Wake up! #
3/28 13:15 Anyone Aussies know how to register a vanity domain without having a company there (but registered elsewhere if it helps)? #
3/28 6:21 TIL There are worker-owned, unionized strip clubs back in the USofA. (Naked) Workers of the world, unite! #
3/28 6:14 @HerDailyDigest Bike! Good for health, economical, green, connects you to your city, and annoys the piss out of car drivers! #
3/27 15:24 @hjames I urge you to look up pornterest as, while the underlying technology may resemble fffound, the results are strikingly different! #
3/27 15:13 Is there a pornterest, a Pinterest for Porn? Google says there is. Almost afraid to click through. Almost. #
3/27 3:47 @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible Not sure I can live up to Saigon Cool. Maybe Saigon Warm, or just Luke Warm. #
3/26 14:57 @kingceejay @tamkaizen @patrizio_bui @mr_kimpossible I'm pretty horrible, just like to play for fun. Late afternoon Sat/Sun works for me #
3/23 7:17 Việt Nam muôn năm! Hà Nội là thành phố ô nhiễm nhất Đông Nam Á. #
3/22 13:11 If you ever need to debug crazy bugs in Chrome, chrome://net-internals/ is AWESOME. Also: chrome://view-http-cache/ #
3/20 14:07 @WAYFUNBAA The trick is to type Vietnamese out on your phone, make THEM guess what the dau you're saying :D #
3/20 14:06 @kingceejay I'll unfortunately be out of town. Enjoy the game! I'd be rooting for Heat, haha! @Saigon_Heat #
3/19 15:04 Learning a foreign language is tuff. I mean tugh. Wait, tough. #
3/17 9:51 Saigon Heat vs Indonesia Warriors tonight. Who's going? #
3/17 9:41 ATTN VN: A new official book to be published in China with non-ridiculous English translations of Chinese dishes #
3/16 5:54 Basketball in Vietnam - Saigon Heat: #saigonist #
3/15 16:45 @saigonnezumi Remind me to stay out of your bed :) #
3/15 15:46 Can't decide whether this kitten playing with a dead cockroach is cute... or gross #
3/14 10:53 Watching Saigon Heat for the first time. Fairly crowded actually. Go local sports team! #
3/13 7:51 RT @Techinasia: On the Chinese Internet, Anything Can Be Deleted If You’ve Got the Cash #
3/13 6:09 @NBNQ You're arguing against the regulation of taxis and shifting blame to better modes of transport. That's simply counter-productive. #
3/13 5:45 Rocket's Pinterest clone in Vietnam is full of "Vietnamese" stuff posted by non-Vietnamese people #
3/13 5:19 @NBNQ Right, so replacing every motorbike with a taxi will solve the problem? #
3/13 5:15 @leosia What does ignoring traffic laws have to do with motorbikes? It's much worse when taxis run red lights and get stuck in the x-section #
3/13 5:08 @TylerWatts @leosia @nbnq It's ridiculous to think that 1-to-1 a motorbike causes nearly as much congestion as a taxi #
3/12 7:53 RT @TheEconomist: In the past year at least 26 Tibetans, mostly young Buddhist monks, have set fire to themselves #
3/12 7:36 Wondering who is behind the new online food ordering sites and #
3/11 9:51 Why isn't Vietnamese media all over the self-immolations in Tibet? #ThichQuangDuc #
3/11 6:17 Cytoskeletal Signaling: Is Memory Encoded in Microtubule Lattices by CaMKII Phosphorylation? #
3/10 18:57 @caligarn Have you met any English-speaking monks in Dalat? I'd need a translator ;-) #
3/10 18:55 @tobiassjosten Drupal in Vietnam is small, whereas Joomla is huge. But we do have a community that meets, both here and Hanoi. #
3/9 10:47 @tobiassjosten Cool! Are you passing through Vietnam? Maybe we can arrange a Drupal meet up in Saigon. #
3/9 10:38 @careyz I was wondering the same thing over a year ago. The answer: = Vietnamese #
3/8 15:15 @WAYFUNBAA Which really begs the question: Did you get a happy ending? #
3/8 14:21 @tobiassjosten LOL. Let me know how that goes and if you have any strategies for dealing with the melt-off #
3/8 5:18 Kony 2012: [or 'how young people can make the world a better world together'] #
3/7 8:00 @caligarn Easy. Become a new promising entrepreneur and you can have lunch with yourself every day of the week. #
3/5 8:20 [email protected]:Good try, McDonald's for printing Vietnamese in a billboard in Little Saigon.Too bad you got the wrong font #
3/3 14:31 @caligarn LOL. Bastard. Totally used "normal" with scare-quotes. But now getting a kick out of shit CS students say: #
3/3 13:15 @Jane_Minnie It was part of a vegetarian curry with bread. I wasn't hungry after, but not so full either :) #
3/3 13:13 Anything in Vietnam media about this? Người M'Nông 'quyết trụ lại thủ đô': - poor unrepresented ethnic minorities #
3/2 10:21 I just ate some ants. Surely eaten ants before. Today just couldn't be bothered not to. Otherwise vegetarian meal. #
3/2 7:17 @caligarn ..emulator to emulate a rock garden which itself emulates nature. We also got some neat biofeedback gear and SDK from Wild Divine #
3/2 7:16 @caligarn As it should. We hung out in Sebastopol, CA designing a GB SP game to emulate composing and tending rock gardens. Using a Gameboy #
3/2 6:52 @caligarn Hard to bare w/ the hand-waving (do I do that?) but the game at ~8:30 is cool. We started making a Zen game for GameBoy years back #
3/2 5:01 @HerDailyDigest Not just you, the sun is super fierce today. I'm thinking a vacation in Dalat is due soon, after a few weeks of this #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 4-2012

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4/30 5:32 Right or wrong? Angry Dong Nai residents take volunteer action to seal up polluter’s sewer: #moitruong #
4/29 7:10 Even local media using quotes around "terrorism" RT @tuoitrenewsvn: US citizen arrested for “terrorism” #
4/29 5:41 Vietnamese granny eating lunch in her jammies. Large comb picked in her head. #textinstagram #
4/28 4:50 Cuối tháng này có một ngày lễ khá đặc biệt là Lễ Phật Đản (Vesak)! #
4/27 7:19 RT @tomoakiyama: POLL: Half of Japanese #Facebook users have *less than 10 friends*; 53 average [J] #
4/26 9:54 @ahuk I didn't care to stop and find out. They were pulling over anyone they could. Easily could've caused an accident. #
4/26 7:10 What's with the recent latency surge to Google&Co. sites from Vietnam? It's like local servers have been dropped. Slowing down the internet. #
4/26 5:18 @TylerWatts I don't know man. The second option looks more attractive and easier. #
4/26 5:15 @jon7b @nguyenhimself On the brighter side of things, I did not have to use my AK, so one could say it was not a bad day after all #
4/26 4:52 @ianblakeslee Yup, back in Saigon. You guys should head down for #BarCampSaigon tentatively on July 1! #
4/26 3:05 @nguyenhimself Yes, they swung at me as I rode by and yes, it left a pretty nasty bruise #
4/26 3:01 Shoulder is painfully yellow and blue from being hit by the baton of a cop who tried to pull me over. It's got me singing N.W.A. songs now #
4/25 5:57 @CoachLeaders Remaining politically stable. Peace w/ China. 100,000s of Viet Kieu civilizing their homeland. Customer service revolution. #
4/25 5:25 @dylanduong Me too. Let's try out some vegetarian restaurants together! Organic was yesterday, but my local place is on D1 #
4/25 5:24 @CoachLeaders Roads clogged w/ cars like BKK. Failed push for public transit. Ubiquitous e-commerce. More hipsters. Mini-eco crisis. #
4/25 3:19 If only Vietnamese head massage/shampoo involved more cosmic energy and sound effects: #
4/24 13:15 Anyone know if air quality monitoring data is published about Saigon or points in Vietnam? Do we need the Americans to do it, like in China? #
4/24 12:51 @doortomykitchen I just came back to Saigon last night but I will stop by your store next time I'm in town! #
4/24 12:10 @MienHPham You missed a successful event with lightning talks in overtime! Hope you are better now and hope to see you next time I'm in town #
4/24 12:09 @Khoi_Le I was specifically at Hanoi Noi Bai at the time, but the statement could be generalized to most buildings in Vietnam #
4/24 12:09 @nguyenhimself @ericburdette 8 GB is still not enough! Apple h/w is picky. I got Crucial RAM verified for MBP, not all ram works. YMMV. #
4/24 12:07 @huongdothu For just a blog, WordPress. To develop a rich, social, ecommerce, innovative site/webapp use Drupal. Use the appropriate tool! #
4/24 12:02 @TheCartFood Service was without complaint. Later, regretted not getting a pasty to go. I will be back. #
4/24 12:01 @TheCartFood Falafel was good, but wrapped in the morning? Fell apart while eating. Veggies could use Lebanese lemon dressing/garlic sauce #
4/24 9:56 1000s of riot police overwhelmed villagers in Vietnam in land dispute, no local media coverage #
4/23 13:12 It doesn't matter what physical airport structure they build. It's still a horrible customer service experience & last memory for travelers #
4/23 12:29 @ericburdette I don't assume that. Went to a recommended Apple shop and asked for RAM. He looked up the price for him and LOL'd: $500. #
4/23 6:50 @nguyenhimself @ericburdette My last USA trip I picked up some generic ram to upgrade my MBP to 8 GB. About $50. Cheaper than power adapter. #
4/23 4:19 @huongdothu Yesterday I mentioned Drupal is also a content management framework. If out of the box it's not friendly then devs can make it #
4/23 4:19 @huongdothu But freshly installed, Drupal is more complicated to manage than WordPress. Next version improves upon that. Cheers :-) #
4/23 4:13 Mission accomplished. I'm at @TheCartFood in Hanoi #
4/22 9:59 @ianblakeslee Hi Ian, please come to Beercamp at 36A Tran Thai Tong around the corner from FPT if you're free! #
4/21 15:11 @MienHPham Hey will you be at BarCamp Mien? Yeah, I've enjoyed walking around a lot today! Not too hot, and not freezing in my room at night #
4/21 14:57 Hope to see some familiar faces at #BarCampHanoi tomorrow! This is the best weather I've personally experienced up here (see: Goldilocks) #
4/20 7:32 @PhamNguyen @tamkaizen @barcamphanoi That's what we are trying to do with and last week's Drupal conference in Saigon #
4/20 7:30 @ChrisInCambo @cnualart Must be coincidence. Doesn't explain the birthplace of karaoke, or the Philippines :-) #
4/20 6:27 What if millions of Facebook users unionized and started making demands? #
4/19 9:04 @dynamicscholar Have you asked for dextromethorpan? The active drug in Robo DM. Many kinds of Robitussin, depends. #
4/18 8:40 @cnualart Last night @ChrisInCambo was explaining to me that tonal languages are stored like songs in the brain, diff. from non-tonal #
4/18 6:06 @PhamNguyen @barcamphanoi I plan to talk about why businesses in Vietnam should use Drupal #
4/18 5:56 @caligarn Lol, just wait til your last day there... when you look in the mirror and see... #
4/17 15:17 @joannayeoml Hi Joanna, nice to meet you at the e27 Vietnam Satellite tonight! Hope you can find some "phin ca phe" filters and ca phe chon #
4/17 5:20 Waiting for this e27 Vietnam satellite event to kick off. The room is standing room only now. #
4/16 11:58 In case you hadn't heard, Friendster is (still) in beta and you can login using Facebook Connect #
4/16 5:23 Tickets booked to Hanoi for @barcamphanoi this weekend. Anyone else from Saigon going? #
4/15 10:15 Watching Vietnamese people turn Japanese at Genki festival. Needs Japanese public transportation to get here. #
4/15 0:22 @HerDailyDigest Thanks for the support! :-) #
4/14 23:36 En route to our first major Drupal conference! Today I'll talk about the business case for using Drupal in Vietnam #
4/11 9:05 @caligarn You still think it's futile to try to model the brain in 1s and 0s? ;) #
4/11 9:04 @jon7b Does this happen as you're falling asleep? Or are otherwise resting? #
4/11 6:32 Exploding head syndrome: #
4/10 10:55 Apparently, Stella Cafe was renamed "New Stellar Vietnam". #saigon #
4/7 12:39 I love Da Lat! (@ Vcafe) #
4/6 10:35 @sonnylebythebay Thanks again for the recc. Being ignorant of scripture is par for course, not you. Religion gets inherited from parents #
4/6 10:31 @geetree @kingceejay @tamkaizen @nguyenhimself I'm also out of town this weekend. Evenings are also good, not really a morning person :-) #
4/6 10:29 @NBNQ One of the few cases where the movie (Bladerunner) was better than the book #
4/6 10:22 If Vietnam had a Wyoming, $900k would buy like 1000 houses there #
4/5 3:23 @sonnylebythebay Thanks for tipping me off to The Story of Buddhism! It seems to address questions about Buddhism's effects on local culture #
4/4 7:01 Some answered (in)frequent questions about Buddhism in Vietnam: #
4/3 10:19 Sh*t Expats in Hanoi Say: #
4/3 7:02 Experiencing high correlation between MacBook crashes with immediately after a Vietnamese holiday. Better gear up for Fall of Saigon Day. #
4/3 6:36 Japan’s Strongest Storm Since 1959 Forecast to Slam Into Tokyo, wind up to 90 km/h: #
4/3 6:03 There is a name for my "sleeping disease"! DSPD - #
4/3 4:41 RT lupohiep: Earth Hour helps Vietnam save 546,000 kWh, equivalent to US$34,000 - #
4/2 8:34 @kingceejay Power is back on at home since late last night (but no internet), and intermittent throughout morning. How's your water? #
4/2 4:17 When a trop.storm is scraping the buildings around you, power is out, batteries drained, and all that remains is the breath. Meditate on it. #
4/1 10:00 @fisheggtree But many businesses here do waste light (empty, lit up highrises) and energy (blasting A/C with the doors wide open) #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 5-2012

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5/31 5:04 @Anita_Tran And I love traffic police. But does anybody use the side mirrors? Not the girl who ran into me the other day.. #
5/31 4:59 @HerDailyDigest Haha, I can't take credit for this innovation. Just saw it parked outside. #onlyinvietnam #
5/31 3:59 Who needs a side mirror when you have a scratched up used CD #
5/30 5:56 @HerDailyDigest: Fill in the blank: I like to __ride the local trains for a cheap city tour__ when traveling. #
5/30 4:25 RT @calvinhyj: Looking for a Vietnamese bride? You can get one for cheap with a "Groupon" in #China #Vietnam #fem2 #
5/29 5:07 @ericburdette Is it an RSI like tennis elbow for badminton? Swollen? Affected by typing? See any western doctors? #
5/28 5:42 RT @wmyeoh: Sickening: UN peacekeepers fathered est. 24,500 babies in #Cambodia; 6,600 #Liberia #
5/28 5:16 RT @KenRoth: 2 Tibetan self-immolations in capital Lhasa. First ever there, & first protest there in 4 years. #China #
5/25 1:39 Listening to Matz the father of Ruby in Vietnam for the first time from Japan . Introducing the philosophy of Ruby. #
5/25 1:33 @lenabucatariu Whoa! Every time I've gone the bus each direction was < 10% foreigners, most of them not expats. Which bus did you take? #
5/24 14:37 @lenabucatariu @HerDailyDigest @walterm Why do you think that? Lots of Vietnamese travel to Cambodia and vice versa. #
5/23 8:10 Anyone in Saigon who would be a reseller for the Raspberry PI or this $49 VIA Android PC? #
5/23 2:34 How to fail with paid tweets (or make easy money from fools): #
5/23 2:10 China’s home prices fell in a record 46 of 70 cities tracked by the government. .. #
5/21 7:21 @caligarn Maybe that's good? What do you do to make your mind sore and how do you make it not sore again? #
5/21 7:17 @TravelinNatural I think the closest thing to a public bath would be at some spas. There might be a large tub. Not really the same tho. #
5/21 4:15 @bhereabu Can you get in touch again? I tried to email you but mail is bouncing #
5/21 4:07 Things that are still sore: tay and ban tay, mong (nhieu cho), chan, eyeballs, vai, groin, v.v. | Things that are not sore: [khong co] #
5/21 1:21 Been off the computer (and on a bike) since Thursday. Internet withdrawal is no match for physical pain! Lot of mail, Skype, FB to catch up! #
5/17 4:51 @ourman You mean hack as in to do something the way MacGuyver would? To take shortcuts? Much Vietnamese workmanship is a hack ;) #
5/17 4:49 @TravelinNatural Bicycle. Last time was a motorbike trip from Saigon to Hoi An - 1000+ km through mountains! #
5/17 4:01 @ourman Both meanings go way back but in general population it's unauthorized access to computer systems a la Wargames/Sneakers/Hackers. #
5/17 3:40 @TravelinNatural Looks like more than 400 km from Nha Trang to Saigon. Don't worry, there are busses and trains too, don't hafta go by bike #
5/17 3:36 @laidbackfreak Yep, cycling all the way - 3 days. Up to 170km per day. Friend started from Hanoi, so another friend wanted to join from NT #
5/17 3:15 Last minute plan to depart for Nha Trang by bus tonight, then immediately hop on a bicycle and start pedaling back to Saigon #
5/17 1:58 China: Foreigners caught just applying for a job w/o a work permit to be fined. Passports will be checked on streets #
5/17 1:01 @ourman Two connotations that go way back. 1) Rapidly write code (or a blog post) that may be ugly but works. 2) Like in the movie 'Hackers' #
5/16 8:18 RT @nguyenhimself: @Vietnam720 @tomosaigon I'm truly sorry for all the horrible, terrible things this guy has seen #
5/15 9:12 @Vietnam720 Haha! :-D Good to know that Firefox will also keep me "safe". P.S. Opera has great popup blocking, configurable per site. #
5/15 8:53 @Vietnam720 @nguyenhimself I have absolutely no imagination and therefore I am unable to pretend. P.S. Chrome Icognito is a great feature. #
5/15 8:43 @Vietnam720 @nguyenhimself Wait. Ben. Are you telling me it's possible to view pornographic imagery in my browser? Why did no one tell me! #
5/15 8:36 @nguyenhimself I have a browsing problem. Basically, lots of web/research projects continuously ongoing simultaneously. How many do u keep? #
5/15 8:34 @TravelinNatural RMIT is a pricey but high quality English-language (Australian) university with a nice campus, but w/o the prestige. #
5/15 6:24 Waiting for Chrome to 'reboot' after a crash takes the better part of an hour (with 200+ tabs). Computer nearly useless until 'OS' boots. #
5/13 14:10 @caligarn @dynamicscholar High Tech Soul is great! Another I remember from back then is Pioneers of Electronic Music: #
5/13 14:08 Idea tourist: Someone who thinks having a 'brilliant' business idea is enough to get free concessions #
5/13 7:51 @barijoe Clearly, we NEED an underground app store dealing in historic versions of auto-updating apps! #
5/12 3:32 @Vietnam720 @caligarn He is aware of the situation. :) He's missing out! #
5/11 23:19 Looking forward to a weekend of meditation in Saigon #
5/11 7:53 @springpad Can you please fix login via Google? I've been unable to access my account for days now. #
5/11 7:32 Good find, maybe an older draft rather than award winner? RT @jon7b: @tomosaigon is this the dissertation (PDF) ? #
5/11 6:51 @TravelinNatural Thanks! Are you coming through Vietnam/Saigon? #
5/11 6:49 @NBNQ Right, I was worried it would be behind a paywall. :-( Most likely, American taxpayers backed her research yet can't read the results #
5/11 6:45 @NBNQ Oh yeah? Do you have a link handy if it's available online? #
5/11 6:34 Anyone seen her around Saigon? Berkeley Ph.D. wins prize - dissertation on sex work in Vietnam, working in bars in HCMC #
5/10 7:24 @PedroInSaigon It is what @tuoitrenewsvn says, unclear who: "striking difference between" attacking a journalist vs a protestor or citizen #
5/10 6:37 Tuoi Tre says it's ok for police to beat people up if they're not reporters: #
5/9 6:34 @barijoe I fixed the links like 5 minutes after posting, didn't think anyone noticed :) Try refreshing #
5/9 6:22 AP:Police beat reporters during Vietnam land eviction vs TuoiTre:Men in uniform beat reporters covering land protest: #
5/9 6:13 Fashion that repels mosquitos: #
5/8 17:52 Work music RT @DIT313: Puresque purecast o13 // puresque 0512 gtc - next "puresque im keller" @ tresor: 12.05.12 #
5/8 7:30 @shilkytouch Cool, looks like manufacturing experience/background is ideal but I'll forward to a few friends anyways. #
5/8 7:06 @shilkytouch Only know a handful of Vietnamese currently in Japan. Reloc. to Saitama is required? Is this your friend's company? #
5/8 6:59 @SaigonSean They're missing the whole picture for sure, and downplaying loads of recent bad macroeconomic news. ETF itself may perform tho. #
5/7 12:44 Solid or not? RT @Benzinga: 4 Reasons Vietnam ETF Has More Gas in its Tank: #
5/7 4:52 The murder that shocked even Cambodia: #environment #activist #
5/6 12:45 Sinister idea of the day: Have the FBI promote #Drupal by building a backdoor module that makes sites wiretap friendly #
5/4 6:18 Feel like 0xDEADBEEF. Time for 0xC0FFEE. #
5/4 5:03 RT @MensHumor: How to pick up chicks... #
5/3 4:49 Indie rockstar Thao Nguyen interviews her ba ngoai about her ong ngoai over the strumming of guitar: #
5/2 8:58 Need less cars not more roads. RT @tuoitrenewsvn: It’s too costly to build expressways in Vietnam #
5/2 8:49 @MienHPham @chipro @barcampSaigon @caligarn @jodiehuynh BarCampSaigon will tentatively be on July 1. Still awaiting confirmation. #
5/2 8:48 @laidbackfreak True dat. Question: How do other countries solve it? #
5/2 8:46 @michaelcoyote Indeed that's been the case, uphill battle for Facebook. Other countries didn't have a dominant social network. #
5/2 8:45 @CoachLeaders Not much of a week left. :-) How's about Friday afternoon? #
5/2 4:07 [email protected]: Japanese are starting to get tired of Facebook b/c of their weaknesses: Peer pressure&separation of private and professional #
5/2 3:36 "Smoke and dust created by trucks are the main factors leading to the decline in air quality in Vietnam, especially HCMC" #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 6-2012

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6/30 8:49 2 Brits reenact Fast Five ATM heists by pulling out of walks w/cars, arrested in Chon Buri #Thailand via @ChrisGNguyen #
6/30 6:59 @cnualart Are Muslims in Malaysia allowed to adopt children born Christians and convert them? When do the kids have any say? #
6/30 5:17 RT @willsoncuaca: New Indonesian Website Names and Shames Corrupt Officials #
6/29 7:46 Times comes out of no-time. Time itself is made up of non-time elements. What do the components of time look like? #
6/29 6:38 @Tanya_Johnston Would you say the organizers were mainly trying to make a profit (off some desperate girls)? #
6/29 6:35 @thirstythong Was an ambulance even available? Recently spent a night at the ER. Didn't see one person arrive by ambulance. Mostly by bike. #
6/29 6:13 @nguyenhimself Surprised how many sites have their own key shortcuts inc. Twitter. But I've already closed tabs by accident w/ Vimium. #
6/29 5:13 @caligarn @dynamicscholar I've been to many electronic music shows where nothing is quantized, everything is unique. deadmau5 is a wanker. #
6/28 14:09 @nguyenhimself I quit using keyboard-browsing browser plugins. What do you mainly use it for? I try to type less, mouse more. #RSI #
6/28 13:00 Finally installed the Vim EasyMotion plugin but wish it supported number modifiers, searches. Must learn vimscript. #
6/28 9:45 @walterm I always go home and Wikipedia the pills I or my friends get, then take them selectively. Still overspend, but don't overdose #
6/28 9:29 WTF @Seesmic I didn't want to use your poorly named "ping". Thanks for the bait & switch. Guess it's back to Hootsuite for both mobile + web #
6/28 6:39 @jon7b @caligarn Haha, what's the point? We are all carrying boxes capable of doing that nowadays. Are our phones Buddhist w/ a chant mp3? #
6/28 6:26 @hackernodeapp For hackers reading Hacker News yet no Android support, only iOS? I'll stick to following the Twitter feeds #
6/28 3:49 @caligarn @shambhalasun While I am always in support of robotification, a robot that constantly chants Namo Amitabha 24/7 would be useless! #
6/27 16:40 @Vietnam720 Now I want to know what it is! If it's worth censoring, it's worth sharing to everyone I know in Vietnam :) #
6/27 16:38 @RobertTamNguyen Hey Robert, do you do SEO or social media campaigns for others, as a freelancer? Or know anyone that does? #
6/27 15:14 @careyz Hey, didn't see you there! What did you think? #
6/27 15:05 @FisheyPie Hello! What did you think of #tedxmekong? Wish there was wifi to encourage sharing because my 3G stopped working #
6/27 11:24 Loek talking about copy culture in Vietnam, China. Both scholastic and in business. Is it all we have here? #tedxmekong #
6/26 7:43 On the misallocation of brains: Finance literally bids rocket scientists away from the satellite industry: #
6/26 4:10 Today I saw an expiration date on a power strip and it expired two years ago. #
6/25 17:06 The most modern thing at the hospital appears to be the ATM machines. At least they have their priorities straight. #Vietnam #
6/25 9:01 @dynamicscholar Why turn them away when you could just jack up the price for Vietnamese locals? :) #
6/25 8:59 @LeHaTu @jon7b @nguyenhimself The vast majority of computers that are hacked are not targeted but rather conveniently in the hacker's path #
6/25 7:47 2 headlines, published minutes apart: (1) "Hanoi Attracts More Foreign Investment" (2) "Hanoi Sees FDI Drop By Half In First 6 Months" #
6/24 15:03 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Honestly, I hate when Richie uses that thing and floods the timeline with a tracklisting. Maybe I'm just sad. #
6/24 11:49 @natalie470 Where did you go? It sounds fantastic. I stayed in Saigon and saw friends, ate food, watched Adventure Time, and programmed. #
6/24 8:22 Artists were invited to create animated .gifs to be displayed in a gallery installation. Results: #
6/22 7:30 VIM Clutch: Use a cheap h/w foot pedal to switch to insert mode in vi. Pricier foot pedals can do macros (emacs). #
6/22 6:56 They say only 50% of drugs are used correctly. Imagine the figure is much lower in Southeast Asia w/ such common drug cocktailing by pharmas #
6/21 8:34 @barcampSaigon Unfortunately, 14 people have already retweeted that false news! Hope they are willing to retweet retractions.. #
6/21 8:21 @caligarn Some devices are constrained to be wireless. I'd be ok with wires if it meant being able to use one, or it being cheaper #
6/21 8:18 website updated. Next event is NOT July 1st, hopefully end of summer instead. Please spread the world. @barcampSaigon #
6/21 8:13 @barcampSaigon Was hoping to address website at hackathon this weekend... but hold on a second and it will be fixed #
6/21 8:01 @natalie470 Hi Anh. Bored? #
6/21 5:55 @caligarn How do we get one & SDK? Better: How can we build one using Arduino and other parts? Hardware needn't be portable for us. #
6/21 5:53 @chrisfharvey I think I catch myself using it for the same reason now. Might be disingenuous but can hardly think of anything better to say #
6/21 4:38 @barcampSaigon Err, that's a mistake! BarCampSaigon in July will be postponed #
6/21 4:37 Nuance (Dragon Naturally Speaking) supercharges Swype with Dragon-powered voice #recognition input #
6/20 7:36 RT @walterm: Why I've decided to be helpful rather than good #
6/20 6:11 What does the deceptively simple "sounds good" really mean really? #
6/18 4:59 Recharging cells with Vietnamese coffee in order to do stupid things faster with more energy!! #
6/16 10:01 @PedroInSaigon Or you just want to buy a disposable phone? You can buy some Nokias for like 300k when they are on deal #
6/16 9:58 @PedroInSaigon No single place will have the best price on every phone. Search on store aggregators, TGDD, Hnam, etc #
6/16 4:05 The best of #FailedTechBands: RT @thomas_quinlan: R'Sync #FailedTechBands #
6/15 7:17 @madlyduck Apologies if you get 2nd reply, Twitter problems. I'm in Saigon, no sudden rain here yesterday! #
6/15 7:16 @laidbackfreak Sorry, I should probably update the Barcamp website immediately but was waiting for new venue. Definitely NOT July 1 at RMIT. #
6/14 11:04 @redbrandbuilder For as many times as I had to click to redirect to a new link, in the end the link still fails. Won't get much help there. #
6/14 11:00 @madlyduck It wasn't even raining! What do you mean? Heavy rain can cause hearts to explode? #
6/14 10:33 Next door neighbor just passed away. No surprise there but cops came, autopsy says her heart exploded. #
6/14 6:51 @jonhoff The price per liter of pool water is pretty good speaking relatively. Free urine too. #
6/14 6:48 @nguyenhimself It's a play on the slightly more pro Saigon Heat basketball team. We're not bringing much heat, we're rather lukewarm. ;-) #
6/14 6:23 RT @ericburdette: Beautiful. RT: @Vietnam720: #NASA took this shot of #Vietnam from space #
6/14 3:44 "Work alone… Not on a committee. Not on a team." - Woz on creativity. Keep it in mind when managing creatives: protect them from distraction #
6/13 8:09 @ericburdette Yeah, why not? Want to call them up? Wonder what would get them interested more? #
6/13 5:40 @MienHPham Viettel in Saigon has been wide open for the past few months. What problems are you seeing? Just Facebook? #
6/13 5:37 @sonnylebythebay Yup, kids are already fattening up to the delight of proud Vietnamese parents. Diabetes, previously unheard of - now common #
6/13 5:33 @sonnylebythebay While governments should tax cigarettes, they shouldn't themselves get addicted to profits from those products! #
6/13 5:08 @sonnylebythebay Other fast food chains in VN: Burger King, Subway, Dominos Pizza, Lotteria, Baskin-Robbins (and small Singaporean ones) #
6/12 7:49 VNPT is blocking BlogSpot, WordPress, as well as Facebook (and others?) #censorship #
6/11 10:19 @laidbackfreak Yup. Cops shut it down early, although possibly allowed them to play music again later in the night after people left #
6/10 10:20 @lenabucatariu Japanese cuisine is more than sushi! Japanese and Singapore-inspired street snacks and soybeans in a contemporary setting :) #
6/9 16:37 At the Dose warehouse party but cops aren't letting any more taxis enter the area and music has stopped #
6/9 10:00 @caligarn @nguyenhimself Insomnia is a disease! Not fixed so easy. But laying in bed w/mind racing is no way to sleep fast, just waste time #
6/9 9:57 @Vietnam720 Cam on Ben oi! #
6/9 9:56 @caligarn The other night I couldn't sleep cuz it was earlier than I sleep, too hot w/ net & w/o fan, and you two were snoring right away! #
6/9 9:52 @1000vietmiles We took QL 1A and some local roads including dirt roads. We had no time for massages :( #
6/9 8:42 #oddballrequests Where can one have custom cardboard paper boxes made in Saigon? #
6/9 5:13 Skyline #saigon #vietnam #
6/8 12:48 @1000vietmiles I recently joined my friend on his 12-day cycling trip from Hanoi to Saigon. Two days and I was dead sore, but he made it! #
6/8 8:22 @tamkaizen @Vietnam720 Haha. Don't worry, I won't be the guy to tell everyone that you're married... wait... Whoops, sorry! #
6/8 7:35 Don't cheat w/ model sitting on plane next to you when she has 13k followers and is live-tweeting it: via @shilkytouch #
6/8 5:39 @garydale Motorbike accident. About the same rate of motorcycle deaths per hour in Vietnam as in Thailand, 1-2 deaths every hour #
6/6 7:32 @jon7b It's either a brilliant piece of self-referential irony ... or it's just Vietnam being Vietnam #
6/6 7:10 @TwitVietnam Haha thanks for the RT Ben #
6/6 6:59 F You Karaoke. 'F the noise' #saigon #vietnam #
6/6 6:46 @torlangballe I haven't yet. Do you want to be the tester? If so, let's meet up for coffee too haha #
6/6 5:57 @nguyenhimself Or discourage citizens from being organ donors lest they're one day setup/convicted of a crime with potential death sentence #
6/6 5:20 @oc_f1fan @sonnylebythebay @bootsnall @ottsworld Haha. I grew up eating both at home, homemade. Soba itself is bland, can be made many ways. #
6/6 5:16 @PedroInSaigon It depends. There are a few kinds of tourist visas. One 3-month visa can be renewed more than 3 times, not sure of limit. #
6/5 7:28 @walterm In that case, maybe Saigon must go upmarket to keep Vietnamese (and expats) from traveling #
6/5 7:00 Have some cheese. Cheeses made in Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City) with local Holstein cow. #
6/5 6:15 Keep getting dumped into the sad world of Perl. This time decrypting the payload on a hacked server scanning for jboss vulnerabilities now. #
6/5 6:08 @garydale Things are significantly better than a week ago as I can type without incurring pain. How is Thailand? #
6/5 5:07 @walterm I think Saigon should really try harder to woo Khmer medical tourists. Closer at least. FV tries. #
6/4 8:29 @omgsupergirl Oh, sorry to hear you were sick :/ Better now I hope? #
6/4 8:09 @sonnylebythebay @SaigonSean Saigon has enough people depending on others for transport, the old/young/sick/drunk. But who cares about them! #
6/4 7:57 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Ho ho! But only as a link from metro to bus station, depending on both, worthless alone. #
6/4 7:54 @dynamicscholar @sonnylebythebay I'd guess Singaporeans were no more 'enlightened' than Saigonians 2-3 decades ago; what changed? Leadership #
6/4 7:53 @omgsupergirl Oh, good news. Did you check out ADS? How was it? #
6/4 5:33 @sonnylebythebay @dynamicscholar IMO, HCMC should but does not see Singapore as a model. But we must copy at all levels, up to the top #
6/4 4:50 @TylerWatts @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar Seriously? Or are you making a Simpsons joke? :-) #
6/4 4:49 @SaigonSean @dynamicscholar I like trams. But a city-wide network of trams? Must be grade-separated. How would we justify the cost? #
6/4 4:23 @dynamicscholar The Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien metro will be underground in D1. I think it's a very expensive, difficult option. #
6/4 4:18 @shilkytouch I think it's still far too early for people to be talking about that happening at Cam Ranh, no reference as in Japan #
6/4 4:05 @dynamicscholar I think we need dedicated bus lanes/busways. There are also underground bus "subways" too, see Seattle. But digging = $$$ #
6/4 3:46 @NBNQ Another bike tried to "kiss" mine and we both fell over. Nothing broken but a lot of blood (and destroyed pants). Not recommended! #
6/4 3:45 @dynamicscholar I've ridden a golf cart in D2 :) Busses can also go overground, cheaper than trains. But last-mile connections will be bikes #
6/4 3:42 @NBNQ @ericburdette When you think about it, most Americans would think us insane for riding motorbikes the way we do here. #
6/4 3:41 @ericburdette Was it an imported bike? I've seen cheapo Chinese-made mountain bikes priced reasonably. I also have a folding bike. #
6/4 3:35 @dynamicscholar What do you think of BKK's network of boats/tuktuks/trains? I'd be happy if SGN had just a BTS. Or a better bus network. #
6/4 3:26 @ericburdette I also think many people can ride bicycles but don't ride motorbikes for various reasons. Among expats too. #
6/4 3:20 @omgsupergirl Girl on bike ran into me and my bike fell and skidded to a stop. Mangled fingers and gash and road rash along my arm and leg #
6/4 3:18 @ericburdette @NBNQ Totally confused here. My sense of balance is intact here, my right arm was injured after getting hit by a bike. #
6/4 3:15 @omgsupergirl I know how to ride a bike, I just can't close my fist or bend my elbow w/o pain right now, making it harder to operate :) #
6/4 3:13 @shilkytouch Guess you mean the visit to Cam Ranh. I think both sides say US will not have a base, and I think US is moving to "renting". #
6/4 3:12 @ericburdette @NBNQ This city is designed exclusively around motorbikes. You mean how does someone deal with not riding a motorbike? #
6/4 3:10 @NBNQ I occasionally meet (Vietnamese) people who don't/can't ride a motorbike... for me it's temporary b/c of a bike accident and hurt arms #
6/4 1:20 For the first time in Vietnam I wish I had a car so I could get around (since I can't ride a bike). Or better yet, wish the city had trains. #
6/3 11:33 TIL Octopuses have 8 semi-autonomous mini-brains in their tentacles which would be useful in robots: #
6/3 6:25 Facebook friends! Why do you "like" so many of the Facebook pages that you clicked "Like" on? #
6/2 9:46 @ourman There was a bug in Twitter where it would secretly unfollow people. Or at least that's what I tell people I unfollowed #
6/2 7:53 @nhhaidang Please tell me more about these Vietnamese academics! #
6/1 11:47 @areyouahuman Have you tried using Opera's mobile browser? No game appears on demo , using Android phone #
6/1 8:29 Xenophobe China, scary. RT @nicola_davison: Last night dozens of police stormed the bars/restaurants on Yongfu Lu demanding foreigners' IDs. #
6/1 5:51 Anyone recommend any company in Saigon for printing cardboard shipping boxes? #
6/1 5:10 @smpasiaorg Facebook is not blocked on my FPT connection @fisheggtree #
6/1 5:09 Some dangers of investing capital in Vietnam: #
6/1 3:52 For the past 1-2hrs most major SSL sites (inc. Gmail) were failing due to SSL warnings - on multiple PCs. Now all ok. Attempted MITM attack? #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 7-2012

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 12:54am
7/31 12:12 When I search for "serial rapists" on Facebook, a long list of "People you may know" comes up... and you're on it. Very helpful, Zuckerburg. #
7/31 10:31 @ourman But rat shit is more likely to spread disease and be inside your house. But we have someone sweep our alley every morning. #
7/31 10:28 @dnghia @nguyenhimself @caligarn I thought he left a pretty easy and clear lead up to a possible next film in the same franchise, no? #
7/31 8:50 Uruguay to legalize marijuana production, Vietnam to legalize same-sex marriage? Big middle fingers towards the US #
7/31 7:01 @walterm Tibet appears to ban only a handful of countries. We can guess why VN and PH. The UK, Norway, and South Korea are also banned. #
7/31 7:00 All the world's showers should come equipped with surfaces that can be written on with your finger. (And synced to The Cloud!) #
7/30 8:50 @nbnq Tibet is owned by China, while Vietnam and the Philippines are battling politically with China over the South China Sea #
7/30 7:18 People from Vietnam and the Philippines are no longer allowed to travel to Tibet. Gee, I wonder why? #
7/30 2:01 Anyone got any neat tips/tricks for their phone's user-defined dictionary? Want to share? #
7/29 8:30 @kingceejay A friend who lives in Vung Tau tells me there is a movie theater but has never been, location unknown. Sorry. #
7/29 3:05 There's a pretty sweet movie directed by Christopher Nolan in the theaters now. It's called Inception Reunion. #
7/28 6:58 @cnualart @caligarn What's the status of Creative Mornings now? I heard only 5 people showed up? #
7/28 5:29 @jon7b It won't just be sites themselves begging. Your friends will push you to reshare or like content they get rewards for. #
7/28 3:32 “Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, SEO will be dead in 2 years.” Google's goal and wish, but is it possible? #
7/27 9:44 @tylerwatts @nguyenhimself My guess is you eat a piece of log which then allows the log to communicate w/ you telepathically #
7/27 8:25 @caligarn Reason for hope, still no cure. "The world should make sure it goes on retreating" #
7/27 7:23 1000s of Cambodians ask 'magic log' w/ healing powers for lottery numbers (not so different from other religions really)... #
7/27 7:17 @dynamicscholar Haha you were never blamed, and I'm not blaming anyone now. Just noting it's been awhile, but Vy/Tien might be on it #
7/27 7:09 @hendrikbeck Hacker News user walterheck. They're currently thinking somewhere in Southeast Asia #
7/27 7:01 @dynamicscholar Yup, the event was in limbo for awhile (ahem, THATCamp? :). Hope RMIT is back on for the future after this. #
7/27 7:00 @chrisfharvey As mentioned, private deal so they can't say. Surely the niceties will be that is very happy, etc. Will leak eventually #
7/27 6:45 2 months of pure hackathon on a tropical island: - imagine how nicely this could be done on Phu Quoc #
7/27 3:35 On eating Vegetarian in Vietnam: #
7/27 2:05 BarCamp Saigon is planned for September 9 at FPT F-Town in District 9 - 9/9 in 9! #
7/26 18:52 @barryokane Please find my contact info at and contact me if you haven't already #
7/26 7:47 Congratulations @peoplewithideas for VCCorp's acquisition of! Lots of big players in Vietnams' food delivery space now #
7/26 7:42 There should be a browser extension to replace dysfunctional Bing map/search/poop with Google poop inside Facebook #
7/26 7:38 Olympic athletes (and their insular cortices) under pressure may benefit from mindfulness meditation: #
7/26 4:53 "This raw representation of bodily signals (in the insula) has been hypothesized for more than a century to be the origin of emotions." #
7/25 8:27 LoL today I have a Klout score of 67? Where are my perks! #
7/25 8:14 @dynamicscholar Not to worry. This holiday destination includes: land above sea level, potable water delivered monthly, P.O. for postcards #
7/25 8:12 Vietnamese media, w/ a completely straight face, publishes article titled "Paradise for endangered primates": #
7/25 7:04 Sansha City: China opens new island-city w/ supermarket and hot tourist destination on Vietnamese island chain: #
7/25 6:27 Beijing: Officially 37, reports of up to 4000 dead in floods as sewer system succumbs to heavy rain, blogs censored: #
7/24 10:08 @jon7b I don't think importing BMX is forbidden but may need to declare like other bikes. Surely you could bring one when you fly back. #
7/24 9:56 @jon7b I mean alleys full of miniramps and ledges, just that surface is too poor for small skateboard wheels but no problem for bikes #
7/24 7:00 The "Future of Networking" #
7/24 3:04 @TylerWatts @saigonsean Which decade were these stats taken from? 1970s? #
7/24 2:54 Thanks, global recession! RT @linhpnguyen: Second month has negative CPI, minus 0.29% m-o-m in July, plus 5.35% y-o-y #Vietnam #
7/24 2:52 @vietnam720 Yeah. It will be great when Google+ opens their API, then Hootsuite will integrate properly and all will be right in the world #
7/24 0:50 Every few months I check just to be sure: Google+ still doesn't have an API for 3d parties to post to one's stream. #
7/23 23:36 Could we crowdsource a Batman-esque (or Ironman-like) superhero? #
7/23 16:27 @sonnylebythebay I literally just scratched my head at that. Have to agree that people don't have a right to wield semi-automatic guns. #
7/23 14:36 @chrisgnguyen That really sucks. Are these special tourist police or just regular cops looking for some easy money? Did you get carded? #
7/23 11:55 @jon7b @CotterVN Phu My Hung. You're still in .eu right? Plan to bring a bike back? Isn't Saigon's terrain perfect for BMX? #
7/23 8:20 @cottervn @dynamicscholar CM7 for me was unstable and drained battery. Zeus is stable and is great for battery life. YMMV! #
7/23 8:19 @cottervn Private experimental live/work space for now, with plans for a restaurant or something public in the near future #
7/23 7:23 "We built an animal. We took a rat apart and rebuilt it as a jellyfish." This is too cool: #
7/23 7:14 Half pipe at #Saigon Outcast #sk8ordie #
7/23 6:49 @dynamicscholar No, I think I used GingerBreak, even though on Froyo. Rooting is pretty straightforward, it works or it doesn't. #
7/23 6:44 Having stray kittens living in your alley is like renting a cat "in the cloud" #
7/23 6:01 @dynamicscholar Honestly, depends on the device. Here's a list of ICS roms for yours: check that forum for suggestions #
7/23 5:49 @geetree You are right. I was hesitating, considering whether a harsher word was more appropriate. :-) #
7/23 5:44 @jon7b @dynamicscholar Cyanogenmod CM7 for my Optimus was unstable, drained battery. Now running Zeus Gingerbread ROM and so far so good! #
7/23 5:24 @chrisfharvey Haha are they seriously in vans? Now having 2nd thoughts buying 2nd hand as multiple friends had laptops stolen over the w/e #
7/23 5:23 @caligarn Isn't the point that you can be pinged at any time of day and you must report your state of mind at that point? If email, how? #
7/23 5:22 My phone spent much of the weekend getting crashed, thrashed, and re-ROM'd. Seems to be stable and fast now but sorry if I lost your texts! #
7/23 1:05 Is there anyplace in Saigon that sells used computers, especially laptops? Or any better options for a low power server? #
7/22 10:48 #Saigon Outcast #
7/22 7:48 Bling and conspicuous consumption by locals is amusing. By Viet Kieu: embarrassing. By expats: just fail? #
7/22 7:10 @Vietnam720 @caligarn IFTTT is a promising widget for power users who are not programmers - shinier than Yahoo Pipes @IFTTT #
7/22 7:01 @ChrisGNguyen She's a VK so she does speak it tho quite hard for me to understand haha.. just concerned about getting caught w/o permission #
7/22 5:44 @caligarn Heard of it but iPhone only. I wonder if it also affected behavior as a side effect, increasing mindfulness? #
7/22 5:24 @laidbackfreak Thanks Sean. I've been all over my model's subforum there. Looked at but don't have 90 GB free on my Mac #
7/22 1:30 Anyone gone down the road of building their own Android ROMs? Where do you start? What do you need? #
7/21 9:41 @caligarn That's media. CYOA was a hack when books couldn't be interactive. But that's no longer the case. So why? #
7/21 9:01 @caligarn Published at home or Vietnam? Vietnam doesn't sell well in America. But why not make it a web/mobile app? Lots more possibilities. #
7/21 7:35 Vietnam's economy could expand via foreign companies like Honda here growing to export more regionally, not just producing domestically. #
7/21 7:35 @caligarn Nintendo? #
7/21 7:24 Open Game Development Conference 2012 at VNG #saigon #ogdc #
7/21 7:19 @chrisgnguyen I have an expat friend who wants to be a tour guide here.. Any advice? :) Have legal issues? Should work for a local agency? #
7/21 7:02 Cross platform (Android, iOS) dev environments are good for games & simple apps, not for business apps - Takaaki of DeNA #ogdc #
7/21 5:49 Japanese (sometimes romantically) compare Vietnam to Japan in the past. Mori says 60s. Others say earlier. Youth, energy, labor, industry. #
7/21 5:27 V.professional game conference by VNG, considering for BarCamp but too corporate? Great for keynote tech conferences. #ogdc #
7/19 9:12 @sonnylebythebay China, with its gender ratio problem, should encourage more men to become gay #
7/19 7:12 @dynamicscholar For Chrome? On a Unix-like OS you could just do "cat /dev/random > /dev/audio" or something similar #
7/19 7:00 @laidbackfreak Like "I left my phone in the taxi"? ;-) #
7/19 6:59 @thenewmilieu I think for these situations cell tower triangulation or wifi is sufficient. If I'm 10 ft away from my friend, I'll just yell #
7/19 3:39 @tamkaizen @kingceejay @patrizio_bui @geetree @mr_kimpossible @HerDailyDigest Wait, why would there be a Tweetup on a Saturday night? #
7/19 2:50 Would you use a smartphone app that let friends track your location when you were planning to meet them? If only a local app knew my plans.. #
7/19 1:40 110 years ago, A/C was invented in America. Many VN families will get their first this year. The future takes awhile to be distributed. #
7/18 18:24 @NBNQ I saw a few empty coffee cops in front of you but didn't really think one person could've drank them! I'm sure it was fun for awhile. #
7/18 16:41 @careyz I'm not sure how Summer is defined in Saigon, but enjoy your break, Carey! #
7/18 6:45 @patrizio_bui @tamkaizen @geetree @kingceejay @mr_kimpossible I actually prefer a little rain to keep us cool :-) #
7/18 4:33 2 x fans - 1 x broken motor - 1 x broken blade = 1 x Frankenstein fan #
7/17 17:39 Microsoft adds backdoors to Skype. Hackers leak its source code to the public, with patches: #
7/17 12:52 Vietnam is the fastest growing country on Facebook, percentage-wise according to Socialbakers figures #
7/17 12:45 5,482,960: The number of Facebook users in Vietnam as of June 30 according to Facebook #
7/17 12:39 @tylerwatts Haha! Back then, SGI boxes to us were like sports cars to most guys. Super graphics power. The movie was probably made with them #
7/17 9:27 @TylerWatts @nguyenhimself @caligarn Sorry, might have been SGI workstations/IRIX #
7/17 9:19 @TylerWatts @nguyenhimself @caligarn I remember that scene. She was using Sun on a Sparcstation if my memory is correct #
7/17 9:11 @caligarn So... your dad is cool. Full stop. ;-) #
7/17 8:44 @caligarn I first logged into a Unix system some 20 years ago and have used it since. I was both a BSD and HP-UX systems developer. #
7/17 8:35 @caligarn I'm not, though I have it installed on a netbook. I first installed Linux about 16 years ago, long before Ubuntu. #
7/17 8:19 @nguyenhimself Weird. Another demo, w/ Ubuntu. It's a tiny USB-stick-like PC built for Android. TV is one app. #
7/17 7:15 @coachleaders Nobody else has shown interest :| You can order 1pc for a few more bucks... Nice toy but I'm actually looking for more power #
7/17 7:11 @prior_anthony I've heard some landlords are finally dropping rents, and we know real estate investors are crunched. How big is your house? #
7/17 6:44 Must be more to this: Cambodian fathers build sex huts for their nine to 13-year-old daughters to explore promiscuity: #
7/17 6:41 RT @grapealope: The tough part about the car industry: while other startups need to get 5 things right, you need to get 17. @johnbrogers #
7/17 3:41 Finding affordable housing in Vietnam - How much should it cost? #
7/17 0:50 Amazing how McDonald's, a cow-burger joint, localizes to the Indian market w/o selling beef at all: #
7/16 18:51 @grapealope @jeremyphoward So how can we? And what's the developing world's place at #singularityu? #
7/16 15:07 @CoachLeaders Nope, just making people aware in case they wanted to go in together on a batch... :-) #
7/16 14:51 @jon7b @cnualart True, many countries have a crossable "too offensive" line, but qualitatively different by an order of magnitude here #
7/16 13:25 @patrizio_bui Psst. Want lots of Facebook likes? I can sell you fans, only 5000 VND per Vietnamese account... #
7/16 13:22 @cnualart It makes sense to me, as an artist unwittingly and unintentionally does something that offends the government censors #
7/16 11:50 Rikomagic MK802 Android 4.0 PC-on-a-stick running Xubuntu: $72/ea shipped to VN for 5pc #
7/16 9:34 @caligarn @Vietnam720 As of last night, Mike still self-funds Keewi #
7/16 9:33 Use a smartphone to diagnose ear infections (with a small magnifying attachment) - Next up: mobile x-ray apps #
7/16 9:11 @caligarn @Vietnam720 Keewi have organized several tech/startup events here already. For themselves & their product. Still little on 'tech'. #
7/16 7:38 @laidbackfreak They don't tell. In 10 days I either pick up my license, or re-enroll for the next test! I guess there's a 3rd option #bribes #
7/16 7:00 If you invented cat food that kept kittens from becoming cats, you could sell it for more than cocaine - Steve Jobs #
7/16 6:40 @neurozen Yes, but iOS only. Endorsed by Shinzen Young. -5 points for quoting Steve Jobs. #
7/16 6:37 @saigonnezumi @Yives I was in Tan Phu most of the day too. Dripping aircon, or people spitting while driving their motorbikes... #
7/16 6:33 @lyraliza Which part was that? Doesn't look like rain today either. :-( #
7/16 6:22 Sunday spent at driving test center, Saigon boonies. Most test applicants should not be licensed to drive, but proctors rarely looked up. #
7/15 13:18 Today it did not rain in Saigon #weatherunderground #
7/15 10:45 @cnualart Yes. And my father followed the saying word for word. #
7/14 6:54 @LTO_cambodia In Saigon, low land is getting lower due to building, paved roads stop absorbing rainwater, sewage system is overloaded #
7/14 5:20 @TylerWatts @ericburdette LOL, scary either way. Man who can create man in his own image would be an amazing discovery, VN media'd frenzy #
7/14 4:56 Arrived at my destination but couldn't turn my bike's motor off because the key unknowingly fell out yet the engine kept running? #
7/13 7:42 @webtomme Hey Tom, congrats on your new venture and hope the Danang Drupal meetup goes well! Any further plans in Danang? #
7/13 7:41 @tbendu2 In my neighborhood, flooding has gotten higher and more frequent every year. It's also a man-made problem, w/ poor solutions #
7/13 7:06 @saigonnezumi Sadly true. I mean, can you think of any positive Vietnamese role models? #
7/13 7:02 @Vietnam720 Pinspire is Rocket Internet's Asian Pinterest clone, but the Rocket guys in Vietnam don't run the .vn or anything related #
7/13 6:16 LOL #TiengViet RT @tylerwatts: @Vietnam720 @tomosaigon Alexandre #DuMa ? #
7/13 6:02 @Vietnam720 What do you think? Can we make #DuMa trend regionally on Twitter? #
7/13 5:52 @chrisfharvey Thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way #
7/13 5:44 @tropixblue Which word? OMGWTF? DuMa? Do those count as words? :-) #
7/13 5:05 Invest in Vietnam? The End of the Vietnamese Miracle - w/ inflation, businesses can no longer ignore bad policy: #
7/13 4:34 A bike helmet that can read your mind: - Just imagine the implications for Vietnam road traffic #
7/13 2:45 Apologists defend police corruption due to low pay. I'd counter the #1 reason for 99% of cops joining being the HIGH pay. Stop the inpunity. #
7/13 1:25 Challenge: decode an 31337 '92 William Gibson poem published as a self-encrypting Mac program on diskette: #
7/12 7:58 @caligarn I don't think that's so common but you wouldn't know as well as me due to lack of experience, son #
7/12 6:51 @vietnam720 They don't care to tell people they're the same company! BTW, now raining in Saigon's northwest center #
7/12 6:15 Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer found the Vietnamese police force considered most corrupt public institution in VN #
7/12 6:13 "We cannot say that the public image of a Vietnamese traffic police officer is that he is immoral or unethical" #lolwut? #corruption #
7/12 4:24 @vietnam720 Rocket in Vietnam have opened Lazada (electronics), Zalora (fashion), and food delivery #
7/12 3:49 Rocket Internet opens up what looks to be a stripped down Lazada in Cambodia, rebranded as #
7/12 3:29 @vietnam720 @nguyenhimself There are various forums like For tech scene/startup news, Ngan Sau's #
7/11 15:11 RT @barijoe: very cool house in HCMC #
7/11 12:19 Class for driving test ends => Entire class walks to parking lot to get their bikes and drive home #
7/11 7:34 @jon7b @nguyenhimself Not lack of RAM. Ran memory tests, crashed. Took laptop apart, tested each stick individually, now magically fixed. #
7/11 7:24 @chrisfharvey Hahaha. OMG. In that case, I do NOT need to know him better than I thought - some avenues of thought are not worth pursuing #
7/11 6:23 @caligarn Including many endangered/soon-to-be-extinct languages in Vietnam. Once I have resources, I wish to work to preserve them. #
7/11 5:43 My friend's Facebook account has been hacked and how "she" keeps messaging me about how horny "she" is (it's a guy friend) #
7/11 4:47 @barijoe Haha, because of sprawl? Pollution can't be worse, maybe traffic congestion is though. Jakarta has a busway though :-) #
7/11 4:45 @ChrisInCambo Probably published by a real estate/tourism authority from Hong Kong! No 2 lists the same. But yeah, pollution, Hong Kong? #
7/11 2:10 Phnom Penh as 4th worst place to live, re: green space, pollution, connectivity... Wonder where Vietnam's cities rank? #
7/10 4:09 Chinese pay more attn to a diploma than a real education. A diploma is worth actual money whereas an education is not. #
7/9 10:49 @nguyenhimself I'm checking if my ram is bad. It's all browsers and other memory intense apps. I'll be sad to go back to 4gb if it's that #
7/9 10:48 @layered I also tried disabling most browser extensions but Safari which has no extensions was also crashing. Now I see it's not browsers. #
7/9 7:58 @nguyenhimself Nope, Macbook Pro. Also, Firefox immediately crashes the OS. Not sure why, maybe both are memory intensive apps #
7/9 7:36 @caligarn How hot? Room temperature, laptop was asleep for a while. Hasn't heated up yet. Cpu load is low. #
7/9 7:31 @saigonnezumi FPT, but probably not a quality of service issue specific to them. Not even sure who owns the lines at where it's broken #
7/9 7:30 @nguyenhimself Net broke for my area, fixed 2 days later. Then they took it down to "refix better" and now it's down again. Refix not so gud #
7/9 7:19 Now OSX is crashing every time I start browsing. Can't even Google for a solution! Can the solution be crowd sourced? #
7/9 5:10 Despite temporary attempts to fix it, going on 5th day of no home Internet in the past week. Low tech infrastructure here, it mostly works #
7/6 8:21 @lupohiep Who accepts responsibility here? Water price increases, saying one told another to fix it asap doesn't help. Like rogue taxis. #
7/6 7:27 @ChrisInCambo What you can't see are the ropes tying it to the banister on the other side of the bike. Not sure if even that's sufficient! #
7/6 5:46 Motorcycle parked on a staircase to nowhere #saigon #vietnam #
7/5 6:04 @jon7b Thanks! @Catch looks promising with optional cloud backup. Android and Chrome app installed. Have you used it long? #
7/5 5:53 Censorship #Vietnam #
7/5 5:48 @dnghia What do you use on your phone? Does it sync? Too many overweight, cloud-dependent note-taking apps which should be much simpler IMO. #
7/5 5:41 @ericburdette Yes, I can still login via web. I just won't have an unused app wasting space on my phone anymore until there are users #
7/4 8:09 @caligarn @dynamicscholar How do you search or re-sort/organize your notebook? Do you have it when you don't have your phone or vice versa? #
7/4 7:32 @dynamicscholar For me web is as important as phone and on phone must work offline. Glassboard cool for sharing/collab, but not quick jots #
7/4 7:28 HCMC loses up to $300k = 38% of clean water daily. Vietnam is a country successfully built on waste and inefficiency: #
7/4 6:41 @dynamicscholar Looks pretty sweet but iPad-only? :( Need Android and web. #
7/4 6:26 Is there any note-taking web/mobile app that works offline and has folders/hierarchy? @springpadapp is just too slow #
7/3 7:29 RT @vivoandando: Lifestyle changes have proven more effective than most medicine Bradly Jacobs @singularityu #gsp12 #
7/3 6:48 @Vietnam720 I think it's okay to walk inside the building, but a friend (female, lived in the area) said to not walk around the hood at nite #
7/3 6:39 @Vietnam720 I'd consider it. Straight shot to downtown. But far from office @ Q10, anywhere else. I heard: don't walk around there at night! #
7/3 6:29 @dynamicscholar Pivots, closed-betas, rushing towards release, confusion - all normal for product startups, but not necessarily good things #
7/3 6:28 The girls in the office are listening to some kind of pop-dubstep. Dubstep is right up there with Kpop. #vietnam #
7/3 6:05 @dynamicscholar It was available to install off their own site (as in not app store) many months ago, but no service to use #
7/3 6:02 Uninstalling Klamr app to free up space since so many friends have left the startup before the product's even launched #
7/3 5:58 @Vietnam720 I was just in Carina Plaza on Sunday night! My friend The Hong also just moved in there. Nice kitchen! #
7/3 5:08 @caligarn I am willing to back this 20k VND venture of yours but only if you have a spamming / Facebook fan buying expert on board #
7/3 4:21 @caligarn How much money do you think you would need and how would you spend it? + Reddit ain't exactly new or innovative #
7/3 4:11 No internet at home for over 24 hours and told it could be 48! At first, a moment of panic, followed by equanimous acceptance of a day... #
7/2 8:13 @areyouahuman I'd love to use your Drupal 6 module to cut registration spam but it's important to get it approved on! #
7/2 8:05 @RobertTamNguyen I can slowly read Vietnamese (w/ help from Google :) but you think this page has good SEO? Using images for text is bad... #
7/2 7:44 @tropixblue I was never very good at reading sheet music. Blame it on the Suzuki Method. + my kinda music can't be written in std notation! #
7/2 7:32 A layman staring into sheet music sees just lines and dots. A musician looks into the same thing and sees beautiful music. #
7/1 2:18 @chrisfharvey Thanks for the tip! Are you following the industry now, or just researching? Any piece of it you want to attack? #

@tomosaigon Twitter Archive - 8-2012

Submitted by tomo on October 6, 2012 - 12:51am
8/31 17:04 RT @peter_k440: *BREAKING NEWS* Gottfried from piratebay apprehended by Interpol at an apartment above Cadillac bar in PhnomPenh cambodia #
8/31 9:01 @rockportrait Haha. Good idea. Let me spend the next few hours trying to find/invent a time machine. All or nothing. #
8/31 6:45 ...but I haven't started a single slide yet or even installed the tools I plan to talk about. Anyone want to give me ideas? :-) #
8/31 6:44 In 4 hours I'll give a presentation on openness in web with state of the art tools and how the Internet has become malleable for designers. #
8/30 17:25 @dynamicscholar Assume real Coke is normalized to some standards even here. If imported & American then it's back to sucking down HFCS so.. #
8/30 17:21 @TravelinNatural The restaurant in Chua Vinh Nghiem pagoda on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia or Hoa Khai on Nguyen Cu Trinh. Hoa Dang is too busy. #
8/30 17:00 Bout time! android RT @ericburdette: Awesome. @Swiftkey has started testing of their Vietnamese keyboard. Can't wait til the release #
8/30 10:11 Biohazards on bikes. That's how Vietnam rolls. zombies saigon #
8/30 9:33 With all these news reports about Vietnamese coffee being made of soy I've gone back to consuming safe and healthy drinks like Coca-Cola #
8/30 9:32 @dynamicscholar I haven't been to one in D4. That may just be a vegetarian restaurant or it may have a store too. Maybe @PedroInSaigon knows #
8/30 9:22 @dynamicscholar Off the top of my head, Au Lac also has small vegan grocery stores for their products. #
8/30 9:08 @caligarn @dynamicscholar Specifically targeting folks who'd want to improve their enlightenment odds. Meditation can just be stress relief #
8/30 8:59 Trello is NOT a bug-tracking system and it will resent you for trying to turn it into one. Unless your web project only has 5 bugs total. #
8/30 8:56 @dynamicscholar @caligarn Wait, I'm charlatan for using the E word?? I didn't say "from an enlightened person's perspective"! #
8/30 8:55 @dynamicscholar I don't think I've seen it there but a lot of vegetarian restaurants sell supplies. A few vegan grocery stores around too. #
8/30 7:37 Leap Motion, a small, $70 gesture control system that has captivated my imagination about the future of UI technology: #
8/30 7:36 @SamuelMaruta ...or chocolate? :-) But sadly yes soon there will no longer be any endangered species alive to torture and eat :-( #
8/30 7:27 @dynamicscholar LOL if you really do want to eat vegetarian in Saigon (to avoid sketchy meat) here's a map I made: #
8/30 7:24 @sonnylebythebay There are sections of canals in Saigon where trash tends to collect that look like that. Only difference is in scale. #
8/30 5:49 Vietnamese: famous for 2 things: pho and torturing, mutilating, and eating endangered animals: #
8/30 5:34 RT @sonnylebythebay: Want to see how dirty is the dirtiest river in the world? Pix of Indonesia Citarum River #
8/30 4:49 @dylanduong I'm planning on doing stuff in the Twitter data mining space. Let me know if you have ideas. Entity and sentiment extraction. #
8/30 4:36 "Innovative thinking from low-cost countries (esp. India) combined with rapid action can benefit rich country companies disproportionately." #
8/29 10:30 @buunguyen Care to name and shame these crowd testing sites? Any better than just using Mechanical Turk? #
8/29 9:14 @caligarn Haha, cheers buddy! #
8/29 7:30 @deonartsy You're right, according to media (including photos with hot PR girls) and witnesses. I can't wait, but trains are not enough! #
8/28 8:41 @jon7b It appears there's a black market for empty SIMs which can send 100s of SMSs before phone company detects the abuse. Rinse, repeat. #
8/28 8:35 @NBNQ Not that any spam SMS is ok but ones that wake you up in the middle of the night are especially evil. We consumers need protection. #
8/28 8:13 1) Estimates of software tasks are inherently unreliable 2) Benefits of estimates are outweighed by the time required to make them. Discuss. #
8/28 8:00 @ducthuan89dl So phone companies should fix this loophole, consumers should punish spammers, govt should punish who registered the SIM #
8/28 7:33 Vietnam's first metro rail (subway) is supposed to begin construction in Saigon today. #
8/28 6:31 @laidbackfreak The outcome seems obvious right? Why authorities aren't doing more (less cars) to prevent the inevitable... kafkaesque #
8/28 5:50 Just imagine a semi-busy yet smoothly flowing traffic circle in Saigon with bikes replaced by cars. dystopian #
8/28 4:06 @dynamicscholar Ah. Well, I do have this Magic Mouse I hardly used if you want. We can always work something out later. #
8/27 17:40 @nguyenhimself Le Pub serves poutine but it's not great. Have seen it on menus at other restaurants too though #
8/27 9:26 Mi-Two runs Jelly Bean on 1.5Ghz quad core Snapdragon RT @CoachLeaders: Xiaomi reveals the fastest Android phone ever #
8/27 8:20 @ducthuan89dl Do you ever receive SMS spam from the same # more than once? I think they use disposable phone numbers, but the website's same #
8/27 8:13 @dynamicscholar Sweet. :-) Either option works. #
8/27 7:59 What can we do to destroy/annoy SMS spammers like 0938289832, 01265958459, 01249004821, or 01249004764 promoting websites? #
8/27 6:23 @dynamicscholar I have a MacBook Pro with Mini DisplayPort (not DVI) which I want to convert to VGA. #
8/27 2:42 @dynamicscholar I might have a Magic Mouse I could trade! #
8/26 13:22 Nha Hang 666 - The Restaurant of the Beast saigon vietnam #
8/26 13:18 @jon7b Haha I wish I could retweet that but you protect your tweets. Is this a real meme? armstrong #
8/26 12:08 @dynamicscholar @caligarn @nguyenhimself Not any popular stores I know of. If you find a display port to VGA adapter < $25 let me know #
8/26 11:01 @Khoi_Le There is already a long list of storm names to be used, then they just pick the next name alphabetically #
8/26 7:48 @PedroInSaigon I've hacked on Moodle but find the codebase immature. What are requirements? Content management frameworks (Drupal) flexible #
8/26 5:05 BREAKING: Walking on moon leads to high mortality years later #
8/25 1:45 I have to say @Vimeo's developers and/or network engineers suck. Don't use if you expect videos to be watched in Asia. YouTube wins. #
8/24 12:27 TIL when you open a farm you should sacrifice a chicken and drink beers to garner favor (fruitful crops) from local god-spirits #
8/24 7:31 @caligarn "Thong cam" is one of the first things we learn in "Cultural Relativism 101" #
8/24 7:30 @lienh If a financial meltdown is inevitable in Vietnam (NPLs greater than publicized, etc.) then shift blame from own incompetence to Kien #
8/24 4:34 @CoachLeaders I've saved money on international flights by using a travel agent that knew of special deals. In the end, you can say no. #
8/24 4:10 I wonder if Vietnam is willfully trying to collapse its already weak banking system then blame it on the arrest of ACB's Bau Kien #
8/23 14:53 RT @layered: Interesting variation in foreign currency 3-month bank deposit rates in VN: USD 2% CAD 1.3% Euro 3.4% AUD 4% #
8/23 7:58 @chrisfharvey Agreed, voter fraud is a problem. Solution:"Voters required to correctly guess the number the voting inspector is thinking of" #
8/23 7:17 RT @TheOnion: Ohio: Voters must present valid Republican Party membership card ControversialLaws #
8/23 4:25 Anyone in Vietnam want to tackle Stripe's CTF (capture the flag) as a team? hacktheweb #
8/23 4:14 @christineptran Vietnam's biggest music sites (all pirating music) just agreed w/ the industry to sell songs for 1000VND (5 cents) apiece. #
8/23 3:15 Anytime you're sad just look at animated gifs of cute peacock spiders peacocking: It always cheers me up. #
8/23 2:30 Vietnam locals (and aliens) skateboarding video in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Nice spots and a couple good runs: #
8/23 0:45 Acquia (Dries Buytaert's Drupal services company) is the fastest growing software company in US, 8th fastest private co.... #
8/23 0:15 Facebook Has 44% Fake Followers; Twitter Has 33%. Calculate your own Twitter fake follower count using this tool: #
8/22 9:37 @billbaren Has your Twitter account been hacked? That last tweet sounded awfully like spam #
8/22 6:42 @rockportrait Now people play online en masse. MMORPGs. No more 20-sided die. #
8/22 6:02 Yea boyii Drupal is awesome because it has a D&D Character Generator module: #
8/22 6:00 @deonartsy Curitiba, Brazil is the classic case for BRT. Nearer to here is Jakarta's, which was my first time. Mexico City Metrobus too. #
8/21 17:07 @deonartsy @NextAmCity I'm a big fan of BRT/busways and I really think it's what Saigon needs to build to complement any metro rail system #
8/21 15:56 @rockportrait Unfortunately iPhone only comes in one price: status symbol. Any phone shop should carry it but cheapest I saw was Pico Hanoi #
8/21 13:41 @chrisfharvey Ah, but these mere anecdotes don't compare to months - nay - years of rigorous naked sleep research. #
8/21 13:37 @shilkytouch As the world faces global warming and global air-conditioning it's a hot field of research to enter. No pay. Citizen science yo #
8/21 13:32 @rockportrait It's a functional Android device, or a toy for hacking, but don't get any hopes up as an iPhone replacement #
8/21 10:05 "The comfortable temperature for sleeping naked is around 84F if a fan is on" - Japanese naked sleeping temperature researcher #
8/21 6:23 @TylerWatts Do you have turntables? Happy birthday btw! #
8/21 6:10 There's a new online vinyl record store in Vietnam selling mainstream classics and modern from ~500k VND up. But it's not for DJs. #
8/21 5:42 When religion seeks money.. RT @AsCorrespondent: Thai "Buddhist" cult claims to know afterlife of Steve Jobs Thailand #
8/21 4:15 @nguyenhimself Just answered @jon7b the same question: Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 #
8/21 3:32 @jon7b Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300, a small but feature-complete Android smartphone running Gingerbread. But not for me :) #
8/21 3:29 @nguyenhimself Sub-$100 as in an Android device (phone) costing less than $100. Straight up competing w/ lower end Nokia price points #
8/20 11:10 @sonnylebythebay I think corruption is by default for any government. Democracy despite imperfections at least introduces accountability #
8/20 11:07 @paddytan What further bad news are you expecting to drop the stock price? I expect click fraud, but poor mobile monetization isn't new #
8/20 10:47 I just received delivery of an order for a sub-$100 Android device via Vietnamese ecommerce. Is this the future? #
8/19 12:44 @LauraGeneOnline Haha you mean Gangnam or the remix part, which I kind of improvised? I hope you've heard (and seen) the original by Psy #
8/19 9:26 Psy - Gangnam Style (#DuMa Nuoc Mam Viet Kieu remix): #
8/19 5:30 On the fence about using Facebook comment widget on sites (when most visitors to the site also use Facebook) #
8/19 5:21 @caligarn @nguyenhimself IdeaTorrent as well as Ubuntu's website itself are built on Drupal #
8/19 5:19 @caligarn @jon7b Easiest would be to use a ready-made open source script for that purpose. But constructing w/ Drupal would be more flexible #
8/19 5:03 @MienHPham Tell her Ann Arbor is cooler ;-) But East Lansing has a really nice concrete skate park #
8/18 13:44 @MienHPham Michigan is full of peaceful and charming towns and cities. :-) I noticed a previous post about the West Coast of Michigan #
8/18 12:04 @jon7b Friends are nuts. I think it has something to do with decreasing rent by being married, but mostly for fun! #
8/18 11:06 Stops mosquito bite itch quick: RT @careyz: I want one ! RT @BoingBoing: Cheap-looking bug-bite zapper actually works #
8/18 10:41 Waiting for a sham wedding between an American and Vietnamese to begin, to be followed by a divorce party #
8/18 9:09 Citizen science, big government data, seafarming, microtask crowdsourcing. I'm stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. #
8/18 8:18 Unfortunately, bio-diesel conversions in Vietnam are rare b/c motorbike engines rely on gasoline, used veggie oil is burnt to a crisp #
8/18 6:06 @ShaneinSaigon Wow, crazy. Did you just laugh in their faces? #
8/18 5:45 RT @walterm: The most common Buddhist sutras in Vietnam #
8/17 16:08 I'm going to go to bed tonight dreaming of the intersection of 3D printing and artificial meat #
8/17 8:34 Moscow, backed by the Russian Orthodox Church, has banned gay pride parades for the next 100 years. pussyriot #
8/17 5:43 Expats in developing cities should begin adopting telemedicine now. "@grapealope: The market for telemedicine will be 23 billion by 2015." #
8/17 4:17 @ourman @nostarwhere Car drivers think they're still on bikes. The other day, almost hit by a car... While I was on the sidewalk! #
8/17 4:14 Bringing zen into daily life: RT @ShinzenYoung: Working smart with meditation using "challenge sequences" #
8/16 9:13 Maybe best DJ set of the summer. RT @dit313: Santiago Salazar I-94 Mix: detroit chicago #
8/16 6:59 "Bad air. Unsafe food." Fine: Other Reasons I Left China (personal followup to NYTimes: #
8/16 3:46 RT @sonnylebythebay: Biggest Asian wildlife traffickers are untouchable Corrupt cops are at the heart of it Thailand #
8/15 12:29 @joannayeoml Open Chrome's task manager, sort tabs by memory size, kill w/ some prejudice. Flash/Shockwave can hog memory quickly w/ YouTube #
8/15 11:46 Potentially awesome for testing out available cloud hosting providers & CDNs in random countries like VN: #
8/15 9:28 @nguyenhimself @jon7b I'm happy to connect with more people. For marketers what matters more? Artificial followings don't help though. #
8/15 8:04 Browser zooming leads to pixel rounding. Chrome vs Firefox. Anyone deal with this or have best practices? Just let sites break when zoomed? #
8/15 7:47 RT @sonnylebythebay: China finishes railway linking ASEAN Pan-Asia Railway network runs from Yunnan to Singapore. #
8/15 6:56 @caligarn @WAYFUNBAA @nguyenhimself What are the symptoms? Maybe you made it on a sensitive bloggers list and gov hackers target you now #
8/15 6:53 @jon7b Wow, you block them? I periodically cull, and recently wrote a script to implement an ignore list for when people tweet too much ;) #
8/15 6:51 @fisheggtree I agree, poor quality followers = spambots. Anyone who's "following" 10k people is actually following 0. #
8/15 6:02 Do most people follow-back new followers? Why would you follow strangers with 1000s of followers who follow 1000s and will just ignore you? #
8/15 3:51 @PedroInSaigon @fisheggtree Conspiracy theory, voodoo magic, or verifiable routing changes to network topology. Take your pick. #
8/14 16:34 @fisheggtree Vietnam is interesting in that it's one of few countries with 2 large expat population cities, not just the capital city #
8/14 15:06 @chrisfharvey Sweet! Let's shoot for next week. Maybe continue where your last gathering left off. #
8/14 15:05 @jon7b Yup, that's the place. Lunch set for 65k VND is more reasonable than their dinner prices. When are you back? #
8/14 15:04 @PedroInSaigon @fisheggtree If not just lag, that would be on your ISP, not any cable cut. I've been fine with Facebook on FPT and Viettel. #
8/14 14:02 @fisheggtree The Internet has protocols for routing around damaged links & that happened. No sites were offline. Rerouted traffic just slow. #
8/14 7:15 @PedroInSaigon @dynamicscholar @fisheggtree Who's your ISP, Peter? FPT is f*d but Facebook still ok. Any Vnese divers would surely drown! #
8/14 7:08 @laidbackfreak I think 'bumbling idiots' is the more obvious explanation by Occam's Razor ;) It could've been more coordinated, effective #
8/14 7:02 @chrisfharvey No idea when, or whether it was rogue fishermen again. For now you can find cafes with VNPT/Viettel which may be faster.. #
8/14 5:13 @fisheggtree Internet in Vietnam is not temporarily offline nor are there any signs that it is targeted censorship of any sort #
8/14 2:35 "In Cambodia, no one wants to be caged, but they got into the cage by themselves" - Cambodian police on delusional PETA protestors at KFC #
8/14 0:38 The undersea Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable which connects Vietnam to Hong Kong has been cut again, affecting international internet speed #
8/13 10:05 So disappointed that Khoi Thom's "rice milk drink" is not horchata that I might just cry. But who wants to join me for Taco Thursdays? #
8/13 9:20 Sounds like there's a pretty widespread (unplanned) power outage in District 1 #
8/13 8:07 @caligarn $50 for a banner on a top Vietnam news site, definitely. But what events website has traffic to justify that in this market? #
8/13 7:08 @jon7b @caligarn @TylerWatts But then tiny countries luckily winning 1 medal look great, despite not being a generally true trend #
8/13 6:42 Kellogg's Corn Flakes tin, shipping container backdrop. Battle Creek, Michigan to Saigon, Vietnam #
8/13 6:17 @kingceejay Twitter? I don't know. But I would try the 48 Hour Film Project Vietnam Facebook page #
8/13 6:14 @TravelinNatural Facebook is where people post their own events and share with groups, AnyArena for nightlife and some regular events #
8/13 5:03 BREAKING NEWS: "Tourists ripped off by vendors in Hanoi" #
8/13 4:17 @caligarn @TylerWatts A competition between nations with different resources and priorities, yes, but how is it unfair? #
8/13 4:12 @caligarn Nope. I was just talking about the London 2012 Olympics. No fun running against the dead. But Russia is no zombie.. #
8/13 3:32 @caligarn Haha I think the Soviet Union loses by ceasing to exist. Or do you mean Russia? olympics winning #
8/13 3:22 So I heard America won the Olympics. #
8/13 2:59 Cultural relativism! RT @TheEconomist: Pfizer seems to have been violating a US law that criminalises bribery abroad #
8/13 2:49 RT @keepitriel: Chicago Tribune Analysis: China's sway over Cambodia tests Southeast Asian unity on ASEAN China Laos #
8/12 12:34 Came out to support lots of gay independent film makers making gay (and lesbian) independent films and music videos @ Future Shorts #
8/11 4:15 I bet you could predict diseases with this toilet diary Android app PoopLog. quantifiedself via @CoachLeaders #
8/11 3:53 @jon7b Lol. Bet Twitter thinks you're bicurious now too. Or a Martian. We could do better ourselves. #
8/11 3:39 @TravelinNatural Great to hear! If you have any comments to add please let me know and I'll update the map #
8/11 3:38 @TheGalvanic Saigon Pinoys would know about Catholic churches. I'm not sure about Protestant. Maybe @tamkaizen #
8/11 2:55 @cnualart Are you talking about Future Living Studio? #
8/11 2:53 RT @grapealope: We spend 80% of healthcare costs on the last year of life. Technology can play a huge role here. @daniel_kraft medhack #
8/11 2:05 Gone fishing. #
8/11 2:00 @caligarn Haha actually I tried to login to the live stream last night but it was over for the day. Probably view recordings later. #
8/10 11:40 @TylerWatts Dude! You know the place. Pitched up vocals, breaks, cheesy pop remixed, the works. #
8/10 11:17 I just rode my bike past a cafe. It was playing happy hard core for all street goers to hear. In Saigon, anything is possible. #
8/10 4:51 @caligarn WTF, they're just copying a set of pictures from the artist from an old Flavorpill article and passing it off as original #
8/10 3:24 @caligarn What do you think? The original paper is interesting, looks kosher, but called for further testing. Science writing often distorts #
8/9 7:04 @TylerWatts @jon7b Is it any less creepy when a 55 year old calls a 25 year old "em"? Maybe it's not creepy in the V eyes... #
8/9 6:50 @jon7b Haha, well at least Twitter thinks you're human, right? #
8/9 6:50 @caligarn @manandultraman 99% believe in ghosts, see fortune-tellers, burn votive dollars, just don't belong to Unified Buddhist Church #
8/9 6:26 Sigh. Twitter's "similar to you" lists 3 accounts. 2 are robots. 1 is a school. #
8/9 6:17 RT @manandultraman: 23% fewer Vietnamese claim to be religious now than in 2005-the biggest decline in new global poll. #
8/9 6:01 @caligarn Looks like they just use software to translate the Reddit homepage, then turn all links into shitty ads #
8/9 5:58 @caligarn I don't think is the Vietnamese Reddit not affiliated with Reddit in any way. A scam actually. #
8/9 4:30 Doctors obviously live differently from normal folks. They also die different, w/ realer expectations: zen #
8/8 13:17 @rockportrait Yup, American. I defy some people's stereotypes of Asian. I'd suggest people cling less to (incorrect) racial stereotypes. #
8/8 6:48 @samuelmaruta @WAYFUNBAA @CotterVN Mekong Quilts & Creations have bamboo bikes. James Wolf's bikes are only for racing, custom-made, $$$. #
8/8 6:13 "Sua du" - Vietnam has the OG mobile entrepreneurs. He rides around Saigon on his bicycle fixing umbrellas #
8/8 5:09 @rockportrait @nbnq Yea, could depend on context, level of exposure to oversea Asians. If my accent isn't unmistakably US, I need to go home #
8/8 4:58 @shilkytouch LOL it's cool we can still be friends on Twitter where it's okay to be ugly #
8/8 4:43 @CotterVN Nice. Ever think about having one custom fitted for you? Regular bamboo bikes are so much cheaper.. #
8/8 3:35 "Having physically attractive Facebook friends make you seem more socially attractive." Apologies to any ugly people I just unfriended. #
8/8 3:16 Vietnam has 2 v.rare species of bamboo good for construction. 30 shops worldwide make bamboo bikes, racing bikes only in VN #
8/8 1:15 There's a cute Twitter hack to make it appear in Excel. Now if they'd just make one for Facebook we'd never work again: #
8/7 9:08 @barijoe An electric motorcycle is better for the environment and city than any car. I'd buy a reliable electric motorcycle #
8/7 9:01 @jon7b As they admitted the problem was unpatched software, it doesn't say much about sophistication of attackers. Could be script kiddies. #
8/7 5:43 @nguyenhimself How about in Terminal? Space means ' ' there :) Shift-Fn-up/down is F'n ridiculous. Bad Apple design. #
8/7 5:32 @NBNQ J/k.. I'm embarrassed for them, for assuming Asian people can't natively speak English. Honest compliment but from a closed mind. #
8/7 4:45 @NBNQ From time to time, white people compliment me on my English speaking abilities. Not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed #
8/7 4:42 @nguyenhimself "rm -rf" in / while root on the wrong server? Because I heard that sucks too. #
8/7 2:41 Chrome plugin Vimium's killer app for me: adding missing pageup/pagedown buttons to OSX @nguyenhimself #
8/6 16:23 VinaCapital's website got hacked, by someone using an Indonesian CDN 0wnd #
8/6 8:15 TIL Vanuatu is full of active cargo cults: (the ultimate in ghetto fabulous) #
8/6 5:09 I never realized how much non-Americans supported and followed NASA. We should turn it into a giant Kickstarter project. #
8/5 14:38 @kingceejay Isn't it crazy? Vietnam's no less corrupt. You could make a whole movie about 1 case. Like Face/Off w/ John Travolta. #
8/5 14:33 @deonartsy That's what I fear. No reason to think Vietnam is above that, esp. the old legal system. BTW nice meeting you the other night! #
8/5 12:04 In China, the rich hire body doubles to appear in court, serve their prison time. For 100s of years at least: #
8/5 11:47 @caffeinatedmatt For me Detroit techno > Detroit hip hop. There was the recently (!) released J Dilla, and Royce Da 5'9 has been blowing up #
8/5 6:25 @sonnylebythebay Notably in Asia, Catholicism has significantly affected South Korea (more Protestant) and Vietnam! #
8/5 5:42 Commercial graffiti in Saigon streetart vietnam #
8/5 5:27 @AaronJoelSantos If it's high packet loss not much you can do. But Vietnam's 3G has surprisingly good upload speeds. #
8/5 5:23 @caffeinatedmatt Poor journalism. The crimes all happened outside of Detroit. Much news good news coming out from inside Detroit but ignored #
8/5 3:30 This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively... #
8/5 3:30 ...But if sweetness can win, and it can, then I'll still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday, my friend. Peace. #
8/4 17:19 @dynamicscholar @caligarn @jon7b @cobratran @tylerwatts You can count me in for anything Breaking Bad #
8/4 5:50 It seems @twitter has stopped notifying me of @mentions :( Anyone else stop receiving emails and updates in apps? #
8/4 5:18 @dnghia Yup. The thing is I use at least 3 Twitter clients, so need a solution that applies across my account. I did it via lists. #
8/4 4:50 @CotterVN Oh, interesting. They have some unique content then. Thanks for the tip! #
8/4 4:48 @jon7b It's a ruby gem called t which uses the normal Twitter API. Command line only, not browser - uses local. I wrap it with shell script. #
8/4 4:37 @jon7b Haha thanks for the correction, and for the honorable mention @kingceejay @Vietnam720 @nguyenhimself @tamkaizen #
8/3 16:46 @jonhoff Now I just tell people to post to my expat forum for asking most questions. Many inconsiderate requests. #
8/3 9:19 @tamkaizen Give me my money #
8/3 7:48 @tropixblue At any given moment, half of Americans deeply disagree with their govt's foreign policy. But politicos balance it well enough #
8/3 7:41 @TylerWatts This, despite the myspace url, is amazing. Mutual rainbow vomiting by medieval Jews. Adventure time. #
8/3 7:38 I have created an ignore function for Twitter. Massively cuts down my timeline without having to unfollow noisy friends. evillaugh #
8/3 7:06 @NBNQ It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission #
8/3 6:55 @cottervn Connect experts? Is there a social component not related to hiring, or is this some shadowy headhunting? Maybe they're just niche #
8/3 6:54 @bentrein For me, it's about writing tools to manage my Twitter lists. But security? It uses OAuth like other Twitter apps. #
8/3 5:26 This was tweeted using the t ruby gem from the command line #
8/3 3:30 Does anybody here use Is there really a need for anything besides LinkedIn (and maybe VietnamWorks + headhunters)? #
8/3 2:30 I'm excited about the prospects of crowdfunded gaming hardware makers pushing virtual reality tech w/ Oculus: #
8/3 1:15 Teachers in Saigon looking to pick up some extra hours listen up: #
8/2 23:52 @Vietnam720 NCC Group swoops for Matasano Security in £8.4m deal: #
8/2 23:15 Stoked to hear former colleague tptacek's Matasano acquisition (also where Vietnamese hacker thaidn went) for $13m #
8/2 22:54 @emporio Are you really filling out surveys for cash or did your Twitter account get hacked? #
8/2 14:51 @xxdesmus @CloudFlare I've added a 2nd discussion with "ATTN Justin" in the title. Hope it helps. #
8/2 14:36 @xxdesmus @CloudFlare Since is paused, traceroute to it now would be directly to my server not CloudFlare's. #
8/2 14:36 @tomosaigon @CloudFlare Since is paused, traceroute to it now would be directly to my server not CloudFlare's. #
8/2 14:35 @xxdesmus @CloudFlare I've paused it, but it's DNS was not resolving, so unable to traceroute. #
8/2 14:16 @xxdesmus @CloudFlare I've resolved it by pausing service. Can't traceroute because DNS fails. Incl. itself. #
8/2 13:35 In English sarcasm adds a certain tone to one's voice which should be marked by punctuation but isn't. Does sarcasm affect tonal languages? #
8/2 12:34 Although their system status shows no current outages, @CloudFlare is currently down for me from Vietnam (Singapore DC), not USA #
8/2 11:10 Suddenly, Barcamp Saigon is a full time job #
8/1 19:26 Especially late night RT @CobraTran: The less you pay for Vietnamese food, the better it tastes. wordsofwisdom #
8/1 17:30 @tamkaizen Funny, I told that to your girlfriend earlier today #
8/1 17:18 Just pulled over for no reason in District 1. Explained to me in English that after midnight they want to check licenses. phishing #
8/1 14:09 @ianblakeslee Still in Saigon. Send him my way. Can get in touch either on Twitter or via my blog. #
8/1 11:22 RT @wired: BMW's Electric Scooter Blends Eco Cred With Combustion Performance #
8/1 6:57 @ChrisInCambo LOL I hope you're right. $0 = 3D printers ubiquitous enough in the region to print free phones perhaps? No patent law worries #
8/1 2:55 Anyone care to guess the mid-term future global market share of Android in smartphones? Future average smartphone price? #
8/1 1:05 Protip for needing extra IP addresses: "some mobile carriers refresh your IP every time you go in and out of airplane mode" whitehatonly #
8/1 0:50 Just in case you were wondering what a 3rd world (not Vietnam) prison for making a YouTube video is like, AMA: #
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